Unexpected Visit -- Total Exhaustion

mawheelAugust 1, 2010

How can an unexpected visit from my daughter, granddaughter, and two great-grandsons, one almost three years old, the other 13 months, lead to almost total exhaustion in just two hours??

We had enough advance notice to expand the dinner menu and add some child-friendly items--chicken nuggets and corn on the cob, but not enough time to childproof our house. Things which we didn't put away, but which were great attractions were a flashlight, ball of twine, DH's cane, and the cordless telephone, among many. Fortunately, our granddaughter came with lots of toys for them, but "new" things are always more appealing. Maggie, our cat, made a beeline for the bedroom and stayed there.

It was wonderful to see them --but also wonderful when they headed for home. Perhaps if we saw them more often, we'd "toughen up"! :>)

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Nah...you would still be exhausted..it goes with the territory. I had our grandson two days a week from the time he was a year old until he went into Jr. High and I never toughened up. When his mother came to get him I would collapse on the sofa and stay there.I'm laughing at your cat's running and hiding. Mine always did the same thing and the minute Rootie Kazootie would hear their car pull out,he would come running downstairs.

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Guess our Maker knew that Mothers should be young ! I can barely keep up with a 13 year Grandson, much less the Great-Grankids, they never stop! Wonder if my kids put on that many miles and got into so much trouble so fast? Guess they must have, but that was a couple years ago!

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Whew, DD and DGS who is 3-1/5 years old spent half a day with us and we are exhausted. They come to visit on a regular bases so we've had time to somewhat child proof our home but the energy of a 3-1/5 year old is amazing. Lol, I'm ready for my rocker and he's ready for anything that he finds interesting. Luv that little guy.

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"Happy exhausted" is my favorite emotion. Sounds like a happy time for you! Hurray!

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