christmas dogs....and others.....

fairy_toadmotherDecember 28, 2005

well, i realized i was being prejudical....soooo without further ado, adieu???? bring 'em on!

adn this way, dogs or cats do not overtake the other :)

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surely someone out there has pics! semper's dobes, jeffs tater tot, scotts frances, etc....who has the "parrot"????

are the cats the only ones feelin' da luv?

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I wish I had a dog pic to post, FTM! But I am still waiting for photos of the Fab Frances. *hint, hint*

These are post-Christmas dogs, but it sounds like they didn't get a visit from Santa this year.


Police Officer Suffers Bites in Chihuahua Attack

A Fremont police officer was treated and released after being attacked by a pack of very tiny, but very angry, dogs.

The officer was taking a 17-year-old boy home after a traffic stop on Thursday when five Chihuahuas charged from the home and attacked the officer in the doorway.

The officer suffered a number of bites, mostly on his ankles. He was treated at a hospital and returned to work a couple of hours later.

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semper_fi(Z7 GA)

I think I have posted this before... but here's our Christmas card from a few year back:

CAPTION: "Merry Christmas from us and the 3 wise mutts!"

I figured it was fitting for the cat to play the manger since most of them think they are God anyway! :-)

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saigo(z3 BC)

That card is adoreable! Yep most cats think they are god!

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lol! gives a new meaning to the term "ankle biters!" them darn skeeters! anyway, give me a dog over a little dog any day. i couldn't believe myself...the only dog i have met so far that intimidated me was a friend's min pin. you could just tell he was serious! and there isn't a thing to grab ahold was hilarious i might add. i came in the house, and got my ankles bit, nips coming from all directions, and my pant leg pulled...all i could do was keep walking straight ahead- to the bathroom- and shut the door. stayed there too, until she got the dog. lol!
well, there was that pitbull but she would have come around eventually given time spent. both dogs had past abuse issues. anyway...

thanks for posting that semper! i still love it.

yep, sorry folks and dog lovers..i must say this proves that cats are dog pics here (or birds, rabbits ferrets, chinchillas, etc). call my bluff!

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semper_fi(Z7 GA)

OK FTM, I call your bluff. Below are my top 10 reasons why dogs ARE the best. Credit goes to the original poster of these photos....










(DRUM ROLLS) ...and #1:


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aaaaaaaaaaa! i luv 'em! now that is more like it. thank you, semper.
i must say #4 is my fave...something about that facial expression. but, it was a hard choice.

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sheepco(MN z4)

Here's why I didn't post before...Kate and Emma were NOT in the Christmas spirit, and Lily was hiding in the kitchen as soon as the 'horrible' antlers appreared...

she's so embarassed..

'do you hear what I hear', or 'we're gonna make her pay for this!'

Merry Christmas, or "Bah Humbug, I can't BELIEVE you're doing this to us"!

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Sheepco, that first one looks like she's asleep! "Rough night in front of that ol' sleigh..." :D Love those pics!

Ohhh, gimme, gimme #5! I can almost see that little nubbin of a tail twitching back and forth! *warm and fuzzy*


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lefd05(z5/6 westCO)

Well, they aren't the greatest pics but here are my dogs on Christmas morning enjoying their presents.

Aussie mom "Jewell" and her daughter "Madison" enjoying their pigs ears.

My Dobie girl Sasha enjoying her pigs ear.

My pitbull Zues and his new toys. He loved that blue chicken. He ran from one end of the house to the other several times, he was so excited.

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And Jesse was not a happy camper in her new Christmas jammies...I keep telling her she'll appreciate them when the temps go down and I don't raise the house temps!

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sheepco, aaaaawwwwww. pouters are still welcome! such dignity they have to put up with us.

lefdo, what a gorgeous blue merle! and everyone having a feast. thanks for posting you pics.

dog jammies! lol....jesse can count sheep and pretend she is a sheepdog. we used to have a neighbor with an old english winter they put those red long john people underwear on it. funniest site i ever saw!

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semper_fi(Z7 GA)

Sheepco, judging by that second picture, I believe your pups are conspiring against you! Paybacks are HELL!

Sasha is an AWESOME looking dog LEFD05! Not that I am impartial or anything! ;-)

LMAO Bonz! Your cat just thought he was having a bad day with his "HO HO HO" outfit until he saw Jesse. That just ain't right. :-)

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sheepco(MN z4)

PS: I like #8, true Christmas pups playing in the snow. Ho,ho,ho!

Bonz, LOVE those Christmas jammies... actually, I have a robe with those sheep on it...LOL

Lefd05, Emma wants a blue chickie! Good pix!

