A trip back in time.

gandle(4 NE)August 21, 2012

My weekend with Leone and my children meant a trip of about 250 miles but there was an amazing part of my childhood unchanged and is now on the National Register. I'm still a little emotionally overwhelmed to post about it but promise I will and link to it at a later date. A huge part of growing up unchanged since 1893. Sorry, the post will have to wait for a week or so but just imagine if you had been brought back to a building where you were in constantly and find it entirely unchanged and is just as it was in 1893. A hint, grandad's ledgers are still where he put them, his tools are untouched and all the machinery still works. Now the tears are rolling, don't know why.

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George, let the tears flow, this is a fantastic journey, I'll be looking forward to hear more about that. Your roots go deep.

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That sounds so amazing! Enthralling! Can't wait for the update. Tears are fine. Let 'em roll!!!

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I am looking forward to your story. I have the same feeling when I look at the pictures of my family home.
Tears are helping.

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How wonderful. I'm looking forward to your next post.

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George, my eyes are tearing as I read your post. I look forward to reading about your "trip back in time".

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George, what a beautiful and humbling journey to make.
So much of who you've become is tied to those yesterdays snd the works of your people.
I bet you could've caught a faint sound of his footsteps still, if you'd listened hard.
I am so happy for you---incredibly happy----what a gift you've received from your Grandfather.
How many people ever get a chance to look into the past the way you did?!!!!!

Tears are good and your heart beats to the rythmn of the past that brought you to the present....
if that makes any sense!

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gmatx zone 6

George, your post is just heart grabbing. I look forward to pictures and your writings. You have the most unbelievable gift of writing which I know will make it seem as though we are there with you on the trip.

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The work we and our predecessors do stands in memory and perpetuity for many years, especially if it is quality work that was and is useful to the community where it was done and appreciated. Having a fond remembrance and a bit of pride in what was done is proof of value and accomplishment that should do no less than bring the emotions of a love of that part of the lives of those that achieved it. How wonderful to have the evidence of the work preserved and honored. Kudos to you and your family.

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