Meldy, hope you are ok!

anneliese_32(6)August 23, 2011

Just saw the report the report about the earthquake in VA.

I hope you had no damage.

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Hope she is ok too. Lots of our people probably felt it. We felt it pretty good here, but my old 1825 house is pretty sturdy so it did no damage. One of my friends across the border in Canada even felt it. That's the furthest away I've heard of. Friends in South Carolina felt it too.

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Family in Baltimore felt it quite strongly. Steve

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Those of us who live in the so-called Ring of Fire couldn't help but snicker a little seeing the over-reaction to a little shaker - but on second thought: the Eastern US is not retrofitted for quakes, so this is a whole other thing, about the same as if we were to have to face something like Irene.
It's still dark here and I see heavy black clouds, T-storms are predicted, rain and small hail to come - In AUGUST?!
There also is a fire-weather watch -

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Lilo, now I had to giggle. Of course it was much smaller today on the western side and you are used to such things, but I hope that it was not a forrunner of things to come for your area.
Wished Meldy would check in.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Lilo is quite right: this was a very minor shaker for most of the immediate area and many folks here are majorly shook because of the unexpectedness ~ and because there is a common memory of 9-11. Explosions rumble, terrorists make rumbles, and earthquakes rumble... and for most, the earthquake was probably the one-thousandth guess when trying to determine what was happening.

I was lucky, my house is very well-built and apparently not in line with the worst of the waves ~ or (and more likely) the nearby gravel fields 'dampened' the effect. When it first began I actually thought it was a neighbor driving his boombox van: there was a rhythmic thumping thud you could hear through feet as well as by ear (just like when he drives by with his favorite 'music' on full blast) but that was quickly followed by a crunching rumble [exactly like a dump truck dumping gravel) and then the vibrations changed to shaking and rolling and the noise increased to what seemed like 150 decibels. DH was standing a few feet from me and I could see that he was shouting, but I couldn't hear him over the noise. I was already sitting (the chair bounced a bit, off-beat from the wall shelves across the room), but DH grabbed the edge of the doorway until it was over. For close to a minute I watched a free-standing metal shelving unit doing the twist while seeming to be surfing up and down.. amazingly, none of the jars or cans bounced off even though I could see their bottoms when they were airborne! I've been in smallish quakes, and this is the first time I've seen so much bouncing and twisting and yet afterwards found NO damage more than a couple books knocked over. Even the bricks on the house seem to all be in place with no new cracks in the grouting...

Ah, yes. Irene. Latest word is Category 3 with storm winds extending 200 miles out from center. May miss us, may not; this area is wa-a-a-ay overdue for direct hurricanic action. 3 years since there's been a close one... I bet the stores will be jammed as people suddenly realize they don't have on hand TP, food, milk, water, batteries, or other basic necessities. Sigh.

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Local paper said that people felt it here in S.E. Ohio. I never noticed, but then again I lived in Japan where it's a rare day if you don't get some sort of tremor. I just don't pay it much mind. Yeah Lilo..........with the comment that the West Coast folks are probably sniggering. However, there is a big difference in the underlying geology in the Eastern States as compared to California. Even minor shakes are transmitted over a much larger area and there is no dampening because the rock formation is continuous.

Seems to be a lot of seismic activity lately. Oh, I guess there are two seismic zones in Virgina and on one older site it said that one of this size was expected in the next century. Well, it came sooner rather than later.

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The USGS has determined that the epicenter of the Virginia earthquake was in a graveyard just outside of DC. The cause appears to be all of our Founding Fathers rolling over in their graves." copied from a friend...

Thought you may want to know the latest LOL

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