Idyll #275---Friendships & Gardens

just_tJuly 21, 2006

Friendships & Gardens.......both beautiful and wonderful things.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Hi, Teresa, I am glad you started this new thread. I am fine, just been feeling rather 'out of the loop' lately. I don't think I am having a 'pity party'. I'm NOT feeling sorry for myself...:-)

My main goal is to survive this heat wave. Our house gets no cooler than 80F at night. I have every fan going, to circulate the air. It is getting into the mid 90s indoor and out ! I do not really start to feel uncomfortable until in the afternoon. Thank God today is the last of it for awhile.

The new computer is working fine, but 'does' have a lot of oddities that I don't particularly like. Hopefully I can work them out.

I haven't used the new camera very much. Not much to take pics of except the deck plants. It is a Canon PowerShot A540, 6.0 mega pixels, 4X optical zoom. I do not have the same downloading option on this computer to move pics to PT...bummer. It is pretty confusing.

I am happy to hear that the Idylls are arriving at their destination. Now the fun times will start !


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Yea, the Idylls have arrived safely at their destination and I'm looking forward to hearing all about the festivities. Can't wait to hear updates and see photos of all those happy faces.

I'm waiting here with Doug to leave for the hospital. The surgery is scheduled for noon. I'll let you know when we get home with the patient with his repaired toe.

Hi Marian, sorry to hear about the heat there. I'd have difficulties dealing with that without AC.

T, how is your DD doing? Have the contractions stopped?

OK I've got to pack this in and get ready to leave. Find a good book for the waiting room.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Hi T, Hi Marian, Hi Deanne! Can't stay long, as I need to get sis to her doctor's appointment, but wanted to say "hi" to all of you.

T...I love your Idyll Title. So glad to hear things are going as they should with the babies.

Marian - You definitely aren't "out of the loop", but I know what you are saying. You are a very important member of this group, as are all the Idylls. I miss when someone hasn't posted for awhile and worry about you too. I do understand how your feeling (I hate that feeling), but I think we all feel that way sometimes, at least I know I have. In fact, I remember writing to you last year a *few times*, exactly about that. Sorry you are still having heat waves. I know how you dislike too. We had a good rain yesterday and now the temps. are decidely cooler. I hope the same happens for you. I forgot, what computer did you get? I have a Dell, don't know if it's the same as yours, but *maybe* I could help if you're having problems with it and it is a Dell. What's the problem with the Canon and PT? Have you been able to figure out how to "fix it"? Maybe someone here has the same type of camera and can give you some tips.

Deanne...good luck to Doug with his surgery. I hope he finally has some relief. Definitely keep us posted. I will be able to look here later after sis's appointment, as I won't be seeing the Idylls until tomorrow myself. Hope they'll post updates today too! I too am glad they all arrived safely. to get some eye candy...I see Deanne has made a pic post! :-)


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Ei, it isn't the camera, it is the new computer. It doesn't have the download feature for PT that I had on the old one. Maybe they have discontinued that feature?? I haven't figured out the dorky system that they now have for downloading from my documents.Bummer...and it is too hot to woory about it. My poor computer ( it is a Dell ) is running it's fan all evening due to the heat in our house. I have been shuting it completley off for fear it will be damaged. Excuse my misspelled words. When I try correcting them I have to reprint the entire remainder of the post ! That is not a new problem...the old one did the same thing sometimes...!? Bubble bubble..toil and trouble!!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Evening all,

A quick post here to let you all know Doug is home safe and sound after his surgery. The procedure took longer than expected because the arthritis had completely immobilized the joint and he had a huge bone spur on the bottom of the big toe that had to be removed.

Anyway, the surgeon was able to open the joint up and put in the implant but had to add bone chips to the bottom of it to close a gap that was caused because of the extensive work that had to be done. Doug will be off his foot for a couple more weeks than expected because of the extra work.

Anyway, he won't be able to water for me next week as planned (I've got a teaching trip) so now I'm scrambling to find someone to come and do the two hours of watering it takes to keep the containers going. Pray for rain for me everyone! I could come home to a lot of dead plants.

Anyway, Doug is fine I think I'd like a nice glass of wine to toast the Idyll gathering in IL.

Later all,

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Glad to check in and see that Doug (and Deanne) are home from the hospital. I hope he heals well and quickly.

It is hot here. High temp registered on our LaCrosse weather center is 106.1 . I checked and and neither one shows temps that high in our city. I checked with my DD#1 and her temp gauge shows 101. I think ours is catching some of the heat radiating up from the back retaining wall. Tomorrow is suppose to be hotter than today. Not good.

DD#2 is having quite a bit of leg and feet swelling. She mentioned that her thighs are even swollen. It began yesterday and did go down some during the night. She's been laying down most of today and doesn't feel she needs to phone the doctor's office as she was just there yesterday and everything checked out okay. I'm concerned and trying not to phone her to check up too often. Okay, I just phoned her, she's laying down, the swelling has gone down some and she wants me to quite fussing over her ;o). Too bad.....I'm a mom and I know how to fuss if I want to! LOL

I hope the IU3 group is having a wonderful time and I'm so glad that V sent us an update!

Marian, hmmmm on the downloading the photos. I don't have a Dell, but I'd be happy to try to help you if I can. Is it that Windows XP isn't the same as the operating system you use to have or is it something actually with something Dell has put on your computer? I've never had a Dell so I'm not sure if they are any different from my computer. Oh, and I'm confused on the fan still going after you've turned off the computer. I've never had a computer where the fan kept going when it was turned off. Is that normal or is the fan 'stuck' on? Perhaps it is something to verify with Tim or Dell. As for feeling 'out of the loop'....I can relate and understand that one. I think Eileen is 100% correct when she said that EVERYONE has those feelings at some time. Some people probably feel that way more often than others....but it is a pretty normal and human thought.

Well........Jamie will be here in a couple hours to spend the night.......guess I'd better go do a scan of the house and remove/hide all temptations that I don't want to deal with while he is here. ;o)

Hope the day is going well for everyone...


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Teresa, I don't think it is the XP that makes the differance. I think it is a change at PT. I need to contact them to see if they no longer have the other option. I wouldn't think the type of system that I have would make a differance with their downloading options. It used to be a window that opened with all my documents and each picture folder could be opened and each picture clicked on that I wanted to move into PT. Now all I get is the entire folder, with no way to get separate pics. Really aggravating! I haven't contacted PT yet. I am too hot to work on that ! Thank God, cooler weather is on the way ( but no rain !).
My word, your temps are horrible! I saw on the weather news for Boise Idaho that they are having a series of above 100 temps. The only redeeming factor is that they generally get cooler at night than we do, and the humidity isn't as high. I talked to my sister, who lives in that area, a couple of days ago, and she said the nights are not getting much lower than 70. At least she has AC, but doesn't use it until late in the day to cool the house down.
My computer wasn't off when the fan was running. I was turning off the internet, but leaving the modem on. I moved it from the corner that it was in , and it is okay this eve.

Deanne, I am glad Doug is home safe and sound. I imagine he will need lots of pain pills! I hope you find someone to do your watering, or that you get nice rains while you are gone.

Our yard is very parched. I know I will lose a lot of plants. I am wishing I didn't have them to worry about! It will probably improve by fall. Summer is almost always miserable here, and I usually feel as all is lost, then fall comes and both the yard and myself perks up. :-)
I have frequently said that in the summer here I feel as though I have died and went the wrong direction !
Sorry to be so grumpy...but I HATE these summers!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)


So you thought I wouldn't make my weekly greeting, eh?

We're partying at V's house tonight-more to come...

Sue (posting as V)

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I was missing that TGIF Sue......hope everyone is having a wonderful time! :O)


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OK you guys, save some wine for me! See you all tomorrow...

Deanne, glad Doug made it through his surgery ok. Sure hope you find a solution to keeping the pots watered. It would be a shame to loose any of those beauties.

Marian, stay cool!

Hi T!

Gotta go tie up loose ends so I can get out of here tomorrow morning!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Morning! Just a quickie to say we all had a great time yesterday, even though a little rain fell on our heads. So I'll have some pretty wavy hair when you see some photos. Ah yes, speaking of photos - I completely forgot to take my camera with during the day, and I will apologize but when I got back to the house I was too busy to take pics.

Everyone who was supposed to come yesterday finally made it in one way or another and we had a great visit.

And there's still a little wine left for Eden...

Off to get ready for day two! Ei, David and Eden join us today.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Hi all....I finally managed to upload a couple of pics to PT, but I found that the camera pics are much much too many MGs for the job! And I don't know if there is an option on the camera to change that. It takes up to at least 15 minutes to move ONE pic! I am now regretting my choice of cameras. It is much too complicated for my feeble mind...:-(
Well.........I attempted to post the 2 pics that I did manage to put into PT and it isn't cooperating! I'll try later.

Woopie! The temps dropped to 60F last night, and the interior of our house is 70 ! Wonderful!

I imagine the fun is continuing at the IU3.
So glad some are checking in. Nice that Sue posted her TGIF yesterday.


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Hello - is there anybody in there??

Never seen it so quiet here!

Mark and I stained our deck this week (all 500 sq ft of it) and we got it done in one day. One sweaty, backbreaking day. It dried before the rains came too - bonus. We painted the railings working face-to-face, him on the ladder and me on the deck so that we could cover both sides of the vertical posts at once. He claims I am a messy painter - he shouldn't wait until my brush is an inch away from his hand to say "Don't paint my hand!" I was on a roll! I guess he is right; by the time we were done with the face-to-face thing he had little paint spatters all over his face and shirt.

Deanne, good to hear that Doug's surgery went well. Wishing him a speedy recovery - I can relate to the "off your feet" thing, it is no fun. Re: your container plants - I wish I lived closer - I'd come and water everything! I could probably come one or two afternoons if you are totally stuck. Could you group the containers together and rig up a soaker hose? Maybe put them in a kiddie pool (or a fleet of kiddie pools...); or at least move them to the shade so that they don't dry out so quickly.

T, glad to hear that DD's contractions stopped; it is better if she holds out a little longer. I'm sure everyone is anxious for those babies to arrive!

Sue, thanks for the TGIF! I know you guys are all having a great time, can't wait to hear all about it.

Marian - yea! Some cooler weather for you. Hope you enjoy it.

