August (Poem)

lilod(NoCal/8)August 7, 2011


All the past confusion

Seasons colliding

Milling around

Forgetting their place

On the Calendar

August arrived

To set things straight

Suddenly seasonal

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I love this is a perfect description of August, my fav month.

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Oh, yes, "suddenly seasonal". Everything in my summer garden is basking and growing in August this year.
Nice poem.

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So discomfiting that solace is past and even hotter but shorter days slide by, hotter is expected. Nice, thought producing.

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At least we know what to expect, there was some rain (a piddle) in July, that is definitely not seasonal...

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lilod , lol, I don't know what to expect this year here in CA. The "piddle" in July was highly unusual. The fog banks that comes in early mornings and hangs around until noon is unusual in July and August. We could depend on cool nights, but the cool temp has been around 60 for the past couple of months.
This has been a very unusual year, weather wise.

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Lilo, the spring was so strange and July was a mind boggle. August has settled into it's more norm. I'll take it. As if there were any other choice. Good evocative poem. My favorite kind. Thanks.

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