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anneliese_32(6)August 25, 2012

Don, how are you? Hope you are healing and don't hurt too much. A bit is ok, it means that things knit. All the best to you and Missy.

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Off the oxycontin as of last night and should be off the vicodin by Monday or Tuesday. Great to just have the healing pain of the incisions and that constant interior pain gone. Thank you for asking, hope things are well with you also.

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Great news, Don. I'm glad for both you and Missy. I know from experience she has been hurting, too --maybe not physically, like you, but hurting just the same.

Continued sunflowers and hugs ((((Don and Missy)))) coming your way.

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Yes, great news, Don.
Hugs to you and Missy.

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Happy that you are mending, Don
Sending much love to you and Missy, you are in my thoughts.

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