Identifying blue-flowered herb from Snowdonia

daccupJune 17, 2014

Here is another Snowdonia plant I haven't been able to identify using Mr. Google.

It was also growing along the Devil's kitchen track. It had blue zygomorphic flowers with many hairs on the lower part of the corolla and what appeared to be a prominent nectar spur. The leaves were thick, succulent with entire margins. All the plants I saw only had single flower. It was nestled beneath a rock and slightly elevated above the surrounding ground.

The photo gives quite good detail on flower structure if you zoom in. Sorry for strange orientation of photo - I couldn't figure out how to rotate once uploaded.

Many thanks in advance

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It's butterwort, a carnivorous plant. Well spotted!

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

Yes, Butterwort. Pinguicula sp. Only 3 occur in the UK afaik. P vulgaris, P grandiflora and P lusitanica. Yours is probably P vulgaris but I can't be certain as there is no scale. Boggy conditions, acid soil - i.e. Snowdonia is perfect.

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Thanks very much sumec and floral_uk. No wonder I was stumped by this plant. I don't think we even have this family in NZ. The images I unearthed for P. viulgaris from Mr. Google look like the plant I saw.

The Devil's Kitchen was a real treat. So many interesting plants in an afternoon's walk.


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