Journal 12 August 2010

rob333August 13, 2010

I've been aching and tired since moving all day long every day last week/weekend, packing, lifting, bending, walking, and doing it all again in reverse. My feet, back, and arms still hurt. I only let my sister help me, and she was all I needed. Just we too packed the moving container and unpacked it. Didn't need her husband's help to lift couches, beds, tables, or boxes. We did it. It's a really nice place. We moved to the lowest floor of a three story house in a nice part of town. The people wave as they walk past, the yards are well kept... not much different from where I left, except, when I drive to work, I pass larger, older homes, and don't see graffiti. We had a huge rash of vandalism last month from where I moved.

My bathroom, kitchen, and livingroom are unpacked and in completed order, with the exception of some messes here and there (screws, nails, hammers, etc. ready to hang pictures, cabinets, and spice racks). LF's room is all done, except the 10 or so boxes he has left to go through. They're full of things he can live without and probalby needs to throw them away. We'll sort it later on, one box at a time. My shoes are still in huge bags and my room is full of boxes from the attic. I was wrong. I am not down to only what I need and really want; I have boxes that haven't been sorted in over 15 years. I opened one and found two pairs of wayfarer sunglasses, pictures of my dad, his wife, and her children who came back from the Phillipines (also from the 80s), stamps from letters when daddy was overseas (70s and 80s), beads, a ticket to the Opryland arcade games (that closed in the 90s)... Oy. I feel like I'll never be done, but once I do, I'll be in really great shape.

It's so crazy lately with court dates, moving, work (I'm gearing up for our national meeting in another two months, registration went out yesterday), everything, I forgot to make it explicitly clear to LF not to ride the city bus until we've done our run... but didn't realize I hadn't said so, until I was stuck in the line of cars. I had to wriggle out, park illegally, find the principal who radioed to the police officer on the other side of the building, and they got him off the bus. I shook and cried for 30 minutes thinking about how he could've been stranded in downtown Nashville! The stress of it being his transition from elementary to middle school on top of all the other junk, finally crumpled me. He was fine (he even said, but I'da just borrowed some kids phone and called you, like duh, mom! was implied), but I was down for the count. Better today. It didn't help that I could only partly remember how atomic weights are measured, but after LF asked boss man, they could converse about it well... I found it dumfounding. I didn't know what the little guy knew until my frehsman year of college. He's in 5th grade. He's already outta my league. I don't know how I'm going to "help" him with his homework! I happy he'll do well, but it's a strange feeling for a child to be so much smarter than his parent? I assume it's only going to worsen, but that's fine too.

The nights are getting shorter here and it feels like autumn is about to settle in. Even with it being in the upper 90s/lower 100s. Sounds odd, but the sky looks like it. We're going swimming tonight with only four weeks left of the season. In another month, the leaves will begin changing. It's been a really fast summer. My grandmother, with whom I have always felt a close connection, and I, always felt renewed in autumn; here I am again at a beginning. Guess it was meant to happen now.

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Robin, you are a strong woman; you will succeed. You and LF are in my prayers.

P.S. No matter how smart LF becomes, he will always need you!

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

You've done very, very well!

I've always preferred packing to UNpacking, so I really admire your speed in getting things out and usable.

Giggles about the boxes from years ago. I too moved, and moved, and moved (without ever opening) boxes. Then a pal reminded me of the three-year rule (If you haven't used/worn it within three years, give to someone who will!) and zip! about a dozen boxes got a fast once-through and taken to Goodwill. Didn't find any photos, but did find $20 in a coat pocket. I guess that was a reward for finally moving things on and out of my life.

You're raising LF right, so he's got good sense and knows to use it. Have a cup of chamomile tea and accept the fact that he's a big boy now :)

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mwheel, that made me feel better. It's true. I still need my mommy.

Mommy always taught me, if you keep it long enough, it'll come back in style. Goes against your friend, but it sure has me wondering if my wayfarers are worth any money. Finding lost money in a coat pocket is known as "buckstacy". Well, that's what the Sniglets creator, Rich Hall, calls it. I think he's right! LF has more sense than most adults. He was only worried because they called his name out on the bus, thought he'd gotten in trouble. HA! He was fine. I was a mess. I need to just sit in one spot for an entire day doing nothing but breathing. I might actually decompress fully.

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OK Robin, sit down and breath, deep and slow! You got all of Sunday to do that. The boxes which waited 15 years can wait another day. There are a few in the back corner of my storage room which have not seen the light of day since........! I am afraid to look into them, besides they are behind the boxes of the kids toys which they decided to keep and now most likely go to their grandkids, if there are boys. Wait another couple of years and they are antiques.

You are doing a great job with your son and life in general. Everybody needs to stop once in a while and take a break. If you wait until you are finished, you never get to it.

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