Have a great rest of the weekend!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Sorry to have stolen all the idyllers! I can tell you all that there was more than enough chatter here from the group.

Laura and Brad did make it out, which was great. Yesterday was another great day with some amazing gardens. My SIL described the group as the most comfortable group of people she's ever met. My BIL told me that he was a little nervous the first time I left for an idyllunion with a group of peolpe I had met through the internet, but that I now have his permission to go wherever I wish with the group!

Off to Eileen's for brunch!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all, jeesh, I thought for sure there'd be some updates from the IU3 folks here this morning. Wendy, no kidding, it surely is quiet here. Anyway, I wish you lived closer too! We'd have such fun puttering about in each other's gardens. Great job with that deck and LOL about splattering Mark with the paint. te he.... I'm like that when I'm 'On a roll'...

RE the container watering. I might be able to buy the serrvices of my nephew and MJ's son, one to do the front and one the back. I need them over here today so I can show them the drill. It is going to get hot while I"m gone so I am going to have to move a few of the more root bound, smaller containers to a shaded location so they don't dry out so quickly.

Marian, sorry for the troubles with loading your pics from the new camera. I wished I lived closer so I could show you how to downsize your photographs. I do all mine in Corel photopaint and reduce the size of the images then compress them with the software. Is there any image editing software on your new computer? If so can you ask Tim to show you how to use it? You are one clever girl so I know you can learn how to do it. Also, maybe Sue or one of the gals who use PT can give you some advice. I don't use an image hosting place on the web but load my photographs to an FTP page on my own website so I don't quite know how PT works. Anyway, I'm sure it will all get figured out and we'll enjoy photos from you again.

So happy to hear you enjoyed some respite from the heat. Same here. The last couple days were in the 70's although the humidity was up around 94%. Yikes! WE also got an inch or more of rain in the last couple days. Yesterday afternoon it looked like we were in the tropics with the downpours that were happening here.

OK I've got to get some deadheading done here then head out to the gym.

Have a great day everyone. I'm looking forward to hearing about all the fun being had at IU3.


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Good morning!

It has been stinkin' hot here with high humidity. DD#1 & Jamie spent yesterday and last night here. They don't have A/C at their house and so they decided to hang out & sleep here.

No time to write more---need to get ready for church.

I'll be back later......hope IU3 is going well (how could it not?). :o)


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Man,if I just coulda had ONE more margharita....heheheh.

Idyllers in IU3land...Drema and I arrived safely in Cleveland @ 10:05. We didn't miss our flight either; )...we put on our listening ears and we taped our mouths shut...lolol and you think I'm kidding.

Oh,but Drema did get the wrench she had in her carry-on bag confiscated...I didn't even know she was brandishing one until I saw it with my own eyes.(the things we just never know about a person,huh. I'll let her talk her way out of this one) I just wish I had taken pics.

Ok now I will be serious.The word of the day from me is 'gratitude'. I just feel so lucky(grateful; )to know everyone here-even the ones I have yet to meet and those I do know but didn't get to see this weekend. It may sound goofy or trite but I just think you all are the best...thanks This was an excellent IU3...couldn't have had better hosts! I am so happy to be idylling here with the whole group. I'm hoping V's SIL joins us since she is impressed with what we are all about!

I am beat and looking like a beet...too much sun today: )
If I wake up tomorrow I will start my blabfests though I do need to spend some quality time with a couple little boys who were beaming from ear to ear when I saw them today.

Doug I hope you are doing well!'s movie night??? lol


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Just checking in to say we made it home safely. It's late so g'nite, talk to you tomorrow.


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I'm back too, arriving home at 11:00 p.m. What a fabulous weekend. Fabulous hosts, fabulous guests and fabulous things to do. (Way too tired for the thesaurus today) More later.


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Good Morning!
What a fabulous, fun garden-going weekend with my fellow Idylls! V's and Ei's places were fantastic (more later) as were all the gardens and nurseries they arranged for us to see. Full recap with photos to follow.

Glad to see Michelle, Eden and Babs and Drema are home safe. Mary & I are just having a bit of breakfast before our taxi arrives to whisk us to O'Hare in about 10 minutes. Very cool being able to check in quickly from the lobby! Looking foward to seeing everyone's photos later, and reliving our wonderful weekend!

L8R friends (& hello from Mary too!),


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Hi Everyone! I will try to post longer later this evening, but I loved every minute of the time I had with all of you this weekend! I am so lucky to have you as my friends!

The airport adventures truly did continue.... Mike and Skip were using my luggage, and of course one of their tools slid up under the bottom layer of my luggage.... It was 7 inches long, so it now belongs to the Dept of Homeland Security. I hope they are donating these confiscated articles to a third world country, because I just know someone out there could really use some of this stuff.

Deanne, thanks for posting those pictures. I love the panorama of the driveway...It is just like standing there.

T- I bet you are excited about the babies. I hope the swelling goes down. It isn't fun to be preg in the summer.

Hi Marian! and Wendy!


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Good Morning Idylls! still seems like a dream to me. Babs is right...everyone here is so nice and so friendly and it's just like Honey said, "amazing how so many different people can really be so much alike." I had a ball! Thanks for checking in Babs, Eden, and Michelle and letting us know you all arrived home safely! That Drema...shes a hoot! :-) Babs...I forgot to give you your Betty....she was sitting *right* outside the back door. Well, I guess I will have to mail her to you now, but I know she would have been so tickled to go on her first plane ride!

V- you planned the most fantastic IU3! Now I am *really* bummed that I didn't get to go to the other Idyllunions. Everything was *wonderful* and V's DH was such a great co-host and so generous and kind (you make the *perfect* couple)! :-) I was so thrilled to go to all the places you planned and only wish I lived closer so I could visit them *and* you and your lovely home and property more often. And your DSIL and DBIL were just wonderful, kind and generous too. I know I've said the words over and over and I feel like Babs too with not wanting to sound "trite"...but all the Idylls really are just the kindest, generous, and *real* group of folks I ever met and so *fun* too! :-) I feel so lucky to have been able to get to know you all...THANK YOU!

Thanks too *everyone* for the lovely gifts! IÂll have to find the *perfect* spot for my sweet little fairy *and* my *beautiful* watering can and then IÂll post their pics...I just love my gifts! Have to admit, I'm really bushed today, but happy and I'll have to catch up more later,as I need to go take sis to her *last* chemo! :-) Hope all the rest of the Idylls who are back home today will pop in and let us know they arrived home safely.... I still canÂt believe V and her group walked *all* *the* *way* to the prairie at Morton and back. Oh my gosh, my legs and feet are pooped...and I didnÂt walk half as far! I too was so happy that Eden & her funny and wonderful DH could make it too...It was so just so great to finally get to meet you and you are just as sweet, kind, and fun as I knew you would be! :-)

Okay, more with some pictures later. I didnÂt take a lot of pics, but there were a lot of IÂm sure there will be plenty of pics to share! :-)

Marian...I'm so glad the temps. dropped! :-) Did you get a little rain too?

Hi Wendy!

I've got lots to catch up with here and can't wait to see Deanne's latest posts (Deanne...everybody talked about how much you were missed)!

Well, I've gotta go now and get sis...


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david_5311(Z 5b/6a SE Mich)

Just time for a quick message. Got home at 1 AM sharp after leaving downtown Chicago at about 8:15, so made phenomenal time home. Smooth sailing all the way, the only time we had to wait for anything at all was at the Skyway toll booth. Much faster drive home than there.

WOW! What incredible fun and inspiration IU3 was! We visited so many great places and had such good times together. There will be many great pictures and memories to share. I came within "inches" of not going again (too much work and stress at home), but I am so glad we did.....

Anyway, work beckons, but just wanted to let people know we made it, and that Jim and I had a wonderful time.

More later..... David

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OH!!! They are HOME (or will be soon!!).

Missed all of you!! It sounds like you had a wonderful time and I'm so thrilled that Drema isn't in the hoosegow or in the national news (whew, didn't know that was going to be a worry!).

David, you are another that I had looked forward to meeting this year. I'm glad that you & Jim had a good time and I'm hoping that next year will be the time I do get the opportunity to meet you (and Jim).

Lovely, lovely, lovely that our Idylls are idling towards home. :o)

Missed all of you!! :OD


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Now that I am a little more awake and have my thesaurus out, I will make a few comments.
What a special weekend! Our hosts were just amazing. So thoughtful and organized. Both V and Ei's hubbys are so sweet. Along with V's SIL and BIL who joined us and drove us around. We also got to meet V's son and daughter and they are very nice young people. I think we may have encouraged her SIL to join the Idylls ;o) Both V and Ei's gardens are wonderful. Very different, but both wonderful in their own style. I thought their gardens fit so well with their houses.
All the Idylls were so fun and sweet. We just had such a great time. What a lot of fun places that we went to and the prairie walk was such a nice thing to include and was enjoyed by all. What fun to spend a whole weekend with such knowledgable gardeners. I could go on and on ;o)but I must get to work.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

I'm home too but have no time to chat now. I just want to reiterate what everyone else so far has said about this past weekend being just a fabulous amount of fun. In what has become the tradition of Idyllunion, we had great hosts, great company and the best in food and entertainment.

More later,


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Another Idyll home to roost. As in previous years the grandest of times was had, proving once again that gardeners are the nicest of people, and Idylls the nicest of gardeners. It was truely an amazing weekend - so much to look and marvel at. And my ribs are still aching from so much laughing! Thank you V and family, and Ei and her DH for sharing your lovely gardens and homes with us, for all your hard work planning and preparing, and your generosity and warmth that made us feel so welcome.

All was well back at the ranch and I'm looking forward to spending time with Annie and David. Unfortunately DH left this morning for 2 weeks travel so I won't see him for a while - he had done a wonderful job watering!! I rescheduled the job interview for tomorrow at 1 PM so I need to rummage for something to wear. After that I'll try and get back to post pictures and share some of our amazing experiences.

tired but happy


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Well, I was hoping to come back here and post some my memory card is blank! I couldn't believe it! I thought maybe DH had already loaded the pics onto the computer, but no, they are missing! :-(

So, I *really* am looking forward to seeing everyone elses pics!

Glad to see Mary & Sue have arrived home safe and sound. I imagine we won't here from Monique, since they have more vacation time yet.