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lefd05(z5/6 westCO)

Ft....thanks! :)

Semper.......Thanks, she is getting pretty old, She's a great dog, third Dobie we've had. You're little red reminds me of the red one we had.:)

Bonz.....those jammies are so cute! The expression on her face is great.

Sheepco......Bought it at RiteAid if you have those stores in your area. :) They have squeekers in them. Zues loves squeeky toys. :)

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jeffahayes(8a Upstate SC)

Well, I just got around to looking at this thread tonight -- some really adorable pics, folks -- and I figured since Tater Tot was mentioned in the second post I better get HIS Christmas picture posted, too...

No Christmas clothing on him... but a bit of "magic," a FLYING DOG, lol... watch as he leaps in a vain attempt to retrieve his new puppy stretchy toy from Madison, who is playing keep-away-and-stretch-it-out with him! :)

Happy Tot he was, I'd say! :)

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What a great bunch of pictures!!!

A matching robe...hmmm....if I had a matching robe to her jammies my kids would have me hauled away for

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sheepco(MN z4)

Bonz, I was thinking the same thing right after I hit submit :) But what can I say, it was a gift!

Here's another one for you, but they just won't leave their antlers on either...

Best Wishes for the new year from the company of sheep! (Esther, Hannah, Emily, Flossie, Dolly, Pip, Lizzy, Caddy, Charlotte, and Little Em...and you thought naming fish was odd...)

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fairy_toadmother that name.

what a leaper, jeff, i bet that toy is a blast!

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Sheepco, They are so COOL, I love sheep!! When I was married we had milking goats, chickens, dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, ferrets and a pot bellied pig, all with names. My ex wanted to get a calf and raise it for meat but I KNEW if it got a name it would be collecting social security before it ended up on the table! But I regret I never had sheep.

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sheepco(MN z4)

Bonz, Milking goats is WAY beyond hobby farming! I know 1 guy that does it, and you have my respect! I don't have chickens or ducks (tho' I'd like to) 'cause my dogs just wouldn't understand the difference between what's in the yard and what's in the wild. I hear guinea hens are great for keeping bugs down, but I'm afraid my dogs would spend all their time hunting them.

Calf deal - same here :)

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maryo_nh(z5 SouthernNH)

This is where our doggies' squeekie christmas toy went...

while the one rightful owner...

and the other one took a few good laps out of daddy's mug of spiked eggnog. Daddy didn't notice. He finished it off while those who saw it were ROTFL in the kitchen.

:) Mary

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sheepco(MN z4)

Mary, Best laugh of my day! Thank you! LOL...really!

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We only had two milkers, way more than enough for a family of four. (typically 1 gallon per day per goat) But it does freeze well and I donated a lot to a group for feeding babies allergic to cow's milk. Like cows, we had to re breed to keep up the milk production and I loved having the babies around. Only thing we had to have our friends park WAY down the road, goats are notorious for car climbing!

Mary, too funny!

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jeffahayes(8a Upstate SC)

Yeah, goats will climb on ANYTHING... A local artist keeps goats and I went to his home to interview him and take some pictures one time and they were climbing all over hay bales, outside structures, other animals, each other -- you name it!

HOWEVER, the one redeeming quality about goats if you're trying to avoid them is that you can SMELL THEM LONG BEFORE YOU SEE THEM!

Wheeeeyeeeee!!! :)

Great pics, Mary and Sheepco... and FTM, yeah, he's a leaper, all right... can go higher than that, too... He's also the only dog I've ever seen that actually watches TV... I mean, he recognizes the difference between people and animals on TV, and which animals they are... Of course any time a dog barks or a cat meows, he's automatically over there standing on two legs at the base of the TV, looking and barking, or up on the day-bed that ends at eye-level to the TV, watching... but if he's looking that direction and an animal comes on even if it's NOT making any sound, most times he'll notice it and go running and jump up and bark at it... He also does it if there's anything loud on TV -- people yelling, or even cars honking their horns, sometimes...

The funniest is when we're watching re-runs of America's Funniest Videos after supper on WGN, which have lots of animal videos in them... to see him up there barking and prancing at the animals doing THEIR neat stuff on TV... And I'm sitting at the kitchen table... most recently with my camcorder beside me... Got a little video tonight, in fact... I'm waiting until I get JUST the right clip and I'm gonna submit it to them... I think a video of a dog reacting to one of the videos they're showing might just have a shot, if he's being cute or funny enough.

Oh, he also barks if someone in the house yells.

I think the rule is "Nobody can be louder than Tater Tot!"


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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

The late great Heidy Foo Foo pictured in 2003. She died in 2004 just 2 days shy of her 18th birthday. :-(


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sheepco(MN z4)

C3D ... no longer by your side, forever in your heart...

Lovely photo, S

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