Wedding photos

drema_dianne(z6OH)July 5, 2006

Hi Everyone....

I tried to post these before, but they showed up as thumbnails, so I hope this works... I think I need a photo posting class while at Idyllunion. Sometimes I can get it to work, and sometimes not..

It was a beautiful sunny day, a little hot, but no thunderstorms. I have a few pictures, I asked someone to man my camera for me....

The Chapel (note Honey's pew bows)

The Happy Couple

The Wedding Party- the dresses look blindingly florescent here for some reason, they are really cherry red..

With Mom and Dad

My girls

Reception-It was at his parent's house

Table setting

Cake tree- we found it in a Martha Stewart Wedding book, his dad made the tree, and his mom took classes so she could make the cakes.. It turned out really pretty.

All in all it was a lovely day...

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Drema, it looks like the wedding was lovely. Your DD is a beautiful bride. Actually the whole family is a good looking bunch :o) That cake tree is just so cool. How brave of his mom to take lessons and then jump into making wedding cakes. I'm so glad that all went well and the day turned out nice.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oh Drema! What a gorgeous wedding! Each one has its own charm. The church is simple and beautiful. Your daughters both lovely! Mom wore purple and looks so happy! No tears? Your DH looks mighty pleased too. That tree is a very special contribution to the memory bank!

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Wow Drema! What a *gorgeous* church and what a *beautiful* bride! I *love* DD's dress and the bouquets with the gerbera daisies too...simple, but *so* elegant. :-) That cake tree is very neat. So glad the rains held off...I'm sure it was a beautiful day! Congratulations to the lovely bride and her handsome hubby!

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Lovely! Your dress was wonderful. Honey's pew bows are great - how neat to have a little piece of the idylls at the wedding! The groom's parents' house looks like it was a great setting for the reception, and how cool that his dad make the cake tree and she did the cakes. Congratulations to all and thanks for sharing.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Hi Drema...I'm baaaaack! LOL! I didn't get to say how lovely you look in your purple dress and how neat to have Honey's bows because Dotty was waiting for me outside in her car. So, did Honey make those bows for you? How sweet! Anyway, Congratulations again! Ei

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Drema -- lovely, lovely wedding -- Im so impresssed that it was such a joint affair too - so wonderful that SIL's parents had the reception at their place & she went to all the trouble & time to learn how to make those fantastic cakes. It speaks so highly of how much they love their new DIL & her family.

Honey's "recycled" pew bows looked terrific - no one would ever guess they were on a second life (LOL).

You had a gorgeous day - thanks for posting - I know you're probably exhausted!!!!


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Drema!!!! How beautiful everything is! How did you manage to look so cool, calm, and collected? I can't wait to hear details on our way to IU3: ) Your DD's are beautiful(just like you!
I too am impressed by the Martha cake tree/cakes and all the hands that went into making the kids' big day so special-hey I guess that includes Honey's bows(lol).
I was so happy that day because I just knew you had to be having the same gorgeous weather we were.

Thanks for sharing the excitement here....exhale-get some deserved rest!


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Drema, the church---absolutely gorgeous. The bride--breathtakingly radiant. Mother of the bride---stunning! Everything looks so lovely.....what memories must have been made that day.

Thank you for sharing a bit of your daughter's special day. :o)


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Ditto on what everyone else said!
Thank you for sharing this special event in your family's life.
I did think, "What a great place to plant stuff", when I saw the house where the reception

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Hi Drema

Wow - it looks like a spread from Brides magazine! Everything looks beautiful. What lovely daughters you have and how great you look too! The cake tree is so neat - what sort of cakes were they? How wonderful that the day turned out so perfectly. Honey's bows added a finishing touch - now who could we lend them to next!


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Hi Drema, Would you look at that Mother of the Bride! You look great, love your dress. The entire event looks like it was just perfect. I love the picture of your girls. They're so pretty! Looks like a great time was had. Thanks for sharing such a special day with us.


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Drema, I'm so glad your daughter and new SIL had such a nice day for the wedding. Everyone looks so nice. The cake tree is really something different. I really like it.
Hopefully now you can relax a little. Norma

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Drema! Wow! The bride is simply gorgeous! I love the photo of your girls. I know where they get their good looks, you look absolutely smashing in your lovely dress. It looks like everything was just perfect! Love the cake tree. What an interesting idea. I love the red dresses with the white flowers and the bride carrying the red flowers that contrast so beautifully with her dress.

Thanks for posting the photos for us.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Lovely, Drema! A happy day all around. Looks like she married money...good That cake tree is something-leave it to Martha. So how did they taste?


