Mess! Mess! Mess!

Janis_G(z7GA)August 13, 2011

I give up! Just when I thought I could

come home from a relaxing week at the beach

thanks to daughters Nancy and Katrina.

I came home and the second day back, I saw a 2 inch wet spot

in the tile grout in front of the fridge.

Called the handyman next day to pull out the fridge to check

for leaking. It was leaking all right. Up the wall, under the

tile, behind the dishwasher, up the wall in the bathroom,

under the tile, behind a cabinet. There was also mold.

There were four holes in the water supply tubing. It had been leaking for a loooong time.

I stopped the handyman, called my insurance company, they

called their people, and an hour later one of their people

was in my kitchen taking pictures and calling someone else.

In about forty five minutes someone else showed up with

de-humidifiers that could suck moisture out of a desert

and fans that could create enough wind to lift a 747

all the way to Mars. The combination of these machines

sounded like jet engines whining and revving up just before takeoff.

So much for sleeping. Neil kept getting confused

as to whether we had purchased our tickets and where were

we flying to? We were doing happy dances when after several

days and nights the machines were taken away.

My island is sitting against the other cabinets, my cook top

disconnected and the dishwasher sits out in the middle of the kitchen.

The fridge has it's water supply cut off but

they shoved it back in it's rightful place so my food

wouldn't spoil.

We've been eating take out and sandwiches, pop tarts

and those crinkly things that you can put in the toaster.

Never mind what the bathroom looks like it is still usable

but all the tile is being replaced so our throne will soon

be absent and we will have to move upstairs. That will

upset Neil's apple cart because when we go up there

he thinks he is at someone else's house and keeps wanting to go home.

Lord luv a duck, what a MESS!

I'm trying to look on the bright side. I am getting new

tile in the bathroom and kitchen. I need a new oven so

much I think I'll buy a new oven and then the counter tops

need replacing.;0)

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Oh Janis! That is a real disaster, things don't happen halfway to you, do they? After all the repair is done, it will be very nice, but all you have to put up with is no fun. I feel sorry for Neil, who really needs a steady, predictable routine and it will be a while before that happens.
May as well go for the oven and the counter-tops.
I am really glad that I don't have a water-line into my fridge, when I do the ice-cube trays there are moments when "icemaker" flashes through my mind, but just a little flash.
Sending you hugs, hang in there!

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yes, mess(sh@t) happens, and it has to be dealt with. Good thinking that you called the insurance company.
DS lives in an apt. complex and his apt was flooded. He did not have rental insurance.

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Wow Janis! That sure is a lot. I feel for both you and Neil! Hard enough for him normally and neither of you need the extra stress. Rough times. Leave it to you to find that bright side though. Smiles. Phewww...

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Oh, I am so sorry, you have my sympathy.

It must have been the week for water damage. After a summer of 100 plus degree temps and no rain, Monday night a wind storm took off the roof of our office building, and then the rain came. Tuesday on my way to a dr appt I get a call that the office has been flooded. This is our second floor in a month, mind you. The property restoration people showed up not long after I got there, with their fans and dehumidifers. It looked like a mess, but that we would survive. It rained Tuesday night. Office flooded again. More carpet sucking, then carpet removal, more dehumidifiers and fans, Thursday it rained again, TWICE. By now it was way past funny and on the threshold of disaster. Fortunately the computers and files were fine, just everything else was soggy and/or destroyed. Clients of ours gave us some temp space until they can rehab our entire office.

It rained again last night, I ran up to check today. They had supposedly temporarily fixed the leak, but I didn't trust it, but lo and behold, the floor was dry and a massive blower with super hot air was blowing through the office.

Monday we have to tackle inventorying what was destroyed and trying to decide how to store what didn't die.

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Oh Janis, what a mess for sure. I've been through something similar.Leak locaters had to run a tv camera down my pipes. Leak was in floor in kitchen.Easy enough.I had a hole in my kitchen floor that was filled with cement.Then anew kitchen floor.Just a couple of days.So not so bad. Sorry your's is more complicated.

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

Mess indeed! My parents experienced this just before my sister's wedding, which, on account of being local and between two giant families, had 350 guests. They had to rip up an entire story of brand new hardwood floors, and replace the ceiling in the basement. I remember how difficult it was to deal with subfloors, holes in the floor, and their new "island refrigerator" in the midst of all those people. I can't imagine what it must be like to talk poor Neil through the chaos.

By all means: YES! Get that oven! No better time than the present. More chaos in the midst of the chaos is no big deal. Doing it now will be easier on Neil and you both.

Hang in there, Jan. This too shall pass.

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Janis, you have my sympathies; what a mess for you to deal with! It's good that your insurance company responded so quickly. At least, that was a bright spot--a dry one, too. :>)

Lilo, like you, I sometimes think it would be nice to have the ice-maker connected, b/c we use all four of our ice trays at least twice a day, and it gets tiresome refilling them. However, situations such as Jan's make me think otherwise.

Lisa h, you folks have surely had more than enough rain, please send some of it, eastward!

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Janice, I feel for you. Had the same accident a few years ago. Water ran outside between the wood siding and the lower brick wall (split-level house). Luckily it must have just started for a couple of hours and I could fix it myself.
Hope it get's repaired fast, so that Neil can get back in his comfort zone and feel alright.

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Lilo, you can bet I'll get one of those new
water lines to re-connect the ice maker when we get the kitchen put back together.
I couldn't do without my ice maker.
What am I saying? I am doing without it. Lord I'm going
stark raving mad.

Lisa, send me some rain! I'm sorry about your office.
You sure have a lot of work to do after your water leak.

Anneliese, so glad you caught your leak before it destroyed
your kitchen. I don't think I have the energy to do this

Michelle, I don't have a wedding, thank goodness.

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