So *did* get the 2nd interview?!? Congratulations, I'm so tickled for you, but to be truthful, I had no doubt you would get another interview, just didn't want to say anything...just in case! :-)

Well, not a whole lot to say, I think I'm just a little washed out today. Anyway, I am so glad that everyone had a nice time, I know I sure did!

Sis has had her last chemo...hurrah! But I am a bit worried about her. She has not felt well for the last week and today was the worst I've ever seen her.

Oh well, I guess I best start dinner, just checking in to see who has arrived home.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Just a quick message to say I got back home safely & within a reasonable delay time this time!! (I did get my luggage inspected as the sundial I bought apparently looked "suspicious" -- hee, hee -- the allium Ozawa seems to have made it just fine though).

I am pretty tired (gee, who isnt?) and have to go get the little "furry one" so I've got some driving & errands to do -- but I just want to say there is no thesaurus that could possibly hold the right words to describe what a fantastic time it was -- and what a special group of people!!! Each garden & part of the itinerary was so different and so amazingly special. Marlene, Eileen and their families are truly special, gracious hosts (& now tired ones I imagine) & Im still bowled over by having finally met so many of the Idylls!! I hope it is the first of many years for me to see you --

I do plan to rip out my entire garden this weekend however after seeing what I saw (LOL) - Im not sure Im really joking either!! Marlene & Eileen are masters in their own types of special settings -- I feel very humble and ignorant - but seeing your gardens & homes makes me inspired to do better at my own.

Thanks again, special, special friends! I'll come back to idyl some more after my doggie retrieval. Glad to hear everyone else has arrived safe and sound as well.


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Hi Ei and V from the other side of the "ocean"!!

I just got in and am DEAD!!! This IU was the very BEST one of all. They seem to get better each year.

The cat is yelling at me, Tom wants to hear all about it.... Back later. Just wanted to say HI to all and let you know I arrived back safely but very tired.


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Just a quickie to say I also got in in safe and sound, and 20 minutes early yet at 2:40pm. Boys are all wonderful, and so was DH while I was gone. He not only kept the boys fed (only did take-out twice) but also watered the green house plants, kept on top of the dishes and laundry, but also packed up all our LP records (LOTS), repainted the front door, and re-stained the dining room suite. I should go away more often! ;)

I can only express the same sentiments so eloquently put above~~this is a most special, friendly, compassionate, funny, entertaining and exceptionally talented group of people and I'm honoured to know them all! V and her DH were very gracious hosts and hostesses, and their home and property is just stunningly beautiful. I really enjoyed the prairie walk! Learning about restoring the land to it's former native glory was fascinating and I have so much respect for them both for taking on such a monumental task, and succeeding! Was a pleasure meeting V's BIL and his wife as well, and kids, and I too hope SIL decides to join us here on Idylls.

Ei was just how I imagined her and her lovely home and delightful garden were absolutely wonderful! We instantly got along famously and there wasn't an awkward moment (though there never is with this group!). Her DH Paul was a pleasure to meet as well, and makes a mean Marguerita among other domestic talents! Hats off to both our hosts and hostesses for planning such a wonderful weekend for us and letting us share their homes and gardens. I'd also like to thank Honey for driving me all over Illinois~~it is very tiring to drive for hours to get there, play chauffer for 3 days and nights keeping up the hectic pace, then having to drive home but she did a marvellous job. Thanks again Honey!

Was a pleasure meeting Cindy and putting a face to the name too! We got to know each other quickly in the back of Honey's van. My sundial got through customs okay but I was a little worried about that pointy arrow! Took my hummingbirds off my tiny birdbath lest their pointy wings be construed as weapons. Thanks Paul for helping with that! It's here safely...Drema, adventures in airports with you or what? LOL! Babs, good thing about the tape and that you guys didn't miss the flight this time, lol! We ARE a chatty bunch aren't we? Great seeing all the "regulars" again, and meeting Jim, and Monique's friends Phyllis and Matt too. And of course Michell and Rick! And Rich from Foxwillow and Trudi Temple, who was a dear lady with an awesome garden. I hope I haven't forgotten anyone. My camera batteries need recharging before I can share pics, and so do my batteries, I'm pretty wiped, but I loved meeting everyone and I'll comment more about our great itinerary when I get the pics up. It was all fabulous!

It was with sadness we started saying our good byes yesterday, as Idylls headed home, but all good things must come to an end. Mary and I got a little extra time with Ei and Paul as we stayed in a hotel nearer to them last night. Then we had a nice little reunion after hugging our goodbyes at the airport and heading to our respective airlines today. We ended up going through security in the same area and were able to reunite for a coffee on the other side! A quick one, didn't want to miss our plane, lol! Too tired for more (no movies tonight Babs) but wanted to thank V and Ei et al again for everything. Waving hi to all! An early night is the only thing on the agenda, then let the packing resume...

G'night Idylls,


PS That *wasn't* such a quickie--think Ei has rubbed off on me!!!!! Hope her garden rubs off on me at the new place too!!! :)

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Honey I'm sure you are totally spent! Sip some white zin and get to bed! Nice ocean pics!

Ei, oh NO about your photos! Hopefully there will be lots that others took...

Ummm, that should be "V and her DH were very gracious hostesses and hosts, not hosts and hostesses. Actually there is only one of each of them so I really meant V is a great hostess and her DH is a great host. Okay, very timred, will quit while I'm a head now...

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Dinner's done and I'm going to zone out...wish I were seeing the same view as Honey! :-) You were on my mind Honey, I was a little worried about you being tired and that long drive home. You *sure* did a lot of driving and I can well imagine you are worn out today. Get lots of rest. Thanks so much for hauling us all around and going that extra mile to drive all the way out here all by your lonesome...I'm so glad you did though. It was such a joy to meet guys are all the best...Anyway Honey, thanks for the spirit lifting and soul soothing pics and thanks too for checking in.

Come to think of it, I wouldn't mind being out on V's deck right now either...staring out at that awesome prairie, with just a peek of the cornfields behind. I will *never* forget that view! V & DH, you have worked so hard and it really shows and you guys must be *thrilled* when you think back on all you have accomplished. I smile imagining the two of you sitting on the deck relaxing and gazing upon that beautiful view...I hope you two *try* to do that often as you can! You have created the dream DH & I hope to have some day when we retire. I *know* you two probably *wish* you were retired and could just sit around enjoying it all...LOL! But how wonderful to be so young and to already have such a lovely retreat. I'm so tickled for the both of you and not at all envious, just totally inspired and thrilled for you!

Cindy! You are such a sweetheart and I too hope we will be seeing more and more of you, here and at the Idyllunions. glad you made it home safe! You were such a sweetheart and really took down my stress level while you were here...LOL! You are so right, it's still blowing me away thinking how natural and wonderful it was to have this whole group together.

Well, I am taking Taryn's cue and making my own corrections! Of course I meant *hear* from Monique...not *here* from Monique.

Time to go unwind. I may not be able to come back here tomorrow, but just wanted to know you are all okay. Good Night All! Ei

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Whoa! It's hard to get in here to post with my head so swollen with praise!

I'm glad to hear that all so far have made it home safely. Lynn & Marie were the last ones off with a 3:45 pm flight.

I had a wonderful time as well and I have to tell you all that the work was all well worth it, because I did this work for a great group of people who are extremely appreciative.

There was only one teeny-tiny disappointment - as I was making the first airport run this morning, I got busy talking and missed an important event - my speedometer turned 200,000 miles! But the disappointment didn't last long because (drumroll, please) we bought the new car tonight!!! The UAV will take us on vacation and then I will pick up the new one when we return.

Gotta run because there's a thing or two to catch up on at home, but I miss you all already!


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I wasn't expecting anything else,but its good to hear you all had a great time at IU3. I'm looking forward to lots of pictures. Also am glad you all had safe trips home.

I hope everyone else is enjoying their gardens or other activities. Remember this is what we wait all winter for.

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Hi, Just wanted to say, like everyone else, that we had an awesome time at IU3. V and family and Ei and her dh were the perfect hosts who thought of every detail, as proven by the wine and cheese waiting for us on the prairie walk and those wonderful margaritas Ei's dh had waiting for us after our afternoon of touring yesterday. Everything was just the best, another very successful IU! We saw such beautiful gardens too, especially V's and Ei's. And it was SO great to visit with everyone! All in all a perfect Idyll weekend! Thanks so much you guys!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I'm home! I'm so happy! I love all my friends...and the new ones too! I adore prairies even more. Ei, you're a doll ! And it was great to meet Scout! My Charlotte is once more at my side as are the 3 kitties.

Michelle's DH gave me several fabu-fabu solutions to problems annoying me here at the farm. Neat-o!

Sue and Lynn had me in stitches with their amazing did other fellow Idylls. Brad's sax playing was outstanding! David and Jim had me laughing as they programmed their GPS system and spoke to Silicon Sally. What a hoot.

V, Lynn and I managed to sneak in one more nursery, V bought only one more container [and new contents :) ], and we also had yet one more excellent meal to add to the poundage before our flight.

Hi from Lynn who is off to locate crab cakes before she hits the sack.!

Drema sweetheart, thanks for the book and support.

Babs, good night moon!

DH has installed my new purchases in the kitchen.
I'm ever so tired.

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So when is IU4??? lolol. I just had to say that; )

Today I spent getting re-acquainted with my boys. They seem to love me more! Ryan grew a foot(yes,in three days).

The BEST is that Chris washed the kitchen/Diningrm floors,vacuumed,decluttered,and Ryan *asked* if he could dust the TV armoire...he made it spotless! guys ate all fast food though...beggars can't be choosers,right? The funniest thing is that when Ryan saw the amount of dust he said, "OH goodie,there's lots of it!" I'm surprised he knew what dusting meant since he hasn't seen many displays of that kind of behavior from me in his whole; )
I think I could travel solo again and not worry a bit.
Taryn I was cheering that Glen was good with the kids' meals and wow he did alot too like Chris! I guess we need to keep them then lol.

Marie-Ryan didn't say goodnight to the moon once!...then again I didn't either-there must have been a new moon since I never actually saw it when I did look. Great stars there though in Woodstock!

