Random thoughts as you work.....and a Chuckle

calliope(6)August 13, 2011

Do you find yourself letting your mind wander when in the midst of a routine chore. It's always been my way of staying enthused in periods of tedium. I was making bread just a bit ago and an old memory popped back into my head. I'm sure something tickled a brain cell but I can't think of what would make me think of this.

I was taking my mother for a podiastrist appointment in town. Parking was always scarce, and she was disabled to the point she could not walk far, so I was particularly tickled to find an empty parking spot directly in front of the doctor's office. The problem was, I was driving a Jeep Cherokee and the spot looked only slightly longer than the car. I ponied up to the side of the car in front, and the fates were with me as I slid backward into the hole, eased forward once, back once and turned off the ignition. I burst out laughing as I looked up to see two elderly codgers who were sitting on a park bench in front of the ofice then stand up at attention and begin applauding. I exited the car, bowed in appreciation and took my Mama inside.

Those elderly gentlmenh made my day. I can only imagine the conversation between them as placed myself in the position to parallel park and I suspect someone had to make good on a wager. I love those kind, human interactions. Made my day ;-)

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Wherever your random thought came from, thanks for sharing it. Whenever I find myself thinking about something completely out of the loop, I try to follow my "train of thought" back to the beginning, but by then, the train has left the station --or I'm on the wrong track! :>)

I, too, enjoy kind, human interactions. It's good to know that lots of us have a sense of humor, don't you think?

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calliope, I enjoyed your parking story.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

What a lovely story!


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Great story Suzy. My mind does tend to wander over the past and remember different events. Fun. I'd love to have seen the guys applauding you. LOL.

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I forgot to mention that it's so nice to see Dorie and Robert here. The first or one of the first Party love stories??

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If I ever could find out how I got here from there! My train misses all the stations in-between.

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