Why, oh why?

anneliese_32(6)August 22, 2014

Why does a cat after 11 years decide to stop what she has been eating? After three days of trying this and that, she decides that for the first time she will eat canned food, but only if it is salmon pate. I buy what I can get, seems there is locally a shortage of those goodies. On Tuesday a lady who runs a no-kill shelter, tells me at the doctor's waiting room who has some. So after I get home I feed the cat the last can and go on a 4 mile round hike to get 24 cans of the stuff. On Wednesday evening who don't want salmon? My Midnight. She is back to her old dry kibbles and turkey- or chickenbreast, no fat, please. C-A-T-S .

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anneliese, I don't know the answer. But I know you are not alone.
I was in the store the other day, and the lady in front of me had 20 cans of different cat food. She lamented that her cat had turned into a finicky eater, and she was trying everything.

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yes, I've been through this....I only want to eat food A on day 1. On 2 day, present food A again, and nope, wouldn't eat this stuff to save my life.
Day 3, Could I have some of that delicious food A again ? Day 4, Slave, fetcheth me a can of tuna, don't bother trying to feed me that slop A again, for it isn't fit for my mice to eat!

You know...maybe they're like us and get tired of the same thing? The cat I was thinking about also had another idiosyncrasy, if the dried food wasn't straight out of the bag (ie had sat on her platter for more than 20 seconds), it wasn't fit to eat. Solution: return any uneaten food to bag, to be served next time as acceptable, once food is demanded. Further idiosyncrasy: if you haven't given me that food within 30 seconds, I WILL run from the kitchen and not touch it, no matter what! In fact, Her Highness was so PO'd, that she had to immediately go outside...every time you failed to move fast enough to suit her.

My mother ended up feeding her small snacks of boiled chicken (cheapest legs she could find, prepared in quantity and frozen), and sacks of Alpo cat food (the ONLY dry cat food she'd eat).

They're ALL princesses (and princes I guess).

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At one time there was kitty treat my cat loved. One day I gave it to her and she really turned up her nose and walked away.Have found a new one but wonder if she will tire of it. I love her, so just accept her behavior.

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Cats aren't the only picky eaters.
My little Sassi girl. A little black and white poodle does the same thing your cat does Annleise.
I have spent a fortune on food for the little Princess.
Sometimes I could spank her little hiney, but all is forgiven when she gets in my lap, flops over on her back and goes sound asleep in my arms like a baby, making that soft little snoring sound she makes.

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We have seven distinct personalities and have thrown out so many plates of food it drives us nuts. We recently decided to go for it and bought the box of assorted fancy feast and now they clean their plates. We will see how long that works. It is cheaper due to less waste.

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I get an assortment of flavors and textures, offer them a different one each day, among the four felines frequently one will look at me and say: you don't expect me to eat this slop? said slop getting slurped the day before. One or the other will steal the un-eaten food or it gets into the chicken bag of kitchen scraps. They do have free access to kibble, a measured amount each day and it gets eaten, so I now they don't starve and they also hunt.

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C-A-T-S or [W-O]-M-E-N or K-I-D-S... we all got 'em!

Huh. I've never changed what my cat eats and never have been turned down? Weird. I guess I might not be noticing if they do or don't eat it since it sits out all day long everyday. They don't seem to be any worse for doing it this way. Or if they get hungry enough, they'll eat it? Something like that. Kitty food (wet) is a treat when I return from grocery shopping or once in a while when I feel like it. Cat food (dry) has one kitty running full charge for it when I scoop out the one scoop for the day when I return home. Doesn't seem all that tired of it.

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