sun and sunlight orange in afternoon?

melikesthepeculiar(7)August 1, 2010

Right now the weirdest thing is happening. It's 1 in the afternoon and the sun is starting to break through the clouds. But the sun and the sunlight and everything the light is hitting is orange. It has the appearance of a sunset, during the day. That is really freaky. Anybody ever seen that?

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Can't say that I have, Matt.
Wish you had a picture of it to post.

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It might be that the clouds have some particles in them that turn everything orange. Has there been any fires in your neck of the the woods lately? Does your area have any source of pollution that could cause this effect?

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I just found out from a neighbor that there have indeed been some wildfires in our state...nice call!


I took a few pics but my digital card reader is not cooperating so I can't load them up..sorry. It was hard to see in the picture anyway.

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I live in Silicon Valley, and the operating word here is "valley". Whatever pollutions are in the sky, if it is a wild fire in Santa Cruz, or a refinery fire some 30-40 miles away or plain old auto exhaust and it gets trapped beneath a layer of fog in the valley we have some strange colors when the sun hits.

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Artists opportune this property of light. I don't claim to be an artist, but I notice when I am photographing outside, when in the day and under what light circumstances really impact the quality of the finished product. I really enjoy some of the beautiful filters the sky puts on light and you do wish you could catch it in a bottle. Ethereal and hard to describe.

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