I have to wonder if they ruly have the ability to express them se

gandle(4 NE)August 12, 2010

Will let an expletive slip now and then depending on the circumstances but, I've been doing a lot of reading lately and am disgusted with the language many authors use in their stories. Foul or perhap even obscene language doesn't bother me if it truly has a legitimate use in the story but to use foul language gratuitously is truly a bore and the story gains nothing from continual use of these expletives.

Certainly don't consider myself a prig and I spent enough years in the navy to hear it all but have to wonder about the competence to express themselves of those who so freely season their tales and ideas with foul language.

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I hear you, George! I think it shows a lack of original thought, it's not even colorful or original, but nothing but boring and takes away from the story.
The expletives also lose their shock value and are nothing.
Funny thing is, because English is my second language it seems much easier to use English/American curse-words. I will even use the few French and Spanish ones I know. Many of the German expletives are actually more explicit and colorful, but I never think of using them because from an early age I was reprimanded if I did.

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Lilo has it right, but it is not only in writing. TV, songs and leaving my window open close to the schoolbus stop seem to imply a lack of language knowledge overall.

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I know a Norwegian swear sentence that invokes the devil, heaven and certain body parts. I hardly every use it but when I do, it's serious business. I hardly every use cuss words in my every day life.

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That reminds me of a book a friend gave me to read.
I took it home and that night at bed time I was looking forward to reading.
I opened the book and much to my
surprise at least one word in each sentence was blacked out.
It didn't take me long to figure out that my friend had
used her trusty magic marker to black out words that
were offensive to her.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

I can't bring myself to write or mark in a book, but several times I have returned a book to the bookstore and explained that I don't speak useless profanity, and I don't care to read it, and I'm not going to pay someone to write it.

A book (like certain so-called comedians) which relies on profanity for entertainment, to me indicates a lack of originality and an inability to communicate.

However, imo, stubbing a toe not yet recovered from being broken does ease with the careful application of profanity.

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janis_g, It seems that your friend used self senorship, good for her. But apparently she did it after she bought the book. If we refused to buy into what is objectionable to us, we would get somewhere.

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