Earthquakes in So Cal

anneliese_32(6)August 27, 2012

West gardener and Don, I hope that swarm did/does not bother you too much. Read that they are preferable, since they tend to difuse more powerful quakes.

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The swarm was way south of me where I used to go sand buggy wheeling by Brawley and Glamis. They are at the south end of the Salton sea and very near the border, open country very sparsely populated. I did notice a 7.4 just off the coast of El Savador but found no reports of damage although there was a notice for tsunami watch. West is way north of me as I am just SE of LA in Orange county and she is just south of San Francisco.

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We are fine. We were shopping most of the morning and did not feel a thing, the house was fine when we came came home. Thanks for asking.

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Anneliese, we had a 4.1 the day before yesterday just 5 miles away in Yorba Linda in the exact spot a swarm hit two weeks ago. We felt a couple from that swarm and the one yesterday but they were only A ticket rides. Then the swarm in the desert by the border this week and the 7.4 mentioned above by El Salvador we did not feel. These are all following along the San Andreas fault and smaller related faults. The swarms are unusual and bring the count up. I have an app on my iGoogle page that shows all world quakes above 4.0 for the last week and it has gone from 65 quakes to 144 in the last two weeks. There was a 7.6 off shore in the Philippines today that prompted a tsunami watch and one dead from building collapse. It is interesting to keep track with the app at a glance as we live in an active area. I have noticed a tighter concentration of quakes along the coast of South, Central and moving into SoCal. recently but the ring of fire is also getting busier.

E ticket wiki

Here is a link that might be useful: Philippines 7.6 earthquake: One dead, tsunami alert lifted

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