Don't you love it when

gandle(4 NE)August 21, 2011

you are talking in a dense fog and the words just spoken seem to hang around in the air? Really pea soup fog the last 2 mornings. Seems like you could reach up and grab a word or two and re-arrange them in the air.

Cooler weather and fog usually mean season change for us. Don't have the wood ordered for the wood burner yet, in fact, the chimney isn't even cleaned. Supposed to be this coming week.

Fall garden looks good. Chinese cabbage, 2 varieties, look very good. Turnips are just beginning to bulb and the fall lettuce is peeking through.

Now I love tomatoes but am getting a little tired of canning them as stewed tomatoes, salsa, juice and quartered ones. Vines look like they could produce til frost, not a sign of disease. Think the neighbors are beginning to pretend to be not home if they see us coming with a basket of tomatoes.. We will have far too many sweet peppers for us to use. Good year for them too.

We picked 12 peaches for a tree that I was sure that there wouldn't be any on. Frost got it just at the wrong bloom stage. somehow these 12 managed to stay on and mature. They were huge, guess if the fruit is thinned that drastically all the sugars and energy goes into the few remaining ones. Almost softball size and delicious.

Fog is almost gone, darn, I was going out and see if I could find a few spoken words still in the air.

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No fog here, humidity is quite low, but the nights are getting quite cold, and yesterday there were actual clouds, fat cumulus ones.
Poison oak is beginning to turn red,, giving us whatever fall color we are able to get.
Tomatoes are still green, they are not very big, Extra hot days morphing into cold nights and then cooler days - it is not tomato country here anyway, don't know why all of us living here get all exited about tomato season, plant,, water feed and don't get much return most of the time - there is always "next year"
Garden and surroundings look less not done right, they look seasonal in need of cutting down and sprucing up over fall, winter - next spring should have things pretty much back the way I like them.

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It's getting cold around here, just 89 degr. right now.
Some of the tomatoes are getting yellow, don't now why, the ones next to them are still ok. The cucumbers have had it, they are dying, even though they have blooms and small cukes.
George, we had fog like yours on Friday morning, kept to sidewalk and an arcade for my morning walk and turned around early, it was just too dangerous when you can't see where you step. I like fog but not when I have to deal with too fast cars and potholes.

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We had fog yesterday comes to this valley all times of the year. I love a foggy morning.

My garden was a wash this year for a variety of reasons, but I did manage to find some nice peppers and stuffed them for supper tonight.

I supplied both sets of kids the plants for their garden, and let it be known I'd welcome surpluses and they've been sharing. But I'm not used to NOT having a bounty come canning time.

Thanks for the peach reminder. Mine were not bearing well this year either and I did see some up back ....same story..doubt there is over a dozen peaches on the tree and I usually get at least a bushel off that one. This time they're high enough I may not have deer competition. I'll saunter up there directly and see if I'm too late to pick them.

My fall cabbage is planted in one of the new raised beds we put in. I told my husband to just mow over the old bed. It was put into ground what had not been worked for prolly seventy five years and I'm tired of fighting the competition coming up around them. It's next to my raspberry patches and a good place to expand them anyway.

I am loving the cooler weather now at night. Been sleeping like a log.

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We've had morning fog for the past few days. I get up early and talk to my plants, I hope they can hear me.

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We had 95 degree temps today with 90% humidity. What you all speak of won't be here for another six weeks or so.

Thus is latitude and geography.

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We can't get any fog with all the rain. It's rained about the last ten days or so. I'm not complaining because I have a well and drought is no fun. The grass may never get cut. I refuse to cut wet grass. What's the point? Right now I think it's maxing out about up to my knees. We have had a few days we didn't need the air conditioning but mostly it's still been pretty hot and muggy.

I do really like those words hanging in the air type of fogs. I'll just go out and sit on the front porch and watch as it moves around like a silent beast.

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gandle(4 NE)

Should have had Sandberg's poem there somewhere..

The fog comes on little cat feet
It sits looking

now I'm lost.

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The fog comes
on little cat feet.

It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on.

Carl Sandburg

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