Weekend Journal 14-15 August 2010

rob333August 16, 2010

I've almost decompressed. I went to the pool Friday evening, to see the Blind Side (unfortunately, I am the only person in America that found it a snooze, too predictable). It was loads of fun as we got to the water park when everyone who wasn't there to see the movie was getting kicked out. We had the pool to ourselves and there was a great breeze blowing. Mom and I watched the sun set behind a tree. She and I were facing west. Susie, my younger sis, was facing east. She told me to look at the clouds behind me. It was completely lit up??? long after the sun went down. It was a firey yellow on top, pink clouds in the middle, and blue on the bottom... with a dark grey sky across the horizon. I knew that those funky clouds meant bad weather. It was gorgeous! A bit after she said that, I went and sat in the wavepool until they would throw us out (the storm that hadn't made it yet), and I couldn't take my eyes off the cloud. A group of people entered to the pool in front of me, stopped to see what I was looking at. They too couldn't take their eyes off of it. People snapped pictures. Soon, visible to the south of us, was a lightning storm. They did shut down the pool, but not the movie, as it wasn't close enough to interfere. It did keep the area nice and cool with the wind though. We closed down (Southernspeak for stayed until the end) the pool and I promised LF we'd come back and stay all day on Saturday.

We got up and went straightaway to the pool. We got there 15 minutes after it opened. Evidently, we should've gotten there 15 minutes before opening, as all the chairs in the shade (like 50 or so) were already taken!!!? I did my best to do whatever LF chose and tried to keep up. Figured out how the ocean is both concurrently relaxing and rejuvenating. If you go to where the waves aren't breaking, just forming, and glide with the motion of the ocean, you rock and relax. If you are near the breakers, it's exhilarating!!! We have a "lazy" river that LF loves. It has artificially created current that pushes on a float. Me, I like to just float on my back. LF, he uses the current to swim as fast as he can. He calls it the crazy river (instead of the lazy). You can say that again. We played mini golf, went down two of the five or so slides, hit the lagoon pool, ate a funnel cake, and mostly, spent our time in the recently cleaned bucket pool, as it was icy cold. That was so much better than anything else. I kept up well enough, he had me winded and giggling like a school girl, but it was so freakin' hot!!! Brother took all the nephews to the motorcycle races on Saturday and at least one passed out from the heat; LF opted for the pool (glad he did for many reasons!). That's how hot it was. LF and I both got bits and pieces of burns, my upper shoulders and his upper back. The rest was fine. We did stay at the pool in that sun for 6 hours and 40 minutes, but the rest of us didn't burn??? Dinner and bed. Sad that there are only four more weeks of the pool. Summer's almost over!

Sunday we went to church and there were at least two references to rooms that you throw all of your junk into and avoid cleaning it out, so I went home and we finished the kitchen and unpacked more. LF can get to his desk for schoolwork (back to school fully as of today) and decided it needed to double as an art area. Then he wrote a list of all the items that were missing or needed to be fixed a tad in his room. We went out to grab a small bite, cold drink, and pick those items up. He watched Eragon and I folded laundry. I marveled at the kitchen that is done, numerous times and then sunk into the junk room to sleep. Kinda like a deepsea diver who doesn't wear SCUBA, but takes many many breaths before going deep. I'm more relaxed (except for worrying about LF who will get on the city bus all by himself today in another three hours), focused, and cleaner. My movie channels got taken away, but we joined Netflix and a movie I've never seen came, Remains of the Day; I'll watch it on Wednesday.

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Update: I told my employees I was training, on their first day, that I was giving them the hardest, most irritating stuff, and the "exceptions" to everything we did. Trial by fire. LF got to have the hardest, most irritating, and what better be the exception to his ride home. He got on the wrong bus. In Nashville, all buses lead to the downtown Nashville terminal. I couldn't get him to understand that's what he was supposed to do if he missed his stop last night, so now he knows. Thanks to the kindness of stranger. Since he couldn't hear me on the phone, the bus was too loud. Then, he lost his bus pass. The police officer gave him the ok to get on it and get home. The bus driver called me (thank God Almighty I had the great sense to get a line added last night and to charge the phone up) and made double sure he was in the right place. He made it. Terrified and upset while downtown, but has figured it all out. And I was incredibly upset because I couldn't find out what bus he was on, and we couldn't hear each other on the phones. All's well that ends well, 'specially when a hard-learned lesson was exacted. OY!

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Those first days at a new school. I know it's nervewracking for both of you. I hope it goes easier and easier from now on out.
Your weekend sounds great. Wished I could have come along.
I am glad that you took a break.

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Glad everything worked out ok.
I'm a city girl, I had to learn how to work the city transit system at an early age. My family taught me how to read and interpret the bus and street car signs by each stop. They proved to be some very good lessons. I had a ball traveling public transportation and I knew my "city" Oslo, inside and out.
When I came to this country I learned to "read" all kinds of public transportation "signs" and I traveled through, DC, VA, PA, NY by train, bus and air and NY subway.
It's like anything else, if you know the system, you can work it.

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That is precisely what I was trying to get across to him this morning. I said, look, we can meet up here at work, hop on, go to dinner in Green Hills, hop back on and never had any problems with traffic (Green Hills traffic is awful!) or parking (the Mall at Green Hills parking is awful!). I'll keep reiterating it as I too think it's a great tool and could be fun! Our buses run to outlying cities, believe it or not. I can catch one in front of my office and head off to Lebanon, Hendersonville, Mufreesboro, or Gallatin. It seems like Carol's son even catches one to see his girlfriend in Franklin. All together, that's about a 75 mile radius. Pretty cool.

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