Eileen are you able to breathe now? You and your DH were so great at hosting-like you've done this stuff for ages!
I hope your sister regains her energy-it really is a tough road through chemo. I'll continue my thoughts of health & wellness for her.(here's a hug for you too; ) I hope you get some well deserved rest now.

I'm hearing those voices-since I actually heard everyone speaking at IU3 I have their voices talking to me with each post-it's cool.

V have a good time! What color will the new car be?: )

HI Norma!!

So Deanne,how's Doug doing?

Sleep---it's a good thing; )

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning everyone,

Well it sure is fantastic to hear about everyones wonderful weekend at IU3. Im with Babs, so when is IU4???? Maybe if I can start looking forward to that I wont feel so bad about missing this one. Speaking of the reason I couldnt go, Doug is doing very well, had only minimal pain and everything looks very good so far. Hes got a Dr.s appointment on Thursday and the podiatrist will change the dressing and hopefully give Doug the go ahead to start putting some weight on that foot. Also hopefully, hell be able to start driving again soon. You all would have laughed at us yesterday. I took Doug out for ice cream. Well, he still isnt supposed to sit with his foot hanging down so we opened up the back of the Suburban and we both crawled into the back with the hatch up and sat in our cave and ate our ice creams just like a couple kids. A few folks looked at us like we were a bit cracked and that just made me laugh.

The gardens here are probably lovelier than Ive ever seen them. Right now this instant, there is more color out there than Ive ever seen. It must have something to do with the wet spring. Anyway, it figures that I have to be on an airplane for a teaching trip until next Monday! The Oriental lilies will probably be mostly gone by the time I get home because they are predicting 90 degree weather for the rest of the week. Another reason I really couldnt attend IU3 was that I didnt feel comfortable asking help for an additional three days when I have to be gone this week too. I know, wwaaaahhhhh.. Ill try not to whine about this again but I cant guarantee that it wont slip out from time to time especially when I start seeing the photos of all the beautiful places you saw and all the good times you shared.

OK so to occupy time between fetching stuff for my patient I played with my photo editing software and made a few panorama photos of the back gardens. I thought youd like to see them so here they are.

In this first one Im standing at the pond and sweeping the camera around 180 degrees to the Sundial and Terrace Gardens.

Now in this second one Im standing at the corner of the shade garden at the fence line

This photo I was standing on my small deck that goes from the dining room to the patio

And last Im standing at the hemlock hedge you can see in the previous picture

OK Ive got to run and get my bags packed as I have a very early flight in the AM tomorrow and Ive not even gotten my teaching materials put together yet.

Have a great day everyone

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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Hiya Idylls! I feel more human today but am still dragging a bit. I must be getting old! I stopped quite often on the way home, walked around and let my eyes rest. At one rest area, I sat, put my head in my hands and closed my eyes. A really sweet couple from Pittsburgh came over to see if I was OK and we wound up chatting. Wouldnt you know, shes a gardener, hes a tree collector! If youre lurking, Hi to Pat from Pittsburgh.

I agree with Ei. Im itching to go out and tear up my gardens and start compost holes ala Trudy. Instead, Im going to idyll and veg today. Thanks, Taryn, for your kind words. I appreciate it! Next time, Ill either drive to or during but not both so I can stay up and giggle with you guys.

First, let me say our hostesses and hosts truly outdid themselves. V and Ei, you and your DHs were so warm and welcoming that we instantly felt right at home. And what gorgeous homes you have! Ei, your remodel, decorating and gardens are out of BH&G. And you better post those recipes! Yummmm. Be sure to include those killer margaritas my fav.

V, I had no idea you lived in a log home. And what a beauty! It was such a treat to see it and your prairie, and meet your DS and DD. Theyre such great kids. Oh, and the furry kids, too! Tom would have been in his glory meeting the pooches. I cant tell you enough how impressed I am with what you and DH are doing. The enormity of it is mind-boggling! Thanks so much for sharing all that you do with us!

You both put together a truly amazing, rich, interesting, varied, and fun-filled agenda. I was thinking while driving back, that a specialty travel agency could not have come close to the job you guys did. Hmmm, perhaps you should start a business, lol!

Drema, a wrench? You are a stitch!

Im so looking forward to everyones photos. Only a handful of mine turned out so Im bummed. Please share!

Deanne, as always, your gardens look spectacular! We really missed you and Doug at IU3. T, and you and Jim, too! Im looking forward to hearing about your new babies.

Marian, Wow a 6 megapixel camera! You go girl. I admire your being able to deal with not only a new computer and programs, but a new camera too. I dont know if I could deal with it all! I'm so glad it's cooled off a bit for you. I don't tolerate the heat well, particularly at night. Perhaps you could pick up a small window air conditioner for the bedroom for those times when it is unbearably hot.

EP, if you're lurking, Marie shared your photo with us. You're looking terrific! I'm so glad you were there with us in spirit! I sure do miss your posts. And BTW, I gave Eden the pkg. you sent.

OK, Im going sit back and enjoy your posts, maybe take a nap. Im still pretty tired. Hi and a big hug to all! What an incredible group this is and how lucky I am to know you all!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Like Honey, I am bushed. I did mow and mow this morning as it was needing it and I could sit and work at the same time! This afternoon heat and thunderstorms expected.

This in from Lynnflower:

I have not quite figured out how to get on Gardenweb yet.
My thanks to Gardenbug for including me in this
adventure. V and her DH are creating a garden for
future generations. What could be more inspiring. Of
course my favourite memory will be walking through
their lovely prairie just before sunset and rounding a
wildflower corner to find a feast of cheese and wine
and sausage laid out for us. It said everything about
their generosity, creativity and hospitality. And then
there was Ei. If I had seen this garden before I met
Ei and her DH I would have imagined them to be
exuberant, imaginative, bountiful and fun-loving. And
so they were. To meet both these couples and to be
able to visit their filled-with-personality homes and
gardens was a gift. A special hello to David and Jim
who drove and drove us everywhere (with the help of
Silicone Sally and her sexy voice). Gardenbug and I
were hugely entertained in the back seat. May we all
discover many unexplored gardens together in the
future. Lynnflower

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

It is just too funny - I "heard" that entire message from Lynnflower in her voice.

And Honey, I had to chuckle at your comment about Ei and I starting a specialty travel agency. When I sat down at my desk this morning, I was thinking about how much fun I had had this weekend and said that very thing to myself!

I'm just taking a short break from digging out my desk. I will be absent from the forum for the next week or so, so don't worry about me. Don't pull any photos, either!


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Back to work today-BOO HOO!

I actually have alot of decent photos. It took all of last night to download and resize them. Tonight I hope to get them uploaded to Picturetrail then the best of them posted here.

Where are everybody else's shots? I'm tapping my foot here.


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How did the weeds know that I was out of town? Actually, the whole garden changed while I was gone. The oriental lilies got started, the veggie garden with its annual flowers has grown lots. Last night was the first night of fresh green beans.

For those who didnt get the privilege of seeing Trudis garden, I see that it will be on the newly returned Gardeners Diary on August 8 at 7:00 a.m. eastern.

bug, I was so glad you brought Lynn, what a delightful person she is as were Les and Monique friends and Vs BIL and SIL. They all fit in so well and were a great addition to the group.

Drema, did they think you would take the plane apart with that wrench? LOL

Deanne, fabulous panoramic shots. It gives me a much better idea of the layout of your property and gardens. I feel more like Im actually there. Ill have to try that. I think my camera has a stitching feature.

Babs, isnt that the way to dust, when you can see that you are actually accomplishing something?

V, I hope you are passing all these sweet comments about your DH to him so you guys can have matching swollen heads. You deserve it.

Ei, bummer about the pictures. Well have to start a IU3 picture thread and you can grab them off there. Good thing Paul used all those cameras ;o)

Mary, wishing you the best at the interview.

Just got news on the way home from Chicago that our 3rd youngest child got engaged. No date yet.

I uploaded pictures to my computer, but not to the internet yet.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

My only clear shot from IU3 is of our Idyll darling Babs- who you see here at V's place discussing fond memories of long lost Clarence. (If you weren't there, don't ask her to explain.) Isn't she just the cutest though?!

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Hi everyone

Whew, just returned from the interview. I had some hairy moments getting there - a large section of road was closed and the detour took me off my map. It was very rural and I was heading further and further from where I needed to be, with no idea where I was and the clock ticking. It was like being in a bad dream where you can't run or shout. Boy, could I have used Silicon Sally!! Fortunately I'd left plenty of time and finally got myself in the right direction and arrived at the school with exactly 1 minute to collect myself. I think the actual interview went well. More waiting to find out.

Babs - you look gorgeous! The dusting thing must be catching - I arrived home after my interview to find Annie had dusted all the picture frames and book cases.

Congratulations on your daughter's engagement Michelle.

I need to conjure up a meal from a rather bare fridge then take David to Karate class. Maybe time to get some pictures up after that, but I'm dead beat right now. Still missing being with all the Idylls.


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Welcome home Idylls! You were missed a lot and it sounds like you had a very fun time. :o)

DD had an ultrasound yesterday. I was invited to go with her if I wanted. *IF* I wanted??? Hello?! Of course I wanted to go...not only because most things medical are very interesting but also I wanted to see those grandbabies. They've grown so big that there isn't much to see and the detail isn't as good as it was when they were smaller. I hadn't known or expected that to be the case. We did see spines & ribs very clearly but no facial features. The tech pointed out a man part on one of the babies but couldn't get the same view on the other (he has been elusive almost the entire pregnancy---shy?). The ultrasound shows both babies at 7#. Yes, 7# each! If that is accurate these are going to be pretty good sized little men when they are born in a couple weeks. DD is so large, I don't know how her body is still expanding to accomodate these babies continued growth. Per the tech the babies = 14#, placentas = 14#, extra fluid = 14# so the pregnancy has increased DD's weight 42# and she has gained 46# so far. She is happy that it sounds like she'll be not carrying a lot of extra poundage for long after the birth. Taking care of two little ones wouldn't allow her to laze about and keep the weight on anyway (I'm guessing). Today she had an appointment to monitor the babies' condition (stress test). The techs were watching for 3 movements by each baby within 15 minutes. DD said there was no problem with that today either. So, all looks good still.

