A Little Help for School

oomwrtuDecember 5, 2005

After lurking around the pond forum for a while now, I have to ask everyone a big favor. I would really appreciate it if you guys would take about two minutes to post some comments on my space discussion forum for a very important school project. I must not have setup the forum properly (it's my first time using phpBB). Should anyone like to register an account on the forum and see an error message regarding email something or other, just ignore it and try to log in anyways. I reviewed the configuration, it doesn't seem to be my problem. Technology these days... :D

Thank you in advance for posting and for entertaining me during my spare time, go ponders!

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saigo(z3 BC)

It says the page can not be displayed. Would like to help but....

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Thank you very much for trying, occasionally the server just rolls over and decides to do nothing. I got home from school today and noticed that it wasn't working, so I restarted it and it is working fine now. If you still have time, I would appreciate your opinions.

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