Our computer is well now

gandle(4 NE)August 21, 2013

It apparently needed a liver transplant, I think that is what the technician said. Seems to be working now.

We had quite a weekend. WE, both daughters, son and their mates went to Kansas to the village where I grew up. Grandads blacksmith shop museum is there and they had their annual festival. There was blacksmithing. and so many other activities it is hard to name them all.

This old shop is now on the national register of historic places. Everything as it was in 1888 except electric lights he put in sometime in the 30's. The old desh where he just tossed his money received and where if I lifted the top and there was a few pennies in the lower right hand cornrt they were mine. You had to know how to open the desk top, there was a small hole in the side of the desk that you poked a long nail in to release a spring. This year I actually looked, but no pennies.

The star of the show was the old hit or miss engine that powered all the machines in the shop. It is enormous and was running all the time. The drive belt to the line shaft on the ceiling wasn't hooked up, that would have been dangerous if someone was inspecting the machine and got it running.

There was a dulcimer band across the street. I guess I had really paid any attention to dulcimers, being rather snobbish I suppose, but the 20 piece band played some beautiful music. Both daughters and I watched and listened and we were quite taken with the music and instruments. Yes, it was a blue grass instrument and the played some blue grass like Boil that cabbage down and The great speckled biird but there was actually some Bach and several hymns but when thy played Amazing Grace both daughters were hooked. One of the woman players told them she would have them playing along with the band in 5 minutes and darned if she didn't. Am sure that daughter #1 is playing her own by now. I didn't know that they didn't read musical notes but just had numbers that they read. Numbers 1 through 14 with a 6/ 1/2 that is seldom used.

Food was in the community building and was wonderful, home cooked and a free will donation for the meals.

Been running on far too long, forgive me if you even read this far. Enough.

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gmatx_gw zone 6

There you are Gandle! Had been wondering where you and Leone were.

Your trip sounds wonderful. It's great that your Granddad's blacksmith shop is now on the national register of historic places - gives it some protection from being torn down for "new and better" buildings being built there. The older buildings are just built so sturdy. It's always a shame when they aren't appreciated for the craftsmanship and the good wood that went into them.

Guess your computer can't have a C&C every evening now that it has a new liver.....LOL.

Fill us in on more of your trip.


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You never "run on far too long"; we are always interested in your posts.

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Right, never ever too long, much too interesting. I remember your first visit there and your childhood memories from there. Great that your grandfather's shop is now protected.
Glad that your computer is up too speed again, I was wondering what was going on in your life and missed you and Leone.

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Hi gandle, glad to see you posting here at the GP.

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George, I had been worried about you.
Came here tonight to post ( Where's George?)
and was happy to see that you had posted.

Your posts never run too long, my friend.
They are always just right.

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I agree with all the others, your posts are never too long, you have so many interesting things to tell.
I think it's great that your Grandfather's shop is a historical place and protected, and that you and your family had such a good time visiting the place.
Keep on posting!

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