Eat Pray Love

PidgeAugust 15, 2010

I went to see this film because I like Julia Roberts and was pleasantly surprised at how much better the film is than I anticipated.

The theater had 100+ people and exactly three men, I guess because any movie that is about a woman is defined as a "chick flick." That is so NOT what this film is!

It's a quest film, a journey by a woman who has lived her life according to the (gender, social, and career) "rules" and found them wanting. After her marriage (to Billy Crudup) breaks up, she journeys to Bali where she meets an old medicine man who foretells her future and the rest of the film is how she lives it.

She returns to NYC and turns to another man (James Franco) only to find that the maxim that women are defined in terms of their relationship to men is hogwash. Her journey takes her to Italy and a lesson in letting go of rules, then to India and a lesson in forgiving herself for the guilt she feels for having abandoned her marriage (nice turn by Richard Jenkins here), and finally to Bali, where she regathers her strength. I've already said a lot, so you'll have to witness that segment on your own.

The thing is that everyone she meets along the way has suffered or is suffering some kind of emotional pain and that she is not unique--the string of broken marriages and the difficult consequences are everywhere--and that often the smashup of a life is because people just follow convention to their detriment. She also discovers that although pain and guilt are inevitable in anyone's life, that it's not the end of the world. The people who survive have to be willing to take risks, to think outside the pedantic nature of "the box" (sorry for the cliche).

And she finds love--oh my, Javier Bardem is one hot dude!--which is a nice thing, since she's been longing for it for so long. In fact, there's a lot of love in this film and one message is that loving someone is risky business. There's a wonderful scene set in Italy where folks gathered around a Thanksgiving dinner table speak of love in terms of their fear that going for it can lead to terrible loss--but most of them go for it anyway.

I talked to someone who told me none of her friends would not see this film because they were sure they would hate it. Take the risk! And don't fall for the "chick flick" dismissal of it.

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Thanks for the review; my daughter and I plan to see it, soon.

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Pidge, I was going to email you and ask if you had seen this
movie and what you thought about it.
I don't get to see many movies in the theater any more but I
am a Julia Roberts fan and I really wanted to try and see this one.

Thanks for reviewing it and I look forward to seeing it.

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I hope it goes DVD soon, and that out Video Store will have it in their inventory, my only chance to get to see movies...

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I'll probably go and see it also..maybe on one of my DH's football Saturdays. Having read the book I imagine the scenery was breathtaking at times.

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I'm with Lilo with the exception of the video store -- Netflix is our main source of entertainment. This movie is on my long and ever growing list.

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Thanks for the revue of the movie, Pidge. I would like to see it. When you wrote "The theater had 100+ people and exactly three men,". I decided to take a look and see what was happening here.
After reading the article below, I figured that the movie was made to target us ladies "especially involving companies who service the filmâÂÂs target demographic of females 30-50 years old." No wonder the men did not show up, they had not been "targeted" for this movie.
I may still see the movie, but I will not buy a single promotional item.

Here is a link that might be useful: Promotions for Eat Pray Love

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