The seeds you sent me, CT!

youreitNovember 18, 2007

Hey, girl!

Not sure if you got my email...I probably have the wrong one, as usual. :D But one of the Centaurea seeds you sent me sprouted!! I tried a trial run of 6 seeds, starting with bottom heat. They refused to budge, but once I turned the heat off, one sprouted! It's very fuzzy and beautiful, too. I already potted it up and put it out in the elements. :) I'll try to remember to get a pic of it today.

I'm going to try another batch, outside in pots, and I have a feeling they'll like it much better there....C. montana kinda hints at that. LOL

Anyway, just wanted to THANK YOU, and I can't wait to see them bloom in 2008!


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No I didn't get an email and that tqci email is now gone. I use the metrocast and yahoo emails. I'll send you a test email from my home computer.

Glad to hear it sprouted. I would try some directly outside with the cooler weather. They are VERY prolific seeders. My main plants bloomed early summer and set seeds which also grew and bloomed this fall. I had to pull many of them up. I think they should grow for you even though you are a warmer climate than much of Montana. They do have fuzzy leaves in a sort of green/blue but not so fuzzy as rose campion for instance.

I still have your Hollyhock seeds for next spring planting.

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I figured I still had your old email. The story of my life. :D

This seedling is going to Mom's at Thanksgiving, but the rest are MINE! LOL Well, unless they all sprout outside...then I'm in big trouble. :D

As this one's leaves get bigger, they don't look as fuzzy. Then I touch them, and they're so soft. I just love the idea of growing something from someone's garden situated clear across the country.


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Yep, until they take over and then you'll be cursing me from across the country:-)

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LOL! Hey, I have mint planted. If I can handle that, I can handle ANYthing! :D


(P.S....I haven't received any test emails, in case you sent one.)

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Ack - I'll get right on it immediately. Coming your way.

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I didn't get an email, CT. No worries, though. I'll check again later today, since Yahoo sometimes delays my email, for some reason. If nothing, I'll try to sort this out after the holiday! :)

Thanks for trying!


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