Jim took vacation days yesterday and today. This morning we drove to the 'big city' to do some shopping and go out to lunch. Shopping was new work boots (for him of course since I don't ever do any work) and lunch out was to celebrate our 31st anniversary. At 31 years of boot shopping is just about as good as it gets. ;o) Just kidding....but I did get a chuckle out of how we celebrated. Lunch was at a favorite brew pub where they have great sandwiches and their own brewery.

Jamie started swim lessons today and, from what I hear, he loved it. He is at such a fun age. Chattering up a storm and we can make out most of what he is saying, too.

Well, guess that is it for here...

Hope V has a wonderful vacation....and that Mary is offered the job.....oh, and hope Deanne's teaching seminar goes well.

Hello to all---


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

One last message.

Bad news - the dryer died today (idyll appliance contagion alert!!!)

Good news - there may be changes in the wings on the job this fall.

And congrats to Michelle's daughter!



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Uh-oh, My dryer died today too but Brad was able to fix it. Looks like this one's contagious!

I'm still resting up from the weekend. Did a little gardening today but NO housework which is what I should have been doing at least a little of. I went out to see if I could find an amsonia and wouldn't you know they had the scented geraniums 1/2 off, only $2. Since Bella loves sniffing the ones I already have I had to get 8 more. And I got the amsonia too. Where will this madness end, lol. Reading along but no comments from me tonight. I'm going to bed early.

Oh...Hi Babs.


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Just a quickie. Happy anniversary to T and hubby. Work boots huh? LOL
The engagement isn't my DD, it is Rick's youngest son.
Chuckling here about Bab's picture, but I only heard part of the Clarence story. Bab's you will have to come next year and fill me in. LOL


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....!...Imagine my surprise to see MYSELF on the screen! I look so um LARGE. Hmm Thanks forgot to crop out my wattle lololol. Hey,see the third tooth from the left? That's the one that I had internally looks so nice compared to a year ago-thanks for making it possible for me to realize that.
Clarence ? Who's Clarence? lol.(If I play dumb I won't have to explain to Michelle or the *thousands of lurkers* here(what if Clarence reads here???; )HI CLARRY![note 1]
MArie I have lots of interesting pics of you too; )lol.

PLEASE don't let the dryer thing be an idyll trend,my dryer is old.

Mary I'm keeping positive thoughts on your interview results-Oh that is definitely a nightmare to be sidetracked on the way to an interview!! I just know you'll get it.

Congrats to Rick's DS!

Happy Anniv. to T & her DH-that's a good long time!

Sue I'm lol because I was tapping my foot too so someone might set up the threads for each IU day....tap,tap,tap; )

OK so tonight I had a traditional Cuban dinner at Chris' boss' house...marinaded porkchops,rice,salad and fried plantains...a little wine....some shots of Metaxa[see note 1]I even tried decaf espresso and it was pretty good.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Good Morning Idylls! Can't stay as I need to do some other things online and my connection is screwed up. Don't want to lose it before I get the other work I want to do - done! nut! You *are* beautiful! I kept on thinking what I would give to have that *gorgeous* skin and beautiful, shiny hair! Though I completely understand about large picture closeups...LOL! If anybody has a close up of me...I want it destroyed...right now! :-)

Can't wait till the rest of you post your pics. I need them...since I have none of my own! :-(

If I'm not back before Saturday (server appointment to fix connection), well you'll know why!

Gotta go! Have a wonderful day is *so* funny, who said it? Was it Babs? You are so right, I *hear* you all talking when you post now... What fun! :-)


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I know I should be enthusing about IU3 but please allow me a little moment in a different direction. This is a very special clematis combo for me and it is out today!

OK, back to regular programming now. :-)


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

For all who may be wondering...I have gone into a coasting mode. I am reading and looking at all the lovely pics, (both here and on the other threads), but not in a commenting mood. I am spending a lot less time on the computer, and more time on 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles. :-)
Eventually I will get back in the posting mood.

Finally... 2 new pics !


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I forgot to thank all for their sympathy and advice about the sizing of my new pics for posting. I got an espacially nice e-mail from Woody that was filled with good advice.
This computer has a Scanner and Camera Wizard. I haven't tried using it, so don't know what all it does.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Terrific photos Marian! How exciting!

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Lovely clematis 'bug. They look great together.

Marian, how nice to see photos from you and such great ones. I like your pots of cactus. I have several that I have gotten in the last year.

Babs, now my foot is tapping. Sue and I weren't the only ones with cameras. Someone made a comment about the papparazi that we had. LOL


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Happy Anniversary, Teresa and Jim! Workboots are so very romantic!

T, you were missed at IU3. We all felt so bad you werent able to make it but understood that you just couldnt possibly miss being with your DD now! How wonderful you got to go with your DD to see the babies progress. Rest up, gma. Youre going to be busy!

What an absolutely lovely pic of you, Babs. I second Eis comment if anyone has pix of me, particularly from behind, please delete NOW!

Babs, Mary please send your kids over to dust my house. No one did it while I was gone. Tom did, however, have Ruth witness his watering technique so she could swear he actually did water my containers, lol!

Mary, good luck on the job. Im sure theyll snap you up. I cant imagine anyone not loving everything about you as soon as you enter the room!

V, have a wonderful, fun and relaxing vacation. Cant wait to hear about the job change on the horizon.

Deanne, I hope your seminar goes well. Well miss you while youre gone.

I see congrats to Michelle are in order on her DHs sons engagement! Thats wonderful news.

Oh, no! Not the dryer gremlins! I just hate to spend money on the necessaries. I hope the third one in this mini-epidemic isnt me!

Eden, where did you find those plants on sale? I think I nursery crawl is in my near future, possibly tomorrow.

Oh, Marie, please identify those clems for us. Thats an absolutely incredible photo!

Marian, you sure seem to have mastered the new camera and puter! Youre truly amazing. Dont worry, take the time and enjoy the jigsaw puzzles. Sometimes we all need to take a rest for awhile.

Ive been downloading the IU3 pix that have been posted and cant wait to see the rest of them to relive the weekend and share it with Tom. I noticed that I did have several of the same shots in the very few of mine that came out.

Well, laundry is done, so Im off to the grocery. L8R tatters


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Is this the Babs IU3 message area?


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Wasn't Sue doing the bum shots?

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

I'm connected again for the minute and just wanted to get in to say to T & DH...congratulations on your anniversary! *31 years*...I bet that amazes you when you think of it! :-) That's wonderful and soon there will be more congratulations to share with you....7#'s wow and 2 of them to boot! :-)

Marian - The pics with your new camera are just beautiful...very clear! Congrats to you too! :-) I love that pic of Tommy (?) underneath the cactuses...what a pretty *and* smart kitty...I imagine it's much cooler under the table! :-) Gorgeous coleus too.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Oh P.S. Michelle...I think it might have been our Mary, but there could be lots of bum shots floating around! ;-)

Gorgeous pics from Honey & Bug too!

Bye! Ei

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Believe it or not but sweet little Monique was trolling for bum shots at Ei's. She may have amassed quite a collection.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Just a quickie here as suspected, returning to the ofc has deep payback involved..... I am dazed as to what day of the week it is; but had to hit the ground running at ofc Im feeling like it should be Friday already.

I too am "hearing voices" but such nice ones!

T- congrats on your anniversary thats really wonderful and great news re the babies (sorry you couldnt make it to the IU3; would have loved to meet you but babies are important too).

Michelle thanks for the iris so sweet of you to remember! I need to dig out my blackish purple one & send to a couple who mentioned they wanted it was too hot to do before the IU3 unfortunately I ran out of time. Glad your DH enjoyed himself hes a really nice guy!!

Marian lovely photos youll be teaching us stuff re the camera soon, LOL!

Swamped here at ofc but trying to peek in my camera is still a print one so most of my photos when developed will probably be repeats of whats posted....

I am still amazed at V & Eis gardens so different but each so wonderful and unique seriously, I feel like ripping my own out & starting over!!

bug love those clem combos!!! & your friend Lynn was so nice hope to see her again get her to post too.

Meant to mention that bug shared w/ us photos & msg from EP = so nice to hear from you. Other lurkers are welcome too as long as they also continue to send heart-warming private messages!!!

Hmmm, re bum shots I think there was a conspiracy happening in that area..... I saw a lot of cameras pointed at odd angles!

Hope theres no contagion re the appliances coming this way.....
V have a terrific vacation you more than deserve it!!!

Weve got the terrible heat & humidity back here I sure hope I dont have to drag hoses tonite would love to see a t-storm or 2 pop up.


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Hmmmm, OUR sweet little Monique taking bum shots! Or sweet little Mary?!

Michelle, I also forgot to thank you for the Iris. It was so sweet of you to bring it. I really appreciate it. I've got an extra Brunnera in my staged container and a Tree Peony (altho it's pink, not yellow), so I'm just going to blatantly steal Ei's combo! It's my first dwarf iris and I'm so excited to have one.

Michelle and Cindy, I also forgot to say earlier how great it was to finally meet you! I hope you continue to join us for future IU's.

Cindy, it's drizzling here and we're supposed to get some storms this pm. Hope you get them so you don't have to drag out the hose.

Have to start dinner and then go to a twp. meeting. TTYL.

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OK Sue Yes,this IS the BAbs message area. My message is that THIS is the real me...less the wattle. I am so vain that I'm not working on dinner nor getting ready for vacation like I should be...I'm giving myself cyber nips and tucks: )

Actually I have a cute little pic of Sue's teeny tiny hiney...and MOnique's and Les' and we'll see who else!YOu have to look out for the sweet ones like Monique-they are always on the prowl; )

Honey that is a beautiful anniv. card for T & hubby.

Marian-good to see you! I think I have that same coleus-it's a nice vivid variegation. I don't know the name though: (

Eileen!!Sorry I forgot about the clematis!!Darn. I don't want to make you mail it...can you use another in your garden? Hey your garden looked pretty lush,colorful and exciting to *me*! You've been keeping your talents a secret young lady: )


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Babs, I'll send you my photo and you can edit off things all you want! ;o) I think you look lovely before and after!

Honey, thank you for the card. It is beautiful.

