Fertilizer Burn & how long to reseed?

getfacswSeptember 9, 2008


I inadvertently knocked over my spreader over and spilled some ScottÂs fertilizer with winterguard on the grass.

I picked up as much as I could and spread out about a cup or so over a 2' area and have been watering it as best as I can.

I can tell the grass doesn't look good and I'm making the assumption it will die off.

The grass is rye/fescue/KBG type of lawn, not sure because I really can't tell them apart and I think that might be for another discussion.

In retrospect, I guess I should have broken out the shopvac to get all that I could off the grass.

The questions I have are how long should I wait before I can plant new seeds and should I continue to drench the area everyday and for how long.



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How long ago was the spill? If the grass isn't dead yet, water the heck out of it and it may survive.

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I did it over the weekend and the grass in that area is already a green white color and I'm thinking that's the end of it.

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