Liittle young downy caught in my bird netting

catherinet(5 IN)November 9, 2008

This morning when I went out to open up the chicken coop, and was throwing some scratch over the top of the run, I heard a flapping. I almost just assumed it was a leaf from the oak branch that is laying across the top of the run. Then I realized it was a little downy woodpecker, caught in the bird netting.

I tried to ease it out of the netting, but it was really stuck. Bless its little was pecking at my hand, as I was trying to loosen it.

I had to get a pair of scissors and cut the netting around it. It finally flew off! YAY!! It still seemed to have alot of energy, so hopefully it wasn't stuck there all night. It was so cold out. I yelled to it, "Find some water, and rest for a while!" hopefully that's what its doing. I love happy endings. :)

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koijoyii(NE Ohio)


I am so glad your story had a happy ending. They haven't update the state of the little deer with the pumpkin stuck on it's head lately. I just hope everything worked out for it.


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