Lord Luv A Duck!!

Janis_G(z7GA)August 9, 2014

Sassi, my little black & white poodle baby had an appointment
yesterday afternoon with her Ophthalmologist in Atlanta.
I knew there was going to be T Storms and Rain but I've driven
through some pretty rough weather before so it was no big deal to me.

I had just set the cruise control on 75 and settled back when the bottom fell out of the sky. I turned off the cruise and clicked the wipers on super fast, slowed down, racked up my seat position, reassured Sassi that I had everything under control
and focused all my attention to arriving at my destination in one piece.

I was hoping to get inside without getting soaked or zapped with lightening. The rain and storm stopped just as I exited the interstate and things were looking up. I arrived with fifteen minutes to spare before our appointment time and we made it inside before the bottom dropped out again.
The Vet Tech came and took Sassi back to check her pressures and had just handed her back to me when all he!! broke loose. Torrential rain, lightening strikes so close I could almost feel my hair stand on end.

All of a sudden sirens, bells, and alarms started screeching.
"TORNADO WARNING!!!!" yelled the Vet Tech, hurry, hurry into the safe place! I hugged Sassi close and made a dash toward the door the tech was holding open. "Where is the safe place?"
I asked, my voice surprising me because it was rather calm
although at that moment I was feeling anything but calm.
" In the Kennel!" She led us to the kennel area where a man took charge and opened the kennel doors. Sassi and I were
directed into a kennel where a Big Black Lab stood wearing a
fashionable lampshade and a very quizzical look on his face.
"duck and cover" the man directed and down went the Lab, vet
tech, Sassi and of course yours truly.

The storm raged on for several minutes and then, silence, no
more sirens, nothing. Then we were given the all clear and out
we came, laughing and all talking at the same time. Dr. King was standing at the door and we hugged. I laughed and said something about an adventure.

So while others were out going about their business of the day.
Sassi and I were sharing a kennel space with a black Lab in Atlanta. I think there were some trees down and some flooding
but we were lucky. It was a good place to be. I would share a kennel with that sweet, smart Lab any time.

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jim_1 Zone 5B Illinois(5b)

It sounds like the basis for a good short story. Include a bit about why Sassi had to go there and how often and whether Sassi likes going to the vet or whatever.

My guess is that there might have been another client there when this occurred. Make up a reason why that person (and pet) were there. You might even include a duck (real or not). 800 words and you got it made! That's because it ends like all good stories...and they all lived happily ever after!

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Just happy that you and Sassi are safe. I agree with Jim - a good story. If I would have to share space with a strange dog, a Lab would be the right choice.

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Glad you and Sassi were in a safe place when the tornado warning sounded.
At least you now know where a safe place is in Atlanta.
You sure have some interesting travel stories and you write very well.

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Wow! Driving thru the rain storm was scary enough, but the tornado warning would have been worse. So glad you and Sassi were in a safe place; being with the black Lab was an added bonus.

Hope Sassi got a 'good report' and that both she and you had a 'treat' when you got home.

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Another wonderful story to add to your collection of adventures. Good that the vert has the kennel as safe place, so his clients are protected, think it must be a wonderful vet.
Black labs do have a calming influence, don't they?

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Lord Luv a Duck is RIGHT! Oh my goodness. I was totally holding my breath. Glad everyone is ok, including the lab and Sassi.

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Loved reading of your adventure,, you write well,

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