Is This Bullfrog Supposed to be out NOW?

ARUM(7)November 29, 2005

This Frog is out, do they come out when the weather gets warm? It is kind of warm, but it will soon be December. It's about 55 degrees. :) arum

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maryo_nh(z5 SouthernNH)

Arum, your froggie will get back into the water when he needs to.

I hope.

Last year one of ours got out on a nice day when the pond was half iced over, and he didn't make it back in on time... it froze over before he found the hole back... I was really sad. Especially because I could see this blackened dead frog everyday until it snowed over.

But, they had babies, and we have more frogs now. Mother Nature takes care of things!

:) Mary

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:**( oh, mary!!!

wet flappy waves to you, arum!

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Arum, can you prepare a winter home inside and provide crickets/worms for froggie, just in case? They do tend to come out on nice days or during warming spells. You might be doing froggie rescue. lol Good luck.

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Arum - my frogs were up last week and have now gone back down. Don't worry about them. They know what to do.

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