comettose(7)December 2, 2006

I don't know if anyone has posted this link before, but it is really fun. Best to watch at early morning and early evening for the most animal acitivity (that would be in local Africa time). I saw a cool bird, don't know which species, eating a snake in the early am (4:30 am Africa time) and right now at 4:30 pm (Africa time) there are Wildebeast there. Click on the NKORHO STREAM for the current live cam to South Africa. There are also links on the sites to other cam locations. Very cool.

You will need Broadband connection. CT

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Even though I knew I couldn't, I tried viewing that once, CT. I think I got some sound, but...I'd love to be able to SEE Africa live!


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I know you would love it Brenda. I wish you could see it. So far I've seen Ground Hornbill, Pied Crow, Egyptian Goose, Impala, Zebras, Wildebeest, Giant Milipede, and a Barn Owl at night.

You can go on the site and see still shots taken by viewers. I just missed the lion that came one night by a few minutes. There are also videos on U-Tube if you do a search for Africam. Nice video of elephants and many others. That is the good thing about the forums on the site, somebody always catches what you miss, so at least you get to see it. Some still shots, some videos.


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I think it was actually the WildCam Africa (National Geographic) set up at Pete's Pond in Botswana that I tried to view. I was able to see jumpy shots of things, almost like I was seeing about every 5th or 10th frame.

I missed SOMEthing which looked like a cat that came to the pond. It was like it was there...then gone. LOL

Now, I just hear the wind blowing like crazy...OOOO, and a...bird? I would love to be there. :) It's 5:03pm in Botswana right now.


Here is a link that might be useful: Pete's Pond

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Update on what I've seen live: Elephant, Giraffe, Hyena, Warthog, Zebra (one got killed and eaten by a pack of hyenas two nights ago), Mongoose, Jackal, Common Greenshank, Cape Water Buffalo (a huge herd with a newborn), Waterbuck, Oxpeckers, and others I can't remember the name. It really is fascinating. The animals sometimes play, roll in the dust, the elephants toss water on themselves, baby animals nursing, male impalas and Blue Wildebeest head-butting, the list goes on.

I would have thought more folks here would give it a try since most of us seem to be wildlife fans. Oh well, you can lead a gnu to water..... LOL

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Wow!! That's a lot better than the ducks I saw on my site the other day. LOL

All I want for Christmas is DSL, Verizon.


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Well, let's hope Father Verizon, with the red hat and fur, treats you well this year!

Do you have cable in your area that sells high-speed internet? I don't have DSL either - but 1/2 mile away in all directions they have it, so I got cable. My cable company claim 4MB download speed and I'm getting 3.86 consistently. Upload they claim 356 kbps and I do get that. You can check your true, vice claimed, connection speed on a website called

My cable company is upgrading to 6MB in January. DSL claims 1.5MB so you might want to get a cable modem. They are faster, but it costs more. Worth it IMHO.

My sister, who lives on a very rural horse farm, but is near Chapel Hill, NC has DSL on the farm (go figure). She also watches the Africam (and is hooked) on DSL and she gets freezing here and there, but not enough to make her not want to watch. Lately I've not gotten any freezing at all, but on the rare occasion when the site is extremely busy.


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Yeah, Father Verizon! I like that! LOL

Unfortunately, we don't even get cable out here. We have satellite TV, but it's just too expensive for the internet service (hookup, let alone the monthly cost). We've also been told we could try a wireless connection which transmits from the top of a rice silo (that sounded so hokey! LOL) less than a mile from our house. BUT...there are mucho macho (many big) trees between us and civilization. :D

Wow, 6MB! That would be sweet!


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semper_fi(Z7 GA)

"BUT...there are mucho macho (many big) trees between us and civilization."

Given the choice between civilization and mucho macho trees, I think I definitely would be happier with the latter. Like Mamabirrd once said, neighbors aren't for everybody! Someday, I too hope to be high-speed internet challenged. 8-)

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