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lilod(NoCal/8)August 21, 2010

That came to me this morning, as I greeted the morning, rambling with my trusty walker into the kitchen to coffee making, cat's breakfast and my trusty computer. The question arose because I am looking forward to getting 3 cord of firewood at a very reasonable price, and it shall have to be moved into the pole-building and probably should be neatly stacked, some of it on the deck.

Don't know how much help will be available, even paid help is hard to find this time of the year.

Thought maybe I should cancel the delivery and save my money for propane, more expensive and not near as nice as the wood-stove.

But then, good firewood as a reasonable price is very hard to find and it seems to me if such is available to me, then there will be a way to take care of storing it, I just don't know how at this time.

Next week I shall see the Doctor and will find out my status, and probably will be walking (or stumbling)on my own and find the energy and strength and maybe someone to help.

Joann has to stack her three cord, Ron is not able to help her, because his right arm is deteriorating, he is to have radiation and chemo, and if it works, the Bone-Doc may be able to fix it - this cancer is very aggressive - so she has more than enough on her plate.

Well, I have this little cartoon/motto, put6 it on my desktop for inspiration and just keep the faith.

I don't know yet how to embed pictures into my text, so look at the gallery to see the picture.

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Lilo, how about having it unloaded next to the pole building and some next to the porch, or as close as possible. Anytime somebody comes to visit, ask them to stack a few pieces, not enough to make it work. Maybe by the time the weather get's bad, it is done. Wished I could help you. I know how hard it is to find somebody to work for a couple of hours from my own experience.
Love your motto.

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Anneliese, I love your suggestion, as a matter of fact, some of my wood always got stacked that way, every time I went outside, I took a couple of pieces to the deck.
The pole building will be even easier, toss a few pieces into it, if they don't get stacked, just piled,it's slovenly, but under cover and kept dry, and that's the main purpose.
I wish the vendor's truck would be able to get into the pole building,. but it's too tall.

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I wish i could ship Pete out there for a week Lilo. Since retirement in April he had retiled the kitchen floor and basement landing...painted the landing...reglazed the bathtub...plus assorted outside projects. Now hes talking about updating the laundry room. I have to say i admire and appreciate his get-go but the laundry room has to wait until i recoup from the hip replacement....dont want to compete for the needed attention.

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lilod, it seems that you like your wood heat, so how about having your cords delivered as close to the house as possible and take Anneliese's suggestions for now.

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I would help. I wish I could! I love your motto picture.

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

Would that we were closer. I'm an experienced firewood stacker (which is why our fireplace has a gas insert!) Do you have a boy or girl scout or 4H troup nearby? This sounds like a good merit badge project...

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