Puppy Names

jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)August 27, 2010

Yup. It's time again. Izzy is six, and Jazmyn 11.5. Jaz is not long for this world (degenerative neurological condition), but she still wants to play, in spite of the fact that she has no endurance. Remembering how much she enjoyed Izzy's puppyhood (and still enjoys the company of puppies), and knowing how I DON'T want to potty train a puppy in the dead of winter, Steve and I put a deposit on a (Pudelpointer) puppy from Izzy's breeder. The puppy's mother is Izzy's full sister from a different litter. Here's a pic of her father (who, in spite of the camera angle, really does have all four legs).

Steve, Izzy and I will drive to Ohio on the 17th of next month to pick her up. (Izzy's coming along so her breeder can see her and so she can keep the puppy company on the way back to make the maternal separation a little easier on her.)

The way it works for naming these dogs is that each litter is assigned a letter of the alphabet, and the registered names of the pups must all begin with that letter. Nothing says you have to call a dog by this name, but we probably would. The (female) puppy is from the "T" litter. Remembering the fiasco of the naming of the cat, I am being a little more proactive about the naming process (and have already explicitly ruled out "Tampax.")

The list of names we're considering looks something like this:

  • Trouble ---If she's anything like her aunt, people are going to be saying "Here comes Trouble!" when they see her anyway. It makes sense to give her an intuitive name. (This is my favorite.)
  • Tiva Hopi for "dance" --- Steve likes this a lot, but I pointed out that "dancing dog" is one of Izzy's many nicknames.
  • Trava Czech for "spring grass" --- might be confusing with the boy next door being named "Travis," but since so many Pudelpointers in general (and the puppy's grandmother in particular) come from the Czech republic, a Czech name might be nice.
  • Tallulah Choctaw for "leaping water" Pudelpointers have webbed feet and a deep abiding love of water.
  • Takodah Lakota/Sioux for "friend to all" (well, except maybe pheasants)
  • Treasa (TRAY-suh) Irish for "strong"
  • Tameran Japanese for "Jewel" --- Steve likes this one a lot, but it sounds too much like "Tamarind" to me...
  • Theory

Thoughts? Opinions? Suggestions? Though some would insist on meeting the puppy before choosing a name, we'll likely choose one in advance and I'm 95% sure it'll stick.

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Congratulations on the arrival of a new puppy. I have a feeling you will come up with a perfect name on your own.

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I like Talullah & Tiva!

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Congratulations! I meant to tell you that sooner, as I knew that some time ago. You forgot to rule out the generic "Tampon", duh?! Tegan made me cry, but then everything (even Linda's Lady Chablis) is making me thinking about Keegan. I hadn't even read the other posts, but Talullah and Tiva also jumped out at me. Great choices Sylvia!

Taborah Voices that carry Native American
Tacita To be silent Hispanic (just in case you worry that could live up to the above name, the opposite)

Tadita A runner Native American
Taima Crash of thunder Native American
Tala Stalking wolf Native American
Tanginika Lake goddess African (hard to say, but it's so appropriate)
Toa Woman of the Sea Nigerian
Tryna Third Girl Greek

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Tallulah 'floats my boat'. They're all interesting names; I like 'Trouble', too,--but why borrow it ahead of time? :>)

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Tallulah is a good one Steve S.

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You most likely will know the right name the moment you see her. Now I am looking forward to a picture of the puppy in about 3 weeks.

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Congrats on a new puppy. I vote for Tallulah , it has "water" in the name. There are a couple of Pudelpointers that visits our local Starbucks on a regular basis and they are provided with some really big watering bowls. Very friendly dogs.

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

LOL, Robin. Last night we were sitting around our fire pit on our front patio with some neighbors drinking a little grappa when Steve tried to suggest both the name you cautioned against and "Trojan."

Then the strangest thing happened. Another neighbor walked past us on her way home from a neighbor's party and joined us. I brought her up to speed with the list of the three top contenders for her future neighbor's name. After I told her about Trouble and Tiva, she interrupted with a playful suggestion: "What about Tallulah!" The rest of us looked at one another in stunned silence because it's such an unusual name that the odds of her having guessed it were pretty long. I'm just superstitious enough to believe that she may have an unconscious knowledge that that's the pup's name, so I'm thinking maybe that should be the case...

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Both Joann and I were talking about your new Puppy's name last night, and Tallulah was our choice...Maybe it is the right name for this girl?

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Yay!!! I hope "Tullulah" wins!! I'm looking forward to pictures, too.

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I was thinking Tango. I do like Tallulah, but I tend to lean towardsa brief names for dogs. And she's going to lead your entire household in a dance.

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

We like Tango, but beg to differ on one important count: Like a beautiful woman dancing a tango, all the attention will be on her... but we will be leading the dance! :o)

Tallulah will likely be shortened to Lula or Tally in real life... Isabella's four syllables have never been a problem, but we only use one or two of them in the field.

Our breeder sent us five week puppy pics this morning. There's a huge variation in coat type, which is usually matched to predominant hunting terrain type. We want as course a coat as possible. The first pic is a boy. We're requesting the girl in the second pic:

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Ah, Michelle, dancing and dogs go together - you and Steve leading, of course, but your four legged partners have some very cool moves:-)

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Oh-h-h-h-h! Please, don't you think you could take them all? What precious, adorable faces they have. Are you making your pick based on the pictures, or have you actually seen them? Often, one will just KNOW which is the one! Regardless, they're all darling and beautiful!

P.S. How can you resist pic #1?

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

How can I resist? I can't. I haven't met them yet, as they're 8 hours away. We're bringing Izzy with us, and will get her input before we make a final determination. I really want a fuzzier one, because a thicker, rougher coat will be better for the terrains and seasons we do most of our hunting in. I asked the breeder to steer us towards the most biddable female in the bunch, but it's hard to say how they'll turn out. I can't imagine being disappointed with any of them though...

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Looks like a "WOOLY BEAR", to this guy. Steve S.

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Angel says "woof" !!!

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Michelle, I am so happy for you.
I think if you get a boy you should name it Target.

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Tallulah is good for a female, gets my vote.

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