I'm enjoying the IU3 photos and conversations. :o)


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Monique z6a CT(6a CT)

Well, we got home a few hours ago. Had a fantastic time and have been skimming the comments. Ei's and V's gardens are very different but both wonderful! Thanks to both of them (and their families) for helping out! The itinerary was fun and interesting. We enjoyed seeing everyone again and meeting new Idyllunion Idyllers and spouses. My friends Phyllis and Matt were so impressed with how friendly and fun all of you were. Matt's mom enjoyed Trudi's garden also (she lives nearby and had been there years ago when Trudi used to leave the gates open all the time for visitors).

It took about 20 minutes to download over 300 photos I took. Maybe I'll post a few tomorrow evening. I see that some of you have started already. I do have some bum shots, but me thinks that Mary has quite a few more LOL

Honey, in case you don't notice the other thread I posted on, I did have your umbrella in my palm tree bag-it looks very similar to mine and I assumed that the lost & found umbrella V brought to the hotel Sunday morn was mine. I'll email you to get your address so I can send it back.

Time to get to sleep since I didn't have enough vacation time left to take tomorrow and Friday off of work. Yuck.

GB, love the Clematis photo. Someday....

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Good Morning Idylls! This will be a short one as I am still having connection problems or worse, maybe the computer is going kaput....grr!

Anyway Babs, I had kind of decided that it would not be a good time to mail live plants, so I gave that one to my GF Dottie. I can mail you a new one in fall though, if you would like?

Glad to hear Monique arrived home safely! Hope you had a good time on your extended trip. Really enjoyed meeting your friend Phyllis and her DH (I've been trying not to use names lately). They were very sweet. Of course I'm not surprised, after meeting all the Idylls I've come to realize that there are *so* many really nice people in this world - especially right here.

Well, gotta hard drive is whining! :-(


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Good morning! Thot I'd just jump in here before looking and downloading pix from the other threads.

Monique, keep the umbrella. It'll cost more to mail it than it's worth!!! Just give it a good home . I can't imagine you not having a great time on your extended stay. And your friends were great! So nice to meet them.

I don't know about you guys, but I just got a notice from PT of 2,000 hits my pix. Sheesh!

It poured here last night -- we got 1.5" in an hour. The roads were like rivers. When we got back from the twp. mtg. we heard a high-pitched whine in the house but couldn't figure out what it was. Then I remembered the basement water alarm. Luckily, we only got a little overflow from the sump pump. That poor little pump was working it's heart out! I'm going to have DH clean and inspect it thoroughly this weekend to make sure it's ok.

I'm off to look at your pix! Hi to all.


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Good morning

Last night I hosted my book club's summer BBQ. Please remind me not to schedule anything 2 days after an Idyllunion - I was running round like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get the house in shape. It turned out to be a very fun evening - I grilled salmon and scallops and we had some great side dishes, then finished the evening with a moonlight swim. Today though I'm thrilled not to have anything other than getting Annie and David to camp and perhaps some gardening.

Bum shots? Me?...... Well, I do have a few, but I was diverted from my mission by an intriguing item in Ei's garden and didn't get back to the assignment.

Babs - you look just as good untouched, but it sure is fun playing with photos:0)

I'm glad Monique and Les got back safely. Another lovely person I enjoyed meeting on Saturday was Ei's best friend Dotti. We had a great lunch together at La Creperie and I'm sorry she wasn't able to join us for more of the weekend. Perhaps she'll be able to peek in and see our photo threads. Do say Hi from me if you see her Ei.

I've been thinking a lot about Ei's sister, hoping that now the assault of chemo is over she can begin the real healing.

Marian - your new camera is smashing and the photos wonderfully crisp and clear. I hope there will be many more.

Deanne - I don't think I had a chance to tell you how incredible your gardens are looking, and how cool the panoramas are. I do think a very big, glossy coffee table book would be the perfect destination for those photos. Hope teaching is going well and Doug's foot healing. When is in he next in Rochester?

I'm about to head outside before it gets too hot. I keep thinking about all the fabulous people and great places we visited at the weekend. We missed ALL of you who couldn't make it (well, perhaps not the 600+ lurkers) but know you were there in spirit.

have a good day everyone


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I found this tea set at a thrift shop for $3.99 yesterday and planted it up.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

It is a hot humid day but I am thankful for last night's rain. This weekend I am expecting a web friend for a garden visit with her extended family, her Polish in-laws. Pretty exciting. I deadheaded the Husker's Red Penstemon this morning, mowed some more, sawed off low branches from the crabapple tree and staked the Gillenia which was flopping. But you know, I need a colourful plant for a certain spot before they come on Sunday, so MUST visit a nursery soon. Something bright blue and 3 feet tall would be nice. Perhaps I should plant some annuals, maybe salvia black & blue? All those IU3 nursery visits with my hands tied behind my back was difficult!

Well this afternoon DH is being filmed for a TV interview on his organization which monitors gravel activity in Ontario. Maybe I can entice him to eat out tonight? Cooking is not high on my list. What I really need to do is stake some unruly asters...

On the wedding front news, I am more and more pleased with what I learn about the groom. He and DD have been laying new floors in their rental home and painting walls. He has recently returned from Regina where a grizzly crime took the lives of 2 police officers. He was one of three government employees asked to attend. I am searching for what to be called by my future SIL and his son. Someone inspired me with 'Nanabanana' as a possibility. The grandmother title is making me nervous! (I'm ONLY 63 after all....)

Today DD was offerred a job she applied for. This is good news. It is a six month contract in her field. The bad news is we sort of wished she would NOT get it and would finish her thesis instead. We shall see.

I am supposed to scan in 30-40 photos of her childhood for the big event. 'Lynnflower' will also attend and help with the decorating. It is going to basically be a party, but I am sure there will be surprises. I am delighted that we will have a few days to get to know FSIL (future SIL) before hand. We'll eat out at an Ethiopian restaurant on our first evening together. Yum!

I have been promised bark chips for next week. I sure hope it works out. I must finish the veg garden soon. The weeds are just too much for one old lady to deal with!

Happy summer to one and all!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Eden, that is just amazing. So pretty- and cool looking too!

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I am loving all the wonderful IU3 pictures being posted. Hint, hint Id like to see a few more from Trudis garden which we regretfully missed.
Its a scorcher again and we are so very dry. There is a chance of storms tonight.

Eden, how cool is that? It goes perfectly with your sweet pink chairs and the lattice table and $3.50 is a bargain.

bug, how nice that Lynnflower will help with decorating. I was interested to learn about her floral design skills.

T, that is wonderful that those babies are 7# each. Such a relief to get them this far Im sure.


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)


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Oh Taryn! My heart hurts for you!! Keep us informed.

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Oh Taryn - how unbelievably awful. Let us know how things are going if you can. Thinking of you


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

That's just awful Taryn! NOT what you needed now! And to think I was glad to get rain last night. If I'd only known. Well, I guess I couldn't have done much, but gee whiz- Once is more than enough!

This in from Lynnflower, keeping with the theme too:( -

While I was in Chicago my basement sprang a leak and the ceiling is falling down on my dryer. Lynnflower

As the World Turns...

Well I DID get some flowers for the island bed, Liatris. Although not at all my favourite, the choice was limited and it is colour just where I need it. Then DH helped me remove tent caterpillars from more trees. He even carried the ladder, a sure sign of returning health and energy.

DD is on the phone at every moment: what last name should I use? I need mixing bowls. Do you like this rug? How about this new site design I cooked up for the wedding? Etc Etc... At least my daughter speaks to me!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)


Oh Taryn, do you need to come here tonight?

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Oh no Taryn! That's just awful and couldn't happen at a worse time could it? I feel so bad for you guys. Looks like we're in for some rough weather too so I've got to shut things down here.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

O, Taryn - how awful! I'll hope it recedes very quickly & no major, major damage! You poor thing. Wish you were closer so we could help!


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Oh Taryn that is horrible!! I'm so sorry you have an added worry as you pack up. Was there tons of water in the basement?
It's been unbelievable here-tons of rain too(but I have a dry basement) and naturally the gutters were blocked as the clouds opened up(pine needles). Thankfully the bursts of thunderstorms had breaks in between so I could get up there to clean out the gunk. We have a flash flood warning for those areas that got flooded a month ago.

LOL T sure any photo you want retouched just email it to me!
That's so good to hear that your g-babies are a good weight-I'm very happy for your DD. You must be so excited that it's getting closer!

G'bug-I think that's so great that your DD is calling you so much-that means she values your thoughts and it's bringing you both closer. Good that FSIL is looking even better to you!

Eden-I love that whole setting,the chairs & tables and the tea set(great deal!)is so adorable with plants in them-you are so clever: )

Yes Michelle-I also missed Trudi's so I want to see what I missed!....I'll go see...


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Hi guys,
Thanks for the support~~I cannot believe this has happened again! Apparently we got the tail end of a tornado--unbelievable amount of rain in a very short time. But still, I've been phoning the city for YEARS because the sewers back up very easily on this corner, are obviously blocked up, to no avail. As has my poor across the street neighbor Maria, who everyone was bailing out with the buckets in the photos. This time I have documented it with photos, plus the local paper was here, so the city had better fix it. This should NOT be happening...

We pulled our vehicles across the streets to stop traffic from coming through and creating a "wake" and sending more water into our basements. Unbelievably had several vehicles drive around our temporary roadblocks and ME too, up over the sidewalk and nearly hit our house rather than turn around and use one of the other upteen sidestreets they could have used! Understand it rained heavily all over, but as far as I know it did NOT flood like this anywhere else in our neighborhood. I had told the drivers what was happening and why we were asking that they turn around, but they chose to drive through anyway. People are unreal! But on the good side, the neighbors rallied and I think we saved Maria's basement from totally flooding like last year.

I phoned 911 40 minutes after Glenn had already phoned the city but no one had shown up. The cops and then firemen showed and ran a pump to help get rid of the water on the street, then pumped out Maria's and our basement. We had a good 6" down there, but thankfully the furnace escaped being ruined again. (last summer our 1.5 year old furnace got trashed by a freak rainstorm and it cost us over $900 to repair.)

The very bad news is that Glenn was going down the ladder to start the shopvac up to get the rest of the water, and FELL DOWN the shaft! He was yelling in pain, and had already trashed his back, so I'm really worried about him now, and about how the heck we are going to be able to move if he's really injured. He made it back up the ladder on his own steam, but only after about half an hour, and it does not look good. Continued prayers and good thoughts please...


