Sunflowers? Need some, please

lilosophieAugust 21, 2012

Joann was getting into her truck to go work, had opened her gate, of course, didn't know two of neighbor's dogs were off property and got attacked. She has multiple bites, her employer/friend has driven her to the Emergency Room in Willits, I will not know more until she returns.

The dogowners are not strangers to the Sheriff/Animal control folks, they have been reported many times for not feeding their horses, for having too many dogs and so on.

Sad part is that Joann was the most tolerant, partly because of the close proximity and they are really not people one wants to tangle with, and partly she felt their property, their life...

Dogs are a cross-breed of Great Dane and Bull Mastiff, ugly and totally untrained and unsocialized.

Please send good thoughts

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Every one of my best thoughts I have and then some. (((Lilo and JoAnn)))

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Lilo, I am so sorry. My best wishes, armloads of sunflowers for Joann and you and I am going to light my candle right now.
There I thought you live in a very peaceful and nice neighborhood. Hope that the sheriff's office takes proper measures. Give Joann a careful hug from me.

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gandle(4 NE)

A prayer from Nebraska.

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Thank you! Joann just got back, she is stiff and sore, has some deep puncture wounds in one of her thighs and quite a few bite-marks on other parts.
Sheriff has been notified by the hospital, they will take care of the animal control functions and follow up.
Her friend took pictures of the injuries with her phone, so there is a good record, it's not pretty.

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Best thoughts and lots of sunflowers to Joann and hugs to both of you.

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Lilo, I am so sorry to hear of Joann's misfortune. Knowing how she and you are friends to all animals, it's doubly hard to comprehend. Of course, most, if not all of the blame, should be on the owners'!!

Hugs and sunflowers to both of you. ((((Joann and Lilo))))

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All best wishes from here. Steve in Baltimore County

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So sorry to hear this. Sunflowers on the way. Sounds like the sheriff's office needs to take a strong stand on this.

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tibs(5/6 OH)

So glad she is not injured too bad. Now of course the dogs will have to be put down. Stupid people.

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I am so sorry to hear this, Lilo!
I certainly hope Joann will mend without infection or much scarring.
What a trumatic thing to go through---I hope she'll recover inside and out, without too many scars in either part...

I will say prayers.

(Can't BELIEVE those blooming owners being so uncaring towards the animals OR neighbours!!!!!!!!!)

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Lilo, I am so sorry this has happened to Joann.
I know how traumatic this is.
She will be sore for awhile. Sure hope the bites don't get infected.
Neighbors need to have their butts kicked and all their animals taken away.

Sunflowers & hugs for Joann.

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How is she doing today, Lilo?
The more I thought about this, the madder I got----how have those people gotten away with their shenanaggins (sp?) all these years?

Reminds me of the guy who lives nearby and cranks the snot out of his Harley when he goes or comes home from night-shift at 3AM or thereabouts.
I've only talked to the man once in my life and his eyes were DEAD, as was his voice ----think he runs drugs on the side--no lie.

He frightens me. The noise was so loud one night--I jerked awake thinking, "So, this is what it sounded like in Bosnia!"
---and I shook for over an an hour.

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I keep hoping for an update too, first place I come. I'm thinking hard and praying for y'all! Crossing everything, fingers, toes, hair, legs, arms, anything I can. I am worried, but hopeful. Take care JoAnn!

KJ, that is so awful of him. Creep is too nice a word for him. I'll pray for him too. Holding you and him close in my thoughts today.

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gmatx zone 6

Have been out of pocket for the last week and just now saw your post, Lilo. How is JoAnn doing? Prayers going out that JoAnn will physically heal quickly and with as minimal amount of pain as possible. Thank goodness she has a good friend/employer as well as you to help her.

Years ago I was bitten just once by a Chow and I remember how horrible it felt and how sore and swollen my wrist became. As a retired RN, please tell JoAnn to watch carefully for any signs of infection.

Hugs and sunflowers to you both.


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Dear Lilo, I am so sorry that Joann was hurt so badly, physically and mentally. I am sending healing hugs and lots of love to you, Lilo, and Joann.

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Lilo and Joanne, sad to hear there are people like this so close to you who would negligently and stupidly put your lives in such danger. Hoping for quick and good healing for both of you and the community. All my good energy to both of you.

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Thank you so much, people like that usually get the karma they deserve, and karma is not in the next life, it happens when the time is right.
Don! Good to see your! Missy! Thank you for your kind thoughts.
We are family and have not even ever met, maybe never will - ain't that grand!!!
Don, get well!

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