Thanksgiving drama queen?

sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)November 28, 2008

Instead of sitting with the relatives enjoying a nice Thanksgiving meal with nice people, I was getting stitches and a Tetanus shot, which is normal, I guess, when you wind up with a knife blade 3/4 inch into your wrist, sticking into a bone. (I measured the marks on the blade). I cannot believe I was that clumsy. I was cutting those awful cable ties they use on packaging these days and I guess the blade was sharper then I expected as it cut the last tie and kept on going. So while DH was stuffing himself with Turkey and all the trimmings, I was chatting with the doctor.

The folks at the clinic were very nice considering it was a holiday. Business was slow so I had the full attention of a nurse practioner, a nurse and the doctor. They tried glue first but that didn't work so the doctor wound up making these three tiny little stitches to keep it closed. I would need a magnifying glass to see an area that small and I can't imagine three stitches in a half inch. I wish I could sew half as well. That Lidocaine is great stuff. I didn't feel a thing after the first sting. I also got a Tetanus shot.

I finally got to the inlaw's house after the dishes were done and the men and boys were watching a game on TV. My SIL had saved a plate for me and it did taste good. It is embarrassing to arrive at a party with messy hair, a hassled look, lots of bandaging and nothing to share but they were forgiving and dealt me into the card game that seems to be standard at their parties, with only minor teasing.

Today my wrist is pretty sore and keeps on swelling enough to make the bandage too tight. It is difficult to find Telfa pads to my surprise and I admit to being a coward when it comes to gauze next to an injury. I wish the leaking would stop so I could uncover it. I was lucky enough to locate the cold packs in the medicine cabinet and some of them are even the right size!

Leave it to me to wind up being the drama queen. I'll have to get SIL a nice gift.

The irony of the whole thing is I was trying to open a package of scissors. Sandy

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OMG What a way to spend a Thanksgiving. I'm glad it wasn't more serious!! And to be opening a box of scissors, well, that sure does add some humor.

I'm squeamish about bloody, yucky body stuff too. Hope you heal quickly.

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horton(6 b Ontario.)

Sandy, sorry to read about your accident and that your DH and the IL's had scoffed all the turkey, by the time you arrived.
Look on the good side though, at least they had the dishes done and didn't leave them for you to do!!
Take care of that wrist!

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Wow what a story! Sorry this happened. How is the swelling and drainage? Resolved I hope.

I just re- read your post and got to "The irony of the whole thing is I was trying to open a package of scissors" I am wiping the spurt coffee off the keyboard!


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koijoyii(NE Ohio)

Hi Sandy:

How's the wrist? I was at Bed, Bath and Beyond last Wednesday and saw those scissors that cut through the hard plastic shrink wrap and cable ties. Maybe you should ask Santa for a pair. lol

We had a somber Thanksgiving this year. I was off work the day before and after Thanksgiving. Boa threw up on Thanksgiving eve and it was all blood. I grabbed her, put her in the carrier and rushed her to the vet. Thank God they had an opening on Thanksgiving eve. X-rays were negative. No growths thank God. The vet treated her for an upset stomach. She gave her two shots to settle her stomach and sent me home with pepcid to give her twice a day. She was very lethargic till about Saturday. She started eating on Saturday. Boy! did she eat. Then on Sunday she threw up all blood again. On Monday she bounced right back. She seems to be her old self again. The vet thinks she may have broke blood vessels in her throat since all tests came up negative. I was worried because the tapazole she is on for hyperthroidism wasn't staying down either. She only lost 3 oz. during this time. The vet told me at this point in time nutrition is more important than the meds. She told me she should get pretty ravenous without the tapazole, which is good. We can start the tapazole again in a week.

The funny thing with all this happening. McLovin was so worried about her. She would actually sit by her and try to groom her coat. Boa's coat is all matted. She will not let me brush her when she isn't feeling good. It just tickled me to see McLovin trying to help her nemsis. She was so concerned and stuck to her like glue. She even tried to get her to eat. When Boa would walk by the dish McLovin would move to the side inviting her to take a bite. Of course Boa was feeling so bad she just ignored McLovin. I know Boa is feeling better now because she is hissing and swatting at McLovin again. Our Thanksgiving this year was a little gloomy, but now we are really giving thanks now because we have our Boa back.


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