2 little giggles from the LF

rob333August 23, 2010

Small warning, the first bullet talks about church, etc., but it's not really about "religion"

 Modern Christianity: He and I were discussing his class from church. They learned of the end days, those written about in Revelations. When he got to the part of the people who werenÂt GodÂs chosen, those receiving a "mark", he told me, those people would get a microchip implanted.

 We were walking and talking at the grocery store, until he stopped at the bin filled with watermelons. I assume he was searching for the ever forbidden ice he likes to play in. I leaned over and asked him what he was doing. He said, "Looking for the holes." "Holes? What holes?" "You know, how they get the seeds out." I explained how they cross-pollinated over and over until they produced seedless watermelons, and he understood it, but I sure am laughing at the little guy! Yes, truly at. I sure do love him!

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He has a droll way to look at things, hasn't he?

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Interesting, about a new way of Modern Christianity.
Sigh, so the church is still teaching about " GodÂs chosen ones". Wow, microchip implanted. It used to be a scarlet letter etc. We have to listen to LF, he is our future and I don't know where he is getting all this "new" stuff.

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No, no! :) that wasn't the church. It was totally LF's way of solving the problem. He is a big science fiction fan.

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Sometimes "words of wisdom" truly come from little children. LF sounds as if he's already a thinker!

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