July's Abundance - photo heavy

deanneart(z5Southern NH)July 10, 2007

July is peak season here in our gardens and even though I know this it surprises me every year when the gardens really fill in and the lilies start blooming.

A view of the terraces looking west

I love it when this astilbe blooms with the fuchsia standard.

This urn has exceeded expectations. I love that bacopa with the fuchsia draping over it. The small coleus in the right of the arrangement was a cutting from Monique last fall.

Another container from that grouping on the patio. The Iresine in this arrangement was a cutting from Sue. It's in too much sun so the color is more pale that it should be but I'm still happy with it. That E. 'Diamond Frost' is my new favorite filler.

This is the small planting on the opposite side of the fence from the container garden. The 'Purple Emperor' is looking great and the Eupatorium 'Little Joe' is budding up. This is my second year with those lilies which I got because I saw them in Marie's garden with her Physocarpus.

Close up of the lilies, Marie, do you remember the name of this variety?

The containers on the front steps

You can't see this one in the previous photograph but it is also on the steps. I wish I knew what that lavender trailing fuchsia that is. I bought it for cheap at HD in a hanger in the spring and split it in three sections. They are all blooming like this. I want to do cuttings of this one as it's a winner.

I love this little 'Abundance' clematis next to the JM

This arrangement is filling out nicely. I'm in love with that Acalpha

My gigantic lantana 'Tropical Fruit'. This is about three feet across and still growing. I wintered this one over dormant in the basement along with the fuchsias.

A coleus standard

View of the shed garden from the house

Kathy, this begonia is unreal. (another Home Depot find) It holds its flowers for the longest time. I've not yet tried to get cuttings for you but will do so soon.

This urn used to be in the shed garden but it fell over and one of the handles broke off so I decided to plant this asparagus fern in it.

This is a close up of an arrangement in the container garden with a canna and papyrus

Containers on the hot tub deck. I've got to get that begonia into a larger pot today.

This 'Mariposa' coleus is new to me and is getting enormous. The growth is keeping up with the Colocasia 'Black Magic' in the back of the arrangement.

I just love July!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Blushing here... Nope, completely forgot that lily's name. Sure love it though! Your Ninebark is going to get HUGE. Mine needs pruning every year at this stage. It also seeds about everywhere, but fortunately the seedlings are easy to remove.

Love your coleus standard. Also all the clematis sneaking into your gardens... :)

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Everything is outstanding! They surpass anything that I grow. Beautiful....

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Your July gardens leave me breathless. The care, loving attention/devotion to each plant and your artist's eye are clear to all..... Really fantastic, Deanne.

Thanks for taking the time to shoot it all for us to live by vicariously!

(I like you calling that Cl. Abundance tiny... I think it will become "abundant" for you next year, LOL). And oddly enough, I think that coleus you got from Monique is one that I bought & think of as my favorite - is it "pink chaos"?

I've been wanting to try Papyrus in a water garden - never thought to just try in a regular container like that. Great juxtaposition w/ that canna!

What a morning treat (& for the rest of the summer!!). I know I will be returning again and again to look.


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Oh, where to begin commenting. Its all just so perfect, abundant and picturesque. The standards are just the coolest. I have to say too how much I love your taste in containers.

I was wondering about the Papyrus, I saw one on clearance yesterday that I could have gotten for a buck, but I wasn't sure if it could just be planted in a container. I may have to see if its still there.

I too was taken with 'bug's lily with 'Diablo' and copied the combo. I have a little different one I believe. Mine is called 'Latvia' I'm wanting my 'Diablo's' to get large as I planted them to screen a view.

Thanks for sharing your abundance this morning.


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Abundant, indeed!! And gorgeous, outstanding, symetrical, unique, jubilant and absolutely envy-producing!!


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

I'm starting a "slow clap" here, in case anyone wants to join in. It'd be a standing ovation, but I just got done working out ;) Beyond gorgeous, Deanne! I keep going back to that begonia. You've got such a wonderful eye for color and form, and I can't begin to imagine how much time and care you put into it all. Thanks for the treat-it was just what I needed!!

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Thanks for starting the applause Brenda - can you hear me joining in too. Bravo Deanne!!


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Truly incredible, Deanne! Bravo, bravo from here, too. Just the thing for me today to help lift my spirits. My containers and gardens are so mundane by comparison. You should be a landscape designer!

I love that lily, too. If you come up with a name I'd love to borrow that combo, too, only use it with 'Summer Wine' in the front of the house.

Everything is so gorgeous!


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Everything looks gorgeous, you've created quite a masterpiece of garden as art Deanne!

I think those are LA 'Suncrest' lilies. Didn't we all order them after seeing them in GB's garden? Ha! I have them in front of physocarpus diablo too :-)

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

WOW Deanne! As lovely as I knew it would be! I love seeing all that beautifully harmonized color and such healthy, happy plants! YUMM! Every pic is just lovely, but I have to say, for some reason that container with Marsipo coleus in it may be my favorite combination. I don't know why it strikes my fancy so much, but it really does...a perfect balance of color and contrast I think! I love that it's simple and yet complex (really there is only one color; that lovely shade of red) cause black and white really aren't colors; are they? :-) Anyway, it's gorgeous. Of course I even hate to point out a favorite, cause I think everything you do is amazing! BTW, I have that Alcalpha too and I just love it. Are you going to try to carry yours over?...like a coleus? I'm crazy about that Diamond Frost Euphorbia too. I used it in almost every one of my container...LOL! Wonder if that would winter over?