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Thank you all for your kind thoughts! You guys know just what to say:)) and are so supportive. As far as looking calm and happy... Skip started crying in the middle of the night the week before the wedding, and he cried during the wedding while he was walking downt he aisle and reception when he had to do his speech and do the father/daughter dance. Actually the minister told Mary that it was sort of strange to see a guy who looked like he could be a pro wrestler barely able to make it down the aisle. Looks can be deceiving:) I sort of kept it together except for a small moment when she came down the aisle. I was actually sort of crying more at the rehearsal. Her husband (wierd to write that) is such a sweetie. He sent roses to the shop while she was getting her hair done with a lovely note that gave me goose bumps. He is just like one of my own kids, and they go together like two peas in a pod. I wish I had a close-up of her dress, it had sparkley scrolling around the bodice, more sparkley trim around the top and hem,and a beautiful brooch sort of thing at the top of the bustle. It was just such a fast paced day, that I couldn't get all the shots I wanted. She loves Gerbera daisies, and didn't want anything too fussy. The florist suggested that they go in contrasting colors so it would show up in the black and white photos. As far as the cake tree, there were 10 cakes, each with a different design. Some chocolate, some white, some marble. They tasted really good. The little favors on the table were cut out wedding cakes. His mom baked them, and we all went over to decorate them the week before the wedding. They were all different because so many people were doing them. We used plastic silverware we had little bells to jingle instead of tapping on glasses. They have a fence along the driveway, and I took the bows from church and put them on the fenceposts. Don't have a picture of it though.

Thanks again! I am going to take the pictures down after today, because it kind of gives me the creeps to know that 600 people have looked at them....


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Good Morning Drema! Just wanted to tell you thank you again for sharing these beautiful pics. As you can see, I checked in again this a.m. just to see them again. I love DD's dress and the gerberas...well everything. I like the idea of the jinggle bells instead of clinking silverware...saves on glasses! :-) Pretty did you come up with that idea? I guess I'm taking more of an interest in things bridal, since DS is getting engaged! :-) He'll be getting married next September! Anyway, I understand, it is a little creepy thinking so many people are seeing your pics. Yesterday I finally investigated the "stats" part of PT. Pretty interesting. You are not exaggerating with the 600. I had over 1000 hits on my recent pics from the Idylls and according to PT that is over 1000 *individual* hits from PT. According to PT: "The image view counters are incremented only the first time a particular user views that image. If the same user later views that image again, the image view counters will not increment. If the user later goes back to view the same image, the web browser will remember it has that image in its cache and will serve it directly to the user instead of pulling that image from our pic servers again. Since the image was not pulled from our pic servers again, the image view counters will not increment again."

"Therefore, if the image view stats show that an image was viewed 12 times, that generally means 12 separate users viewed that image."

Wow! I had *no idea* there were so many lurkers here!

Anyway, Skip sounds like a wonderful husband and dad and you are a wonderful mom. I was thinking about you yesterday and imagining you might have felt a little melancholy thinking of your little girl as a "wife" now. Another milestone in their lives. Well, sounds like she's found a wonderful man, which I'm sure makes you very happy and someday you'll be a "grandma"! :-) I can't wait for the grandma stage myself! :-)


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Monique z6a CT(6a CT)

Drema-I'm glad I got to see them before you took them down. Everyone looks smashing! That cake tree is incredible-kudos to your son-in-law's parents for making and baking it. The sky was so blue-what a gorgeous day to have a wedding. Congrats.


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Lol the first time I met Drema's family last summer I thought her SIL-to-be was her actual son-see? Even I saw that he fit in so well lol(I was so embarrassed that I assumed that but I know Drema forgave me; )
I think that's adorable that Skip was so touched by emotion-he is a very sweet guy.
LOVE the bell idea!
[making mental note for my kids weddings...I should have volumes of ideas by the time they get married-I will also pay close attention to your discoveries Ei; )]


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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)

Drema congratulations to the happy couple. What a lovely wedding. It's also a lovely setting for the reception, for the beautiful bride and handsome groom. It sounds as if you've been very lucky with getting the SIL you did. I hope I'm just as lucky when that time arrives with my children's perspective spouses. Or did you hand pick him, lol? After all you picked Skip, so why not help your DD find the perfect man? ;) I'm sure they'll be very happy. Congrats to them and you again.


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wow, i do love your wedding dress, pure simple beauty... Also i like the color of bridesmaid dresses and your bouquet...

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Everything is just so perfect and you all look beautiful (even the men!) and happy. I love all the little touches and what fun it must have been to decorate all those little cakes together!

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