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dodgerdudetteJuly 31, 2009

My first stop was at Wendys--she has a deep wooded lot with lots of shade and I especially enjoyed the daylilies and Hostas in her garden. She has a charming early 20th century home, and a lovely family.

Need you to ID this Begonia again Wendy ! It stopped all Idyll traffic .. From iu6

Isn't this a great combo ? Wendy has lots of shade so this was center stage in her sunny area. From iu6

This Daylily flower was huge From iu6

I liked this action From iu6

Some Daylilies From iu6 From iu6 From iu6

I beleive Wendy said this is Tilt-a-Whirl From iu6

Another nice combo in her Island Bed From iu6

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Wendy, you've been holding out on us! You have a good eye Kathy! I have a fondness for shady areas too.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I agree. That potted combo is beautiful. What is the green plant in the center? The chartreuse hosta and heuchera 'action' look like mine, only the bugs have eaten a billion holes in my heuchera. :-(
The begonia is beautiful. I wish I could id it.
Wow! a lot of lovely Daylilies, and the first one is a perfect companion with the coneflowers.
I 'think' I have a "Tilt-a-whirl". If not I want one!

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Wendy, I heard a rumor over on FB that there were pictures of your garden over here. You have most definitely been holding out on us! That container garden is very cool as are the other little snippets Kathy shared. We need to see more!!!

Oh and I believe that begonia may be Art Hodes Wendy? I have that one and it looks the same.

Thanks Kathy for the glimpses into Wendy's mystery garden:)


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Wendy loaded up V, her lovely DD, and myself for the journey to our IU6 kick-off bash and Deanne and Dougs..and what a great time we had !

Happy Idyllers arriving ... Oooo-la-la, I was drooling over the driveway garden before I even had my first cocktail ! From Idyllunion 6 July 2009

Idylls in the secondary cocktail lounge From Idyllunion 6 July 2009

This side-yard area has been off Deannes 'photo radar' ..doesn't look anything like my side yard , that's for sure ! From Idyllunion 6 July 2009

My very own pic of the container area. From Idyllunion 6 July 2009

Grazing on the patio From Idyllunion 6 July 2009

More later...

Kathy in Napa

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Kathy, your superior photography skills have made my garden look better than the reality! )You should have seen me that morning, I was 5 steps ahead of her, furiously deadheading daylilies!) Thank you for your kind words.

The begonia is indeed Art Hodes (good eye Eden). The green in the center of the large pot is fuchsia 'Professor Henkel' just starting to bloom. The large-flowered daylily is 'Joyful Journey', the next one down is 'Always Afternoon', the next is one of the 'Candy' series (I've misplaced the daylily map at the moment) and I think the peachy one is 'Fairy Tale Pink'. The green & white hosta is actually 'Whirlwind' - you had the whirly part right!

Loving the pics from Deanne's too, just wish I could smell that brugs! My Charles Grimaldi brugs don't have buds yet. I loved Deanne's secondary cocktail lounge, it was on a hill overlooking her terrace garden. Just lovely!

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Wow...the pics are gorgeous...flower ones as well as the people ones! :-)

Wendy I love all your plants...that's a very cool begonia and the daylilies and hosta are very special too. Your red schemed container planting is a gorgeous combination....looks like something out a magazine.

And Deanne's gardens are as beautiful as I have always pictured! The container area is just mind blowing in its beauty and lushness.

Thanks for sharing these Kathy. I have many more IU threads to check out and can't wait to see them all.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Thanks Kathy! What a treat to see my gardens through your lens! Notice that I already had a glass of wine in my hand when we were greeting people in the driveway. LOL


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