Little Simon. Fishercat.

chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)December 15, 2009

Little Simon is one of the kittens we hand raised this year and we didn't find a new home for him. And so he stayed.

He's got an enlarged heart and at times has a brief loss of consciousness but that does not stop him from going full force through life. He's into everything and has no fear.

In the basement we have a wading pool with the fish from our little ponds. They are overwintering inside because the ponds freeze solid until late spring and they would perish. In the wading pool are several large flat rocks so the fish can hide. There's also several varieties of plants for ambiance.

Then enters Little Simon ... literally! He wades through the pool on a daily, if not more, basis. His legs are soaked up to his belly as he wanders through the water, herding the zebra danios, guppies, swordtails. He's also pulled many plants out and brought them upstairs to show he's saved them from drowning.

In a deeper container we have the koi and goldfish. They too have plants, rocks AND Little Simon. He's often seen precariously balanced on the edge of the container watching the fish below. On Sunday I was washing the dishes that the cats eat from and went into the hall toward the kitchen.

Hmmmm. What's that on the rug? Don't remember an orange toy. ...... EEEEEEKKKKKK!

It's a goldfish!

Our beautiful chubby fantailed fellow is laying on the rug looking quite dehydrated! Surely Little Simon has murdered him.

Mike took the fish to the kitchen and turned the faucet on low and ran water through the fish's mouth. A kind of fishy artificial respiration. After some time Mike checked his patient. Still not responsive. Again under the flowing water ...

OMG! The fish moved! His body squirmed a little side to side!

OK ... I set up a tank quickly with cool water and added the dechlor. Don't know how much damage the fish may have sustained getting chlorinated water flowing through his gills for about 10 minutes. Mike put the fish into the tank and he swam a little and then floated on his side. Still alive but very weak and traumatized!

We could see he had bruises just behind his gills and on his belly. Mike took the fish out again for a few more sessions of water flowing through the gills over the next hour. After each session the fish seemed stronger although he still would float on his side.

We'd help the fish change position / float on his other side throughout the day. And then the next morning ....

The fish was at the bottom of the tank ... looking for food! He's still weak but we are hopeful he will survive. As for Little Simon ... he now wants to go fishing in the kitchen! The tank has a cover on it to keep the goldfish safe and the container downstairs is covered with a wire mesh too.

Little Simon. Our fishercat!

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

How funny, Chicky! We have had similar panic attacks with some of our fishies though they were not landed by a cat. They managed all on their own. Over the years we have discovered that many fishies have the desire and ability to travel to a different tank. The Zebra Danios were the worst. At one time my first task in the morning was to pick up all the Zebras that had landed on the carpet and put them back in the tank. Surprisingly, most recovered. Guppies are frequent fliers if the tank is crowded but the most surprising was the discovery that our Gourami can cover a fairly long distance. In the aquariums it is as much as three feet from one tank to another and in the pond, I've seen them jump almost 6 feet when they had a good start. Absolutely amazing.

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sheepco(MN z4)

Little mischief maker! Can't believe he'd bored....
:0) S

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Okay, I just can't resist here.

Once upon a time I received a phone call at work from my mother saying, 'Oh, Anne, I hit the fishtank with the handle of the vacuum cleaner and it cracked and all the water flowed out. I saved the fish and they are in bowls all over the kitchen but you need to get a new tank on the way home.'

Okay.. I can get a new tank. I did. I went home. There were aquarium plants and bowls of fish all over the floor. I cleaned it, transferred the gravel, filters, bubblers etc.

I picked up a bowl and NO FISH. I picked up another bowl and NO FISH. I looked down at the floor and OMG ALL THE FISH had jumped out of the bowls and, mixed in with the plants I hadn't seen them and I'd been walking all over them.

I jumped up an down (probably inflicting more fishly damage), screaming at the top of my lungs. 'OH, NO I'VE KILLED ALL MY FISH'.

End result: They survived the tsunami, but only one fish survived the stomping.

I went back to the fish store with my tale of woe and restock my tank.


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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

Anne, that is so bad I laughed myself silly. I recommend lids for all fish containers. Sandy

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