Anyone try the new IE7?

youreitNovember 13, 2006

I know I have to download it eventually. Just wondering if any of you who use Internet Explorer have tried the new version yet. If so, what terrible things might happen to me? :D

If you like it, I'd like to hear that, too. LOL


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jeffahayes(8a Upstate SC)

Since my daily ZDNet email story links said I'd get it essentially FORCED on me in Microsoft's monthly automatic updates, anyway (which I have turned on because I think I'd be a FOOL not to, as that includes their Malicious Software Removal tool, which automatically removes anything that's infected the computer in the past month Norton or whatever HASN'T caught, plus updates and patches everything else), I went ahead and downloaded and installed it a few days after the release (plus I couldn't download and install the new version of Media Player without it, either).

Although I primarily use AOL (which uses it's own internal version of IE, but hasn't upgraded to 7, yet, I don't think), I don't use it that often, BUT, I have used it some, and also when I'm in a program that needs to direct-access the internet, it does it through the installed IE 7, and I've seen no problems... There's a supposed vulnerability, but it's minor, and from what I've read in the ZDNet articles (and I've REALLY been catching up on those articles lately), there are even more vulnerabilities in the new Firefox, and NONE of them are likely to cause anyone but true idiots many problems, from the gist I gather (some of that geek-speak goes over my head).

So I say go ahead and give it a go... Then again, I AM on a broadband connection, Brenda, and I know you're not, so I can't speak to whether or not it might affect your browsing speed as I wouldn't notice what might be a minor change at broadband speeds, but could make a larger impact at 56K.

Other comments?

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Thanks for the insight, Jeff. Yeah, a browser without vulnerabilities is like a pond without algae - it'll happen eventually. :)

DH has given me permission to download it on his computer first, since he can easily reformat it if anything happens. My computer is the precious child of the house. :D


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jeffahayes(8a Upstate SC)

Yeah, this HP I'm using right now is going back to Sam's, anyway, as soon as the new Dell I just ordered comes... HP has BURNED ITS BRIDGES with me... after 35 months as a customer with first one, then two computers registered in their database and me ALMOST ordering a replacement for this defective piece of DISPLAYWARE I unfortunately walked out of Sam's Club with, I flaked out of the sale in the middle of the "Checkout" process the other night because I had a couple "issues" I couldn't resolve online (primarily a LONG buildtime I couldn't understand) -- at which point their system popped up a little window asking if I was having a problem I couldn't resolve online and would like someone to call me, and if so, to leave my first and last name, and a phone number and click continue, which I did... then I made sure my "cart" was saved so I wouldn't lose the configuration I had set up, as it takes a few minutes to get one like you want it if you don't just want a stock system (and if I wanted that I'd buy the cheap junk they sell pre-built, like what I'm taking back, lol)... and then I closed the HP window and went about my business...

When I hadn't had a call from HP by Monday night (that was Sunday night), I logged on last night to see what was going on, and it showed my cart was EMPTY (of course NAV ran in the interim, so my cookies probably got cleaned, but I DID have an account using my email address and a password, for like 3 years now), so I tried logging on, and my password didn't work... Well I have a few different ones, so I figured maybe I FORGOT which one I was using with HP, so I clicked the "forgot my password" link and plugged in my email address and they HAVE NO RECORD of my email address...

So I called them up and talked to one of their sales people, and he searched the computer, and they have NO RECORD OF MY EMAIL ADDRESS, NAME, OR PHONE NUMBER (the primary ways they would have me referenced), which means they likely don't even have my current computer and monitor (the ones that are going back to Sam's and still have 10 months fo warranty left -- supposedly) in their database with my name on them any more.

Well, THAT DID IT -- Dell got the sale... But now it's been more than 24 hours since I closed THAT sale, and although I immediately got an automatic email from THEM "acknowledging" the order, I've yet to get the "order confirmation" email, with the "order number" and my "customer number," etc.

