I'm Dreaming of Moss Beach,CA

west_gardenerAugust 15, 2012

When it gets hot here in the valley, We head on to the coast. Half Moon Bay and Moss Beach. The beach is about 20 miles south of SF and about 30 miles north of us. Moss beach is secluded and craggy but that's how we like it.

A bonus of Moss Beach is that for some reason, fresh kelp is deposited on the beach all the time. When I had my compost pile we would fill a few garbage bags and bring it home. It is amazing how quickly kelp is composted.

See the photos below.

What do you dream about when it gets hot?

Here is a link that might be useful: Moss Beach, CA

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What beautiful scenery; is it usually/always cooler there?

What do I dream about when it gets hot? Clear blue skies and crisp, cold days; even snow on the ground would be a plus. This summer's weather has really been a downer for me; I don't think of myself as a complainer, but I'll really be glad when we won't need the A/C, anymore. However, I'm truly grateful for it and consider it a necessity-- and a blessing, too.

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mwheel, yes it is usually cooler on the coast, but it is also more foggy than the valley. I prefer to live here and visit the "fog" when the heat gets bad.

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Ski slopes!

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Beautiful beaches. Envy, no no, not supposed to do that, but I do wish we had a kelp beach nearby.

My mind and body sort of slow down in direct relation to the heat; but when I do manage to bestir myself sufficiently, I dream of cool breezes on the mountaintop ~ while sitting on the porch of my dream-house, or swimming at the beach when the water temperature is only 75*, or having the A/C set to 70* ~ DH loves the heat so the house A/C is usually set to 80 or 83 which is not nearly cool enough to suit me, lol. I've also been known to dream of being slim enough to guilt-free gulp triple-scoop ice cream cones of fudge-chocolate or raspberry sherbet or even old-fashioned butter pecan (the creamy kinds that have a zillion calories in every bite).

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Miss that area, lived in Monterey 69 to 72.

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don, we really are twins. I too miss Monterey, took over your watch '72-'77. I don't even have to be hot to dream and then visit Half Moon and Monterey; they're always in the forefront of my mind.

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We,ve been visiting Monterey for the past 40 years or so. And it is one place that does not change much. Yes, some of the shops and restaurants have changed, there is at least one farm that has moved from cows to alpaca, there are some new condos,the artist colony is still there and there are some galleries left.
On the whole they have kept the developers at bay, and the view from the scenic route is as spectacular as ever.
I think this is one place we can go "home again".

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meldy, I know what you mean about the ice cream, I've managed to thru a quart of prailines(sp) and cream in a week. It was worth the calories.

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