Anyway, thanks Deanne for sharing...it is always such a treat! Ei

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Deanne, I hope you don't mind if I add a picture to your thread. I think we should name this the "Idyll Combo"

Ei, I think Eden overwintered Diamond Frost. I tried the Alcalpha and it almost made it, but I am a bad indoor plant mamma and it withered when I didn't get around to watering.

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Fabulous, awesome ,wonderful photos Deanne! Your containers are just wonderful..you know that HD fuchsia that you don't know the name of sure looks like Winston Churchill. I almost lost mine last winter so it it being rather slow to recover and bloom-If it ever does I'll post a pic of it.It's one of my faves.It is classified as an upright, but every one I've ever had has drooped.

Kathy in Napa

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I know I posted in this thread but I must not have hit submit after previewing it 'cause I sure don't see my comment here. :o@

Deanne, your gardens are stunning. Thank you for sharing the photos.


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Monique z6a CT(6a CT)

Gorgeous photos as usual. I enjoyed seeing the gardens and containers in person last w/end-the entire yard is spectacular!

I overwintered Euphorbia 'Diamond Frost' in a small terracotta container in the window that got morning sun. If I can do it, anyone can.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning everyone! Thanks so much for your wonderful comments and observations. I really appreciate being able to share this with a group who gets itÂ. Last weekend we had 30 people at DougÂs party here and there were only a handful who looked at the gardens. Like Sue, Tom, Monique and Les and theyÂd seen them a couple weeks ago. LOL Someone asked if the Fuchsia ÂLena was a bleeding heart. SighÂ. Anyway, most times I garden in a vacuum except for what I share here so the feedback and input is very much appreciated.

Kathy, thanks for the possible ID on that fuchsia. I agree, it looks very much like WC. And interestingly I thought it looked upright and the newer growth is but when it starts blooming the weight of those large flowers pulls the stems down so that it trails. IÂve been thinking of making a standard out of it. It really is a blooming fool and takes full sun here in NH. Love to see a photo of yours.

Michelle, Definitely get that papyrus! IÂve also got a dwarf one growing in a container and itÂs doing really well. This one has been in this pot since the end of May now and has more than doubled in size.

HereÂs a photograph of the whole container with the large papyrus. The canna started blooming yesterday and there is also a cuphea in the bottom of the arrangement.

I love it that youÂve got those lilies with Diablo as well!!! What fun and indeed it could be called the Idyll combo. All started with MarieÂs photo on TGForums. Thanks for posting that photograph.

Eileen, I have to agree with you that I really like that Mariposa combination. I also agree that itÂs probably the simplicity of it and the strong contrast in values and forms is what gives it its interest. IÂm going to try to save the acalyphas by digging the plants out, pruning then keeping them under lights for the winter. I took cuttings of SueÂs plants last fall but those cuttings have not done much for me so IÂm going to try to save the whole plants this fall. Like Monique, I overwintered the E. ÂDiamond FrostÂ. I found it rooted easily and actually kept some cuttings in water for a couple months before potting them up.

Cynthia, you are 100% correct that those lilies are ÂSuncrestÂ. I had to look high and low and finally found the ID information.

Cindy, yes that coleus is ÂPink ChaosÂ. IsnÂt that a beautiful variety? ItÂs kind of like a bigger, brighter version of ÂThe FlumeÂ.

Thanks again all!

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

So do you plan to try to overwinter the papyrus too? Will it go dormant? I can't imagine it would overwinter just under grow lights? Let me know how you plan to do...

The threads have been so busy I almost missed the rest of these comments and Michelle's IU combo post pic w/ those lilies & Diablo -- it's truly a wonderful grouping of plants.

Im also excited to hear that E. Diamond Frost might overwinter simply in a pot on a window -- I may give it a try; like others I too succumbed to it when I found it earlier in the Spring.... nothing like spreading knowledge & experience among gardeners, to enable us on to more plant addictions, LOL!

Frankly, I would have a terrible time picking a favorite combo selection if I had to. They are all truly magnificent. I will be coming back again and again to receive more inspiration from here, Deanne.


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Deanne, I wanted to wait until I had time to really sit down and take my time looking at this thread. You didn't disappoint! Each picture is just spectacular. There's so much to look at and it's all put together just perfectly. I can't believe that even non-gardeners at the party weren't blown away by your gardens. What the heck is wrong with those people, lol. I have that suncrest lily sitting in my pot garden. Guess I'll have to plant it next to Diablo so as to have the Idyll combo in my garden too.

As for overwintering I've done the e.diamond frost, a couple of the acalyphas and the papyrus successfully under lights.

Thanks for posting these pictures Deanne. I enjoyed looking at them so much!


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