I just KNOW you folks didn't care about all this jazz, but I'm just SO freakin' frazzled and frustrated with these #$%^&* computer companies right now I could EAT A BULLFROG!!! :-P

Somebody PLEASE "pass me a Coke and a smile" or SOMETHING! :)

At any rate, with this HP Media Center that's going back to Sam's (not ONE, but TWO defective CD drives, and a cordless mouse that eats batteries like CHEESE), the FIRST THING I did when I got it was create the System Restore disks and Restore it to factory condition (considering it had been a display model for like 8 months, I thought that was QUITE PRUDENT, huh?)... So that's happening AGAIN before it goes back to Sam's, so they don't get anything I paid for, lol, and in the case I.E. 7 DID cause any problems, they'll all go bye-bye...

And I'm guessing if this new Dell system EVER DOES "confirm" and ship, it'll COME with I.E. 7, so I really won't have to worry about it, since I really won't have a choice, lol.

Ummmmmmmmm, anyone wanna give me a ride to the funny farm so I don't have to leave the car there? :-P

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We've been testing for the last week and don't see any issues with it. It works with all of our applications, oracle, java, etc. We're just starting to release it to the users.

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Not one problem downloading it, including all of the updates, so it's now on my computer, as well.

It's taking some getting used to, especially since they moved my favorite button ("Stop") to the right side. :D I love the new tabbed feature, though. And I turned the "Phishing" feature off, since I think it was slowing down my browsing experience. :)

DH has a nice optical wireless mouse. It's a Logitec, and it has a recharge docking station. It seems to last him a long time in between charges, too.

I'll prolly be headed to the funny farm after the holidays, if you can wait, Jeff.


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jeffahayes(8a Upstate SC)

Not sure if I can wait, or not, Brenda :)

In the interim, I'm catching up mail again, and just ran accross the article about I.E. 7 linked below, telling 10 new features you'll want to use, and that are improvements over I.E. 6 (it lists the phishing feature as one of the 10, so you may not agree with all of them, Brenda, but it's still good info, so I thought you all might want to give it a look.

I bypassed the ZDMet website I used to get there and am including the direct link to the page with the .pdf file on it, so let me know if it doesn't work this way, folks, and I'll send you the link to the webpage... You MIGHT have to do a free registration with Tech Republic (one of the divisions of ZDNet/CNet in order to view it).

Happy reading!

Here is a link that might be useful: 10 Things You Should Know About Internet Explorer 7 Enhancements

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ihave had it for two days now, brenda. it is really pissing me off.

i never liked the tabs yahoo had. i can't get rid of them. i liked it the way it is. when it comes to computers i do not like change. it takes me forever to get used to the old stuff. i cna't find anything in the top bars. everything is moved and i can't remember how to rearrange it. i can't get rid of "live search" adn that log in live is now IIIIIII up my logging in to my hotmail account. it was fine yesterday despite having to ok displaying all items four times. today it flashed that thing 8 times just to tell me i can't get it. but, my profile is there!

i am going to rant until all IIII breaks loose!

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I have it and like it. No issues. CT

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Well, I tried to search for a decent online IE 7 tutorial for you, FTM, but there isn't much out there, unless you're pretty familiar with computers in general.

I also preferred the menus (File, Edit, View, etc.) at the top of the browser, so I right-clicked in the gray area up there (between the tabs and the "Home" button, and then clicked on "Menu Bar".

I'm not sure what Live Search is, but if you right-click again in that gray area (how apropos), scroll down to "Customize Command Bar", then choose "Add or Remove Commands...", you should be able to remove Live Search. Let me know if that doesn't work. :)

As for the tabs, unfortunately, we're stuck with those. Once your menus are returned, you'll be able to find the "Open in New Window" option again, if that's preferable. There is the option of deleting the whole mess, but eventually, IE6 will be fazed out anyway, so you might as well live with it now. :D

Holler if you need more help, FTM!!!


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i wondered how to get my file, view, etc. back. thanks, brenda!

it could be hotmail i am having problems with and it is simply a coincidence that they changed at the same time my ie updated. possibly my log in live is from there. i don't know. i am less cranky today, temporarily. :)

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LOL Well, it's ok to be cranky, especially when it comes to computers. :D

I wouldn't be surprised if it's a Hotmail issue. I finally had to give up on my account there, about 7 years ago. My dial-up was no match for all of the jazzy applets, etc. :)


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