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fairy_toadmotherDecember 8, 2005

it is a long one, and at the end there are 2 bittersweet but heartwarming stories.

Here is a link that might be useful: wildlife rehab in china, iwrc

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Dang it. For some reason, the words of the article wander off the right side of the page, so I miss about half of what it says. Even my largish monitor won't let me adjust the size of the page. :(

It looks like those stories are tear-jerkers, though!


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maryo_nh(z5 SouthernNH)

Brenda, same here, but what I do then (if I care, and I did), is copy the text to a Word document, then I can read it there. It worked on the second try, the first try only copied the pictures.
There must be an easier way, but I don't know, and this works.

Fairy, yes, those are cute stories. There is definitely something other-worldly about them...

:) Mary

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

Strange, mine works fine though last night it didn't seem so neat. Some one at work? Wildlife rehabbers are a breed apart? How the heck do you learn to think like a skitzy bird? Sandy

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jeffahayes(8a Upstate SC)

I can't read it all on the webpage, either, and the page isn't set up with a bottom scrollbar to let you scroll left-to-right, so I, too, did a cut-and-paste.

However, I have a simpler method than even cutting and pasting into MS Word, which works for me, at least, using AOL, and is pretty quick... I simply do a Select ALL, a copy, Click to start a new email and copy the entire thing into the email... It all went in -- including the pictures -- and all the text that was scrolling past the right side of the page is now wrapped properly... And of course the nicest part is that when I'm done reading it, I can just type in the email addresses of anyone I'd like to share the article with and click send, and it's already in there.

Just thought I'd share another way to do it, without having to open a word processor.

Now to go read all that text.

Thanks for sharing, FTM,

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maryo_nh(z5 SouthernNH)

Now Jeff, that is a very smart method - it would avoid the annoying and time-consuming daily battle with MS Word wanting me to change my "Normal" template... Unfortunately my computer uses Outlook, which opens a Word document on my behalf...

:) Mary

*I could of course use my Yahoo email address?*

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Doh! Thanks for the reminder, Mary. I think I've been taking too much cold medicine. :D

George and Lorrann made me CRY!! That is such a precious story. Like a better version of Romeo and Juliet. *sigh*


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jeffahayes(8a Upstate SC)

"Unfortunately my computer uses Outlook, which opens a Word document on my behalf..."

No offense, Mary, to you or anyone else (like Brenda), who thinks I'm CRAZY for still sticking with AOL (aka Internet for Beginners) as my only access source to the internet, even though I have a cable modem connection and have to fork out an extra $15/month for the AOL, but every time someone gives me ANOTHER EXAMPLE of how I'd be STUCK doing everything the MICROSOFT WAY if I didn't (even though AOL DOES use IE 6.0 for its browser), it's just one more reason I'm glad I haven't dropped it and one more to stay.

When I first switched from Mac to Windoze 2 years ago, this computer was pretty darned INSISTENT that I set up Outlook Express as my email client (but I subscribe to ZDnet, and they continually have alerts about security holes in Outlook Express), and I was perfectly happy with my AOL mail... Anyway, when I DID set up MS Messenger so I could IM with a couple folks who had that, but not AOL, it told me I'd need to confirm my email address by responding to an email it was supposedly sending me... It STILL tells me that two years later, and I'm STILL waiting for that email, which apparently will NEVER show up in my AOL email box because it INSISTS on coming to me through Outlook Express and I refuse to use Outlook Express :) So to this day, every time I have an IM with someone on MS Messenger, every single post I make says it's from (JeffAHayes -- email address not confirmed). Cracks me up.

Having ONLY used AOL for email all this time (well, I BRIEFLY had Prodigy back in 1989 or 90, but saw NO purpose to it -- was before there really WAS an internet, to speak of), I also wasn't aware of another GLITCH others have to put up with that us AOLers and anyone else with web-based email don't have. If someone sends me an email with, say, a 5 MB .MPG file of a funny clip from "Americas Funniest Videos," or whatever, it sits as a SEPARATE ATTACHMENT until I choose to download it, so the email loads immediately. Once in a while I was forwarding things like this to a friend who does BUSINESS on his computer and until very recently was on DIAL-UP, until he really drove the point home to me...

He DOESN'T have web-based email... his is Microsoft-based Outlook Express, I guess, and when I'd send him a short note with a 5 MB .MPG file attached, it would tie up HIS ENTIRE SYSTEM until the entire file downloaded to his computer... During that time he could not see any OTHER email that might be coming BEHIND IT (and he could be waiting for some important business email), nor could he SEND any email...

we tend to know only what we've been exposed to, unless we've studied something, and part of why I've stuck with AOL is because I wanted to get maximum usage out of the Internet without having to always be LEARNING new software and protocols to do it, so I had NO IDEA all email didn't work like mine does, or I'd have NEVER done that to him.

I'm really NOT trying to talk anybody into switching to AOL here. It has its bad points, too, and sometimes I curse it, although not nearly as much as in times past (they don't seem quite as arrogant towards their members as they used to be). In general, I'm not a big fan of really BIG corporations, which, of course, AOL/Time Warner is. But I get all the functionality I find I need out of AOL, so I see NO REASON to leave, and over the years, I've known a number of folks who DID get angry over this issue or that, and leave, and then tell me they wished they hadn't because they missed a lot of the built-in features.

Hey, if it ain't broke, I ain't gonna try to fix it.

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well, all i can say is that is very strange the site doesnt wrap. sorry about that all! it wasn't that way when i opened it to attach the link. i think it is just my lot in life to make you guys work to see things i link! :)

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chicka would love the bird articles, i think!


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It was worth the work to read the article, FTM! Besides, I just copied and pasted the text into a .txt file, so it was no biggie. :)

Ditto on missing C3D!!!


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somethinsfishy(z5 NE)

That was a neat article FTM! And I didn't cry for some reason. I was think CD3 too while I was reading it.

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