Coffee grinds added to lawn

uscjustoOctober 25, 2011

I'm not a coffee drinker, but I managed to collect a lot of NEW coffee packets from hotels I've stayed at.

Is it ok to sprinkle the unbrewed/new coffee grinds on my lawn as fertilizer/organic matter? Or do these coffee grinds have to be brewed first, and then spread the used coffee grinds on my lawn?


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Coffee grounds seem to add to the soil helping to create sort of a compost. We had a spot in our yard that had coffee grounds added to it almost everyday for many years. Around it and on top of the pile it grew the best St. Augustine grass you ever saw and had many earthworms in it as well. Brewed or not? I doubt it makes much difference after a rain or two.

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That's an awful expensive fertilizer you're putting on a lawn. And if you're scattering the grounds at this time its rather wasteful cuz the grass isn't growing in the cold cold ground.
Better to give it to a compost pile where the nitrogen will help break down the contents.

Coffe grounds, like tea, gives to soil a bit of nitrogen which can help green up a lawn. But, really, with what little coffee is drank, its sole effectiveness is miniscule, like giving an elephant a thimbleful of what he likes.
Gardeners have heard about wonderful amendments to soil and think that they are helping growth of plants....such as putting a banana peel under a rose bush for its little bit of potash. Better it go into the compost pile along with other kitchen scraps and see the benefit later on when the compost joins with the soil to feed the plants.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

I agree that you have only a miniscule effect. Coffee is one of the weakest protein sources. But I would still use it directly on the lawn now. You're not feeding the grass with it. You're feeding the soil microbes. If you compost it then you are feeding the compost microbes.

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