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Monique z6a CT(6a CT)

Taryn, that is awful. Hope Glenn feels better soon. Smart idea on your part to call 911 since the city wasn't doing anything. Good thoughts coming your way from here!

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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)

Taryn, so sorry this has happened. Hope Glenn heals up quickly. Glad the emercency people responded and helped you out. Sending prayers and good thoughts your way for clear skies and a strong and healed Glenn.

My washer quit last week, and the dryer has been barely squeaking by. We bought a used set as all our money went to the van we had to buy when ours quit last month. I don't like the thought of sick appliances and or cars, being contagious. But that may be the case.

Hi everyone else. I'm beat and asleep at the computer, so I'll say buenos noches in my bad accent. Take care all and happy Idylling.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


Geez, Taryn, that sucks. When it rains, it pours, so to speak. Global warming at it's best. Severe's only going to get worse. It never just rains anymore. How is Glenn this morning?

We're in for some thunderstorms here today. Then 90s F again for the foreseeable future. For the first time in weeks I have no weekend plans except to deadhead, cut back, weed and clean up the overgrown garden. For the past couple of weeks I've basically been squeezing in an hour of watering and light deadheading and weeding every night after my workouts. It's not enough.

So, T, when will the babies be here?

Marie, it sounds like this whole wedding thing is starting to shape up. Glad to hear your're getting some input and becoming more excited about the whole idea.

I have a few more pictures of Trudy's garden in my Picturetrail album. I like the idea of taking pictures but I never seem to take many-even in my own garden. She was a gracious and fun woman who invited us all into her house after the tour for homemade shortbread. I think she would have been happy if we stayed for a few more hours. It's a good thing she didn't drag out any wine or she may never have gotten rid of


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Happy Friday to all as well -- Taryn, I do hope your basement and DH are much, much better today? You were so smart to call for assistance.

'bug, sounds like DD is quite happy to ask your advice & is really getting into the bridal "thing" - it's always amazing to see how each one gets "bitten" by wanting all the details -- you're lucky to have a friend like Lynnflower (whom I enjoyed meeting very very much!) who is an expert at those occasions & can offer some advice.

Eden - meant to tell you how adorable (as usual) your tea set containers are -- you are so imaginative! Hope your Mom is doing well.

Thinking too of Ei's DS and hoping she's recovering now from her treatments....

Like Sue, my area is getting hopefully some t-storms today (it's so nasty & dry I can't believe it)... then mid & upper 90s for next week - things should burn to a crisp for sure -- I hope we don't have any energy problems. It almost makes me happy to be in an ofc (at work, ugh - almost!) w/ lots of a.c.

Im going to tape the Trudi episode on Gardener's Diary next week since I missed a bunch of photos - should be interesting to see how she's changed it from then.... I thought it was an very very tranquil setting & envied her the mature conifers she had. Would be cool to see what her "farm" is now like -- V will have to take lots of photos if she ever visits it.

Mary - have you heard re the interview yet?

--Cindy (gotta get back to work)

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

I was just going to post below only to find Taryns post! Oh Taryn, I am heartsick for absolutely awful! I sure hope things are not as bad as they appear at the moment. Good that you called 911 and glad to hear that they were able to pump out your basement and that the furnace is working! Good grief! I remember you talking about DH and how you were worried about his back; while you were here...I sure hope he hasnt injured himself further. I hope you can get him to go see a doctor, just to be sure he is okay. Please keep us updated. How frustrating to know a friend is in distress and there is nothing you can really do about it, except to let them know that they are in your thoughts and prayers.

Oh well, this is what I had intended to post before reading Taryns post and is so trivial, compared to what Taryn is going through right now:

Well, it looks like my connection is good. I stayed online all night and then again this a.m., so I canceled the Saturday appointment. The bad news is that we definitely need a new computer. Whirr.....whiiiiiine......(thats the computer *and* me complaining)! Everything seems messed up, including my word program. Ive done some back up, just in case. A new computer was not on the list! We just purchased tickets to go on vacation, so Im hoping this puter will at least last for another couple of months.
Anyway, before I forget or before my computer dies, I think Honey was looking for the Margarita recipe:

Pauls Favorite
1 part Tequila mix (Paul says any kind is fine, but he uses 1800 Ultima Margarita Mix)
1 part Tequila (any kind is fine, but Paul would say there is no other kind except Tres Generaciones *Sauza* Tequila its pricey)
.75 part Cointreau
.75 part Grand Marnier

Conversion for Margaritas for Two:
3 oz. mix
1 oz. Tequila
¾ oz. Cointreau
¾ oz. Grand Marnier

Moisten lip of glasses with water and line lip with coarse salt, add crushed ice and then pour Margaritas into glass.

Also, I know someone wanted the recipe for the Honeydew Spritzer too.

Honeydew Granita Spritzer (Unfortunately I cant remember where I got this recipe anymore)

Serves 6, but easily doubled, tripled, etc.

1) Puree 6 cups cubed honeydew melon (about half of a medium melon) in a blender.
2) Pour puree through a sieve and put into a non reactive dish.
3) In a sacuepan add ½ cup water and 1/3 cup sugar into a small saucepan.
4) Bring sugar water to a boil over medium-high heat, stirring until sugar is dissolved.
5) Stir into puree. Taste puree, if you like it less sweet you can always add more lime juice.
6) Add ¼ cup fresh lime juice (squeeze your own its better than bottled)
7) Freeze, covered, at least 6 hours and up to several days.
8) Bring puree out to slightly defrost (to make it easier to work with).
9) Scrap granita and spoon about 1 cup of granita into each of 6 glasses.

  1. Pour ½ cup seltzer into each glass.
  2. Garnish with lime peels if desired.
    You dont have to be *exact* with this recipe, I sure wasnt...LOL! I just added the granita to the glass about two scoops and then poured enough seltzer water to fill the glass.
    If there were any other recipes you would like, let me know and Ill post them.

Oh and have been meaning to tell Marie to let Lynn know how happy we were to have her here too....What a sweetheart! Still amazed by all the wonderful "extended" friends that came to visit too. Of course it only makes sense that Idylls would only have other wonderful friends too! :-) I wish I lived closer, Id get the name of Lynns hairdresser. I *loved* her haircut. Oh well, it wouldnt work for my frizzy hair anyway, but is just the style that I love! So happy to hear that things are shaping up on the wedding Marie. Sounds like the future SIL is a keeper! :-)

My Dottie says "Hi" and to tell you all how happy she was to meet you all. She had a wonderful time on Saturday and sorry that she could come back on Sunday (had to work). Shes trying to get someone to replace her at hubbys business and then look for a part time job somewhere else. I told her to come in here and visit whenever she could and she said she will try, but she doesnt use the computer much and rarely even looks at her email.

Eden the tea set is so charming and I *do* so love your pink theme too. You have such a gift for serendipity and magic. I know I said it before, but I wish I could get the Morton Arboretum to see some of *your* pictures. You could really help them with making their Childrens garden more captivating and magical.

Mary thanks for the good thoughts about DS. Funny, I too think Deanne should make a coffee table about eye candy! She really does have the loveliest garden...I know I would buy a copy (as Im sure everyone here would too)! :-) Your book club barbecue sounded lovely and lots of fun many people are in your group? Dottie and I have been toying with starting a book club of our own for this winter. How often do you meet and how do you choose your books?

Speaking of Deanne...she is on her business trip right now; right? Hope all is going well with her and that Doug is healing well.

Hi Marian!

Well, I guess I better be going...need to take mom grocery shopping and then to water the pots. We had rain last night too, but nothing as serious as Taryns. Lots of tornado warnings and flash flood reports on the news all night in locations near me, but not here.

Have a great day all! Hi Cindy! Did I tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you too? You really are such a sweet person and a calming influence. I was a little hyped up during all the festivities (hope it didn't show) but whenever I would look into your gentle smiling face, I would relax! :-) Yes, I think you are right about Trudi's has always been a tranquil place to be. Before she closed it to the public I always visited at least once a month to note the changes and what was in bloom. Now that I've seen her again I'm thinking maybe I'll drop by there more often...maybe she wouldn't mind letting me in to wander, if I promise not to come *every* month...LOL! I'm going to have to check our TV listings and see if Gardener's Diary will play here.

Meant to tell you guys too, that "Trudi's Garden" is really all about her life and her garden, not necessarily just focused on her garden (from what I've read). I definitely intend to get the book and would like to have Trudi sign it too! :-) I have another book called "Midwest Gardening" by Pamela Wolfe, in which Trudi is featured and there are lovely pics in that book if you ever come across it. Also in that book is another woman whom I adored and admired....Rose Vasumpaur (now deceased). She was the sweetest and most generous gardener I've ever met. Rose was originally from England and was a member of the advisory board for the Chicago Horticultural Society for many years. She was just the sweetest woman and even in her *90's* was *still* gardening on her hands and knees! She was and will always be my inspriation In fact, my Rosa glauca and my myosotis were both starts from her. I had thought about taking you guys there too, but I heard through the grapevine, the garden is no more!:-( If you guys ever pass through here again though, another garden you should try to see is Susan Beard's. I don't know her personally, but have seen her garden many times...from what I remember lots of shade. I could talk to Trudi (she knows here pretty well - they live on the same street) and maybe she would be willing to set up a peek at Susan's too.

Anyway, enough rambling from me...I need to get busy. "Hi!" to all I missed. TTYL! Ei

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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

OMG, Taryn, how awful for you! What horrible timing! Keep us updated! I hope there is minimal damage from it all. Oh, and I just read about Glenn. I can understand how very worried you are. You are in our thots and prayers for the very best outcome!

Yeona, oh, no! Im so sorry to hear about more sick appliances. Thats the pits. Im really not liking this idyll trend!

Bug, Im so glad youre feeling more comfortable with the upcoming nuptials. Im with you Id vote for Nana, too. Thats great your DD got a job offer. Be happy for her. Sometimes, we parents dont always get what we want for our kids. Often their vision is very different than ours. Le Sigh, as Da would say. Also, please tell Lynn how very glad I am to have met her. I hope she takes the plunge and jumps in here. I can see why youre best friends. Shes very sweet!

Cindy, thanks for the reminder of the plant list on the CBG site. The problem is, I couldnt figure out where we were when I saw that daylily. I even tried searching for "Lady Eva" which was next to it.

