Wild Blackberries

lilosophieAugust 19, 2012

They are ripening, ready to pick along the driveway. This is the only time of the year we forgive Luther Burbank for introducing them into the environment, actually they are very invasive and take over everything.

Of course, we don't get any other than where we can reach easy, birds and 'coons and an occasional bear have a much larger harvest and spread them by the "poop factor"

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Very nice pic. It looks pretty much like the ripening stage as some bushes a couple of blocks from here. The people planted them some fifty years ago as a "bramble" fence to their side yard. So far they have not spread to our yard, but then we live in the burbs where there is more asphalt than soil.

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When we moved here blackberry bushes, quince and fox grapes abounded aross the lane and lots of wildflowers. Now it is either lawn or houses. Unless driving for several miles, I would not know where to find a blackberry.

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Blackberry cobbler, yuuuuummmmm!

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Blackberry cobbler gets my vote, too!

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We took a walk past the Blackberry bushes yesterday, all the ripe berries were gone. Somebody had a tasty meal.

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Soo good in any form.

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