Sobering thought.

gandle(4 NE)August 22, 2010

Less than a month til fall. Still wondering where spring went.

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Well I am not sure that I am going to miss summer this year. The A/C bill is higher than the heating bill, the water consume has gone skyhigh and the garden produce is minimal despite the high water bill.

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Well, wonder what fall will be like. Spring was missing, drowned under heavy rains, summer was chilly, when it wasn't very hot, I am sleeping under the down comforter at night, days are pleasantly spring-like - unless we have a couple of really hot (100º) days, there are no tomatoes anywhere around here, squash is slow, not even enough to get tired of it.
I believe pollinators are MIA.

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The Long HOT Summer here in Georgia.
The loud hum of air conditioning units drowning out
the birds singing during the day and the crickets at night.

I dream of the days of my childhood when we would drag out those handmade bathing suits and head to the river.
No trash then, just clear cool water to wade, swim and fish in.

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We've had a perpetual spring this year, nice and cool and I luv it. Some years we seem to go from winter, to summer without a spring, to hot summer in one swell swoop. My apples, they are in a confused state. Lots and lots of apples on the trees, but none has enough sugar to ripen properly, and I know they like cold winters and warm summers.
The Meyer Lemon tree is producing flowers and fruits as usual, year around, it's a trooper.
The naval orange tree produced tons of flowers during the flowering season due to a wet spring, but it has dropped a lot of flowers and immature fruit during this cold spell. This tree has been a top producer since year one, about 35 years, but who knows about this year.

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I am a summer creature and in my element this year when people around me were melting with nearly triple digit temps and humidity. Last winter was snowy, cold and protracted and I watched the days lengthen by minutes and celebrated as the sun rose earlier and set later.

Up until a month ago, we had frequent and sufficient rains and finally got a long overdue soak yesterday. Between the dry spell and the wildlings, my poor garden is about ready to call it a season. But, my tomatoes were very happy and we've been canning for weeks now, trying to get them under control because the grapes are ripe and the apples are coming on.

Autumn was my father's season, and it holds a lot of good memories for me with falling leaves and bonfires and warm days but nights under blankets. This year, the fruit and veggies shall be spent and put up and I won't be covering crops up against the frost.

I love to go camping in Autumn best of all, and hope to squeeze a little of that in this year. I wouldn't even mind winter so much if it lasted a month. LOL.

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Bring it!

People traditionally complain about Chicago winters. Well, lemme tell ya...I have no intention of putting myself through another SUMMER like the one we just had. Non-stop heat. And humidity like I have never experienced in my life.

I dream of frigid days filled with turtlenecks and wool sweaters. Come on, winter.


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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

Nooooooo! I was sitting on my front patio with a neighbor last night and two flocks of geese in V-formation did a low fly-by in a southerly direction. I pointed up in alarm and my neighbor interrupted my every attempt to say something about them with a sharp "Ssshhhh!" telling me they didn't exist and I was to ignore them.

But for the mosquitoes I would enjoy several more months of this summer we're having. Steve is counting down the days to fall and winter (his favorite) but not me!

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

I'm ready for fall. 90+ days over 90+ degrees so far, and I am more than tired of summer... This has been the kind of summer that makes me look for acreage in New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont... of course, eventually I think about winters so I never follow-up on the looking. Wish I could afford to have two homes, one in each direction according to the season.

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Ditto what karen said......

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We went up to 91 degrees today and they say that it will be warmer tomorrow, and then down to the cold again. It will be interesting to see what our fruit trees will produce this year, they are not used to this kind of summer.

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gandle(4 NE)

And our high today was 78. Not ready for cool weather yet.

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Things have cooled off here a bit. Instead of highs of 100F we had highs in the mid 90's. Humidity is a still a bother, though. We've had a few northerly breezes of late. So fall is not far off, as the sun noticeably rises later and sets earlier, and it's only a month to six weeks away.

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We finally have our first sign of fall here... After the hottest summer on record in this area with over 8 weeks of heat indexes over 105 degrees and most of the time closer to 115!!! This morning the temp here is 68! The highs this week are only up to 95. Yes, we have definitely turned that corner.

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We have 102 degrees here. Low humidity. Our neighbor planted a minature peach tree about 3-5 years ago and it is producing wonderful peaches. I guess it likes the weather this year.

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We went from high 90's and high humidity yesterday to 70's today. What a relief. This summer has been a warm one and high humidity! Cooler will be welcome, but I'm not looking forward to Winter. Lots of rain, which is somewhat unusual. We water gardens from our lake, and it hasn't been as necessary this summer. My squash vines are at least 30 ft. long! Have needed to move them off the drive three times! It seems the birds are nearly all gone already. Miss their songs. Our Garden Club had their District show on Saturday and I entered several things and five arrangements of flowers. Managed a Grand Champion ribbon on one arrangement. Wow! It is alot of work getting ready for a show.

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instar8(Z 5 N.IN)

I had about 20 robins on my lawn the other day, been seeing flocks of blackbirds already, and the hummingbirds are getting chubby...the Virginia creeper has turned red...and i've been craving fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy...yup, fall is on the way!

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George, I wondered the same thing yesterday when we had a cool day and two of the cats were snuggled up together on a small chair like there was a blizzard. My thoughts did wander to what kind of winter we're going to have this year.

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