Eden, that tea set is so very special! No wonder you jumped on it. I really like the contrast with the table and chairs. Great find, kiddo. Oh, and the Brug Charles Grimaldi you gave me has a bud on it!!! Im so excited. I havent fertilized it yet either. What kind of fertilizer do you use on yours?

For those unable to attend IU3, we gave V and Ei a potbelly watering can with an engraved brass plaque (not shown) on the front of it. I really think they came out nice:

Also, each received a really nice fairy garden ornament. Babs, why dont you post a pic.

Sue, I just giggled when I read your comments about Trudi. I agree a little wine and wed still be there! She was such a gracious hostess. It truly was so nice of her to open up her gardens to us.

Michelle, thanks for telling us about Trudi being on TV. As soon as I can, Im going to set up my DVR so I dont miss it and can share it with DH.

Ei, please tell your friend, Dotti, how great it was to meet her! Im amazed how easily she, Lynn, Less and Moniques friends, and Vs BIL and SIL fit in the group! Idyllers ARE the best folks!

Hi Marian. And Hi EP if youre lurking! And Hi to everyone else.

Well, IU3 was truly inspiring. I went to our Farmers Market yesterday and scored 2-3 gal. pots of Cornus alba Bailhalo for $20 ea. (thats $20+ less than Ive seen them elsewhere for the same size.) I still need one more for the back corner of my garden thats constantly wet. The lilac there is drowning. I also picked up a couple nice perennials for $5 ea., and some variegated azaleas, etc. So the pot ghetto area is now inhabited again.

Sue, I need to do some serious deadheading, too. I doubt if Im going to do too much in the nest week or so were predicted to have 95 degree weather again, with overpowering humidity. I suspect that might mean t-storms at night, too.

Well, Ive babbled enough. TTYL, friends.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Ei! I'm one of those who wanted the recipe for the honeydew drink! THANK YOU! So what is granita and where do I get it? (I know, I'm from Venus and don't know these things...)

DH just emailed me that he spoke to Silicon Sally (you know, that recorded voice) about getting Broad Band computer access here. It may be coming to our area. What a world of difference that would make!!!!Keep your fingers crossed!

A really nice message came from EP who is enjoying the IU3 events through your wonderful photos. It is neat to share with one and all.

And speaking of sharing, would you like to see how July is winding to a close here? Click below.

DD has started building a wedding web page. What ever happened to my scientific athletic daughter? ;-)

And now back to work. :(

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I wonder if T's silence means something?????

I can only guess what Taryn's silence means....UGH, UGH, UGH! cleanup....

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Hi, no babies yet. I just talked with DD and when I said "how do you feel?" she replied "I'm sick of this!". LOL Guess she's ready?

I hope Taryn's home is still dry and that Glenn is okay.

I'm eager to see more photos from Marian and her new camera.

I am enjoying the IU3 photos immensely.

Mary hope the call comes that you've got the job!

Eden, love the tea set!!! Wish I could come sit at that table & chairs with you.

Honey you look fabu-fabu!!!

Sue, you didn't get caught much in the photos, did you?

Loved seeing Bab's antics. What fun it looks like everyone had!

'bug, your DD's questions and desire for your input is wonderful....enjoy every phone call and email. :o) DSL and cable are still not available out here...I'm so thankful for satellite as it far surpasses dial-up, but I'd jump onto the DSL or cable if they ever become an option for us...just because they are less expensive and a bit faster. Our satellite has been more reliable than all the dial up ISPs we've tried over the years. I hope you get the broadband.

My dryer is working well (knock on wood) but I hurt my back two days ago when I was moving furniture. I've been moving gingerly (no other option) but it isn't improving yet. I need to get into better shape! Yes, round is a shape...but not the shape I was thinking of. ;oP I'm going to try to walk on the treadmill a bit as soon as I send this.

Guess that is it from here.......boring as all get out. ;o)


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Oh my! what fun you must have had! I looked at all the pictures and felt so, ... , oh I don't know. But I sure understand how Marian was feeling.

I was reminded of just what a fun group the Idyllettes are. And how great a toll the past 3 years have taken on me. And how dreadful the "extrication" will be. And how hard 2006 will become in hindsight.

Can you believe I've never crossed the Mississippi River?! I want to drive over it or take a ferry "the first time", though.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Hi! Just checking in to see what's what! :-) Hi Chelone! :-)

Man, it is a steam bath out there. It is *so* hot and the air is *so* thick you could cut it with a knife. I am *not* looking forward to August. Did I ever tell you guys how much I dislike August? I like it less than Jan, Feb. & March combined!

How are you holding up Marian? Geez...I *hope* you are not getting this same weather. It's just awful. Even with air conditioning, it just doesn't feel cool in this house, so I just hate to think about you being in this. Is there a part of your house that is cooler, maybe shaded by a tree? I know you are worried about your computer, but you should have that window air conditioner in a place where *you* can enjoy it too.

T...your poor DD, I can well imagine she is ready! :-) Being pregnant with twins in this heat *cannot* be fun. Are you guys having the same heat there as we are?

Bug, I think "granita" is simply the name of the puree that is frozen. I'm glad you reminded me of your pics from Dottie. I'll try to get them from her this week-end.

Well nothing else to report. We will be having this miserable weather through Tuesday. It's all I can do to get my sorry behind out there just to water the pots. Heat makes me lazy....and cranky too...if you hadn't noticed! LOL!


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Hi everyone

Thanks for your good wishes and thoughts - after being in limbo for the last 2 days I just got a call this afternoon offering me the job;0)

I thought of Taryn all night as the rain bucketed down on us, hoping things did not get worse. I'm especially worried about Glen's back.

T - take care of yours too. You need to be in good shape to cuddle those babies when they come - they sound as if they might be quite hefty!

Thanks for the recipes Ei - I'll be making both in the near future. I'll tell you more about how our book club runs this weekend.

By the way - I'm copying the combination in your front garden with alternating grass (Karl Foester?) and modarda and have just purchased a deep raspberry bee balm. Hope you don't mind stealing your idea!

Hi Chelone - its always nice when you pop in. Anything new in your neck of the woods?

Need to run to tell DH about the job


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Yay, Mary! Congratulations!

Hi Chelone. Sounds like things aren't going too well:(. Glad you could pop in even for just a short visit.

So far no severe weather here but the sky has that tell tale color and seems unsettled. Luckily I don't mind working outside when it's hot. I just pace myself and take plenty of water breaks. We don't have central air in our house, just a couple of window AC units that we only run when the humidity gets unbearable. A couple of years ago we invested in some new, more quiet and efficient models and that made a big difference. In most cases, fans work just fine for me.

OK, this work day is approaching historical status. I got little to nothing done. Maybe next week will be more productive.


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YAaaaaaY!!! Mary, congrats to you on the new job...( can't say I was surprised because I knew they wanted you from what you said-lots of good vibes)
So wait-you told US before your DH???Mary!: )

I just signed my contract for my new job's sealed in stone now-why is that scary to sign those

Taryn I hope things are at least stablizing for you. What a terrible worry about Glen and his back. I hope we hear soon that he's OK-though that takes so long to heal. I so wish we could help you.

Honey I don't have pics of the fairies but since I still have the boxes I could try to get pics from them(I didn't like the online images)...maybe Ei can post a pic of where she put hers when she's got some time: )

Nice that EP was heard from and that Chelone stopped by-it sounds like things aren't so great for you right now?

Well this is brief cuz I'm trying to pack for the Hocking trip.I need to be in a hottub...two more days: ) The coolest thing is that our cabin has a garden!! I hope it's a decent one...I can relax by deadheading...or rearranging the beds(can you say eviction?)? People think I'm strange when I say that is relaxing for it?
Anyway just so you know I won't be around here till probably next Fri.

Ei I loved those drinks!!!I'm taking those recipes on vaca. with me: )

Hi Yeona!!


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Taryn, how terrible. I hope that there is no serious damage, but poor Glenn. That isnt what he needs right now. Prayers and good thoughts are being sent your way.

We could sure use some of that rain. The crops are beginning to wilt with temps in the 90s and no rain predicted until at least Tues or Wed. I bought sweet corn last night from a roadside stand and the ears are so small because of the lack of rain. I spent all last night watering.

Babs, I think, but my memory is short that I promised you poppy and verbena bonarensis seeds. Is that all? I think I have your address.

Drema, you wanted poppy seeds. Did you want any of the verbena also? I need your address.

Ei, I'm not forgetting about the double red poppy seeds that I promised you.

Did I promise aquilegia (columbine) Woodside Variegata seeds to someone? My memory fails me. Please let me know.

Cindy, I meant to thank you again for getting us the free parking at the CBG.

Honey, I think we were on Evening Island when we saw the daylilies. According to the CBG website h. Precious Love is blooming now.

Mary, Im not surprised by your job offer. After meeting you Id give you a job, you are so sweet.

Chelone, hugs to you friend. It sounds like life is really getting you down. I hope you can drive across the might Miss. someday. (Maybe you can stop by my house afterwards) ;o) We crossed it at La Crosse WI when we went ot IU3.

T, I cant imagine how excited you all must be getting about the babies.

bug, is that angelica gigas in the 6th picture? Ive been looking for it. I like the way the Diablos color is echoed in the centers of the rudbeckia.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Michelle, not Angelica Gigas....a different one called Angelica sylvestris 'Purpurea'. I got the seeds from Clematisintegrifolia a few years back and actually got to meet him at last year's IU2. A special moment as others conspired to surprise me!

In case I am posting too much, realize that this is where the fan is situated! It is in the high 80s, no central air here, and the humidity is obscene.... Sue, better send me info on the quiet brands of A/C!!!!

Still need help with the granita. What is it? Where?
Dumb 'bug

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It's hot here too. We did get rain last night though accompanied by some thunder and lightning. Just a window air conditioner in our house too (and fans). I haven't turned the air on yet though, maybe later tonight. I prefer to have the house open if at all possible but sometimes that humidity gets to me.

Mary, Congratulations on the job! Great going!

Marie, I think granita is what the mixture in the recipe is called after it's frozen. So it would turn into granita in step 7 of the recipe.

Hi Chelone, sorry things don't seem to be going so well for you. It was good to hear from you.

The dryer just buzzed so off to fold laundry.


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