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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)July 10, 2010

GB is still having picture posting problems. Probably one of these should be on the Friday picture thread....

A very pretty pink integrifolia: (I have tried growing integrifolias a couple of times but they just don't seem to like it here - any reason you can think of why they wouldn't, gb...?)

Venosa violacea (I should put this on on my search list I think...):

It looks like somebody was up on a roof looking at the veggie garden...:

Reed's garden is looking good:

Gravetye Beauty on the patio:

(I've been wondering about this one - I thought it might be showier though. I'm a big fan of William Robinson's writings so I was thinking of planting Markhan's Pink and Gravetye Beauty - Gravetye was his estate and Markham was his head gardener.)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Thanks Woody!
I can't think of a single reason why an Integrifolia wouldn't grow for you. Not one! They vary a great deal in height and habit I find.

Yes, VV is a great one for everyone's list! Mine did poorly in shade and I have moved it to sun. I hope it likes its new home!

I was NOT on the roof, but looking out our bedroom window!

The bunnies have been working on Reed's garden. The love the Echinaceas in particular, but also the yarrow. I've had to put hardware cloth around some of the plants...not beautiful I'm afraid.

That last photo is not great, but it isn't Gravetye Beauty's fault! She does very well and is a new one in my collection. This is only her second year and she's quite thew monster! There are several others growing with her in the photo but they are finished for the season and all you see is their foliage. Gravetye blooms far later than Markham's Pink, is much bigger too, as well as a different pruning group.

Doorbell...gotta go

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