Wild vine with red stem and flowers

lyssaleaJune 25, 2014

Hi, all,

I have a vine growing in the weeds behind my house in a low-lying wet area. They have bright red stems and are climbing up whatever they can possibly climb. They've just started to flower, too. Any idea what these are? I'm in Northern New York, not far from the Adirondacks, if that helps at all.

This last one is just to show it climbing. I think it's climbing some kind of... well... I actually don't know what it's climbing, lol.


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Fallopia baldschuanica, Mile a minute vine.

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Well, what do you know? Thanks, Thedecoguy. Here I was, assuming this was a native weed that I found fairly enchanting, only to discover it's invasive. I wonder how on earth it ended up climbing all over the milkweeds and Spotted Joe Pye weed in my backyard!

All my Googling failed because I kept trying to find native vines of Northern New York. Gardenweb, as always, should have been my first stop.

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lycopus(z5 NY)

It is definitely a Fallopia sp., however F. baldschuanica is unlikely. It may be F. cilinodis, which is native. It appears to have the characteristics fringed stipules of that species.

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Okay, I definitely had to look up what a fringed stipule looks like. :) The F. cilinodis looks like a definite possibility. I'll have to take a closer look!

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weedwoman(z6 NJ)

FWIW, I think 'Mile a Minute Vine' more usually refers to Polygonum perfoliatum, which is a REALLY nasty plant.


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I think Lycopus has it right with F. cilinodis. I took a closer look last night.

Fringed stipules:

Thanks, everyone!

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