This is probably going to be a long tale

gandle(4 NE)August 24, 2010

Leone was working at the museum and I had a phone call several days ago from a very giggly young woman. She said" George. B and I are going to get married, he just asked me and gave me a ring" B is our youngest and only unmarried grandkid. He and Suzi met each other perhaps 9 or 10 years ago when they were both showing sheep at the county fair. They are from farms about 40 miles apart and didn't know each other but were both in FFA and 4-H. Leone and I were there to see him show his sheep and we or nobody else can remember whose sheep decided it didn't want to be shown and was rearing up and making it impossible to handle, anyway, one of them came to the aid of the other and helped get the sheep shown and from the point they began a friendship which later became girl friend- boyfriend and they have been going together for at least 7 years. Now Suzi has graduated from the U. of N and B will graduate this Dec. Both of them want to continue to farm.

We are very pleased because we love Suzi dearly and will certainly welcome her into the family. Oh by the way, she is also very pretty, red hair and green eyes. She is rather short and B is is 6'7" so a little mismatched in size but certainly compatible otherwise.

What we are both chuckling over is that Suzi's dad who we have gotten to know very well called and Leone and he talked. He wanted to tell us that B had asked him to go out in a cornfield and he wanted to show him something. When they did, B made an effort to talk about some imagined disease on the corn and then said "what I really want is to ask you if you and Mary would consider letting Suzi marry me? He told him "we've been wondering when you would ask and are pleased that you did."

Leone later called Suzi and told her how happy we were for both of them and asked when the date would be and she told her not for a year but don't plan anything for labor day weekend next year.

Now we find out that B has already made a down payment on a vacant house that they both have admired and he didn't even tell her until after he asked her. It is near where his dad's farm is and near land B rents for farm land.

That will be the last one of the granchildren to be married and we are really pleased that those two wiil be.

They have promised to be here labor day weekend with us and the rest of the clan. Afraid we will have to rent a number of rooms at a motel because we only have 3 bedrooms and there will be at least 26 people here.

For some reason the clan has gathered here at our house every labor day weekend for years and we cherish the tradition.

Another tradition seems to be we have to prepare lots of pulled pork and BBQed beef. We will do most of that next week and freeze it for the occasion. Everone else brings side dishes. Seems that we eat and talk, talk and eat and the time flies by.

I was right, this did take forever hope I didn't bore everyone to death but can you tell we are very pleased about our grandson and...

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George, I enjoyed your post and congrats on another grandson. I'm an immigrant to this country and dh and I have tried to build a family from scratch in this country. We're on our way to have an extended new family and I hope it will be like your family.

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George, it's never too long, just long enough. It is so good to see families like yours, enjoying each other, picking suitable partners, surrounded by love.

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Bore me? Heck no, I wept. It's so beautiful. All of it. Such love from every corner in your world, you deserve it. Go relish your life George, after all, I do when I hear about it.

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How I envy that all of you live within range of visiting each other regularly and stay in touch the way you do. You have a wonderful family and and I'm sure a lot of that is due to you and Leone. You always seem to "glow" when you are talking about them.

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George, I think you and Leone with your solid marriage, your
love and your wisdom have been the best role
models your family could have.

Well done.

It is a good thing to see anyone chose the right life partner.
It is especially gratifying when our children and grandchildren get it right.

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George, your posts are NEVER too long! Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful news with us. Please keep doing so.

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What a wonderful family you have developed. Such a family does not just spring from nothing. It's loved and nurtured into something so amazing. It's really great that you are so happy and excited that your grandson is marrying a fitting girl. I wish them much happiness in their lives together. You and Leone I wish a wonderful Labor Day. Smiles.

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tibs(5/6 OH)

That just makes me want to tear up. It is good to see families continue traditions and farming. Not to steal your thunder but it is the same topic, DS got engaged this year and plans to get married next October. Not sure if they want to have a small wedding out west, or come home and have a big traditional wedding in the church his grandparents and dh and I were married in. I am going to have to talk to my future d-i-l because if it is here I will have to start making arrangements now. We also like her very much. They are another mismatch height wise, he is 6'3 and she is maybe 5'. DD has a new beau and we think he is going to be the ONE. Hope they can wait alittle while, she still has a few years of college. Lots of excetement anc changes.

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Your family is expanding and our's is getting smaller. I like your family stories and the tight connection between all of you. All the best to the young couple.

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