Dropped bowl -- kaboom!

meldy_nva(z6b VA)August 3, 2010

Last night, DH dropped one of the last of my glass pasta bowls. It landed on the floor and literally went "BOOM!" It smashed into thousands of glassy crumbs, the largest being less than 1/2", spreading from a 3" tall pile (I guess where it first hit)left and right 9 feet and twelve feet forward. I was standing at the stove (8 feet away) and it felt like beach sand blown on a windy day. DH was slack-jawed from shock.

First clean-up was with a broom, filling the oversized dustpan. (DH apologizing.) Second clean-up was with the vacuum. (DH apologizing.) Third clean-up (DH apologizing) was with a damp mop... which glittered with invisible shards. Therefor, fourth clean-up was with wads of damp newspaper, followed by another mopping (DH still apologizing). Finally, no shards showing up, but I'm afraid to go barefoot.

Oh, and DH is still apologizing. Each time, I tell him that accidents happen, and this could have been worse. Maybe I should set him the task of finding replacement bowls, but I suspect he would be afraid to buy glass.

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Poor guy. Good luck on finding replacements!

I'm moving my home, and this past Saturday sis and I were both in the POD, me handing her bags of stuff and she, the taller of us, was putting them where they belonged. One overreaching grab knocked over the 60+ year old mirror that goes on my dressing table. She just kept saying, boy am I glad I didn't do that! I just calmly picked up the pieces, swept and kept going. I was really sad. Wonder how much that will cost to replace? Oy! I would never have been angry with her, but she sure would've been angry with herself. She wrecked my brand new car (my first) when she was 16 and I was 20. We're now 43 and almost 39, she's still upset and I still don't care. It's a hunk of metal for goodness sakes! I care way more about her.

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What amazes me is the amount of mess things which are dropped make. It always seems to be 5 times more than what it was in original condition, be it solid or liquid.

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Last winter I was trying to replace flourescent bulbs (48") in our kitchen. I got the old ones --two of them--removed and was being very careful--I thought--in replacing the new ones. I got one in and thought I had the other in place, but evidently didn't. It slipped out of the groove; DH managed to get out of the way and I was on the step ladder. It hit the kitchen counter, then, the floor with a smash. We, too, had glass shards, everywhere. What a mess!

We had the young man who does "stuff" for us put in the next one! From what I've been seeing on "House Hunters", those kind of kitchen fixtures are "very outdated"; maybe it's time for something else?

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mwheel, don't go into your kitchen without wearing combat boots.

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Lol, anneliese, I totally agree with your statement. Been there many times. For example, a tree that looks perfectly propotional in it's verticle shape, takes on a whole new dimention when it has to be cut down and it covers an entire lawn.

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

From my experience, you will be finding more bits of glass in unexpected places for some time to come.

Please be careful.

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Last Christmas one of my daughters was washing a crystal bowl when she dropped it in the sink. Smash, total destruction! She cut a gash between two fingers clear to the tendons. Off to the ER. This Fourth of July, same daughter, same scenario, off to ER returning with 8 stitches in her little finger. I said, "No way, there isn't space for 8 stitches in your little finger!" Since at Christmas time she got an infection in her cut, this time they gave her an antibiotic. Finished with the prescription she broke out with a horrendous case of hives, on her face to her feet. Massive discomfort. To add to her suffering she was chairperson for a large convention coming to town the day she blossomed! Here she was, greeting folks from all over the states, with her body covered in welts. She said she eventually tired of explaining her situtation and just simply said "I have Hives!" The family has voted to never let her wash a crystal bowl again!!!

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Combat boots and maybe a helmet and heavy gloves, too! I have always walked into furniture and been accident prone. A few years ago, I stepped off a two inch blacktop roadway the wrong way and broke my ankle! Bummer!

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