sprinkler to use for small lawn (20*10)

yvesgSeptember 6, 2010


I have a small lawn (20*10) and just put some sod down. I bought a new pulsating sprinkler and a sprinkler timer to help with the watering schedule. I tried to measure (using small cups) the output of my sprinkler and this seems very low (I barely have 1/8 of an inch running the sprinkler for 20 minutes). Are pulsating sprinklers typically bad at delivering good amount of water (from what I can read I will need to put 1 inch 2 times a week when the roots are established, that would mean runing the sprinkler for 80 minutes). Any other and better options?


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If you have enough water pressure, I would get three 10 foot hunter sprays and join them with poly pipe and a hose adapter on the end. At least that is what I did (75ft x 10 ft)--I have 8 sprays but only have enough water pressure to run 4 at a time to get full spray. I tried a timer but it cuts water pressure down too much. Some parts I got from sprinklerwarehouse, some from Lowes.

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i would get 6 sprinklers. quarter pattern for each corner and half pattern for center of longer sides. you need sprinkler to sprinkler coverage. check your flow to see if you can run all of them at once. you should but just make sure. otherwise u need to split them in zones.

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