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lilosophieAugust 13, 2012

There is this saying "Less is More" to describe moderation, I discovered a whole new meaning when I checked out my moderate grocery purchases, it meant "there is a lot less in your shopping cart and you have paid a lot more money for it" - I know it's the drought and the high price of corn, which is a major ingredient in everything from feed to cereal - scary!

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You bet it costs more for less in the grocery bag. But living here in CA I can change my buying habits according to the seasons. At this time we eat a lot of salads because fresh produce is available and affordable.
I feel sorry for the people that depend on corn prices this year,

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

I drove today about 60 miles through the Iowa corn and bean fields. They looked green and upright....but it's August and there are no tassels. But if you didn't know about the burned lawns and the dying shrubs and trees,And what the corn should look like this time of year, you might think the crops look fine.....but they are not.
The word is fill your freezer with beef and pork when the prices are decent....cause it's gonna be time to eat oatmeal soon!!

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You made me giggle. "Oatmeal and barley" is my running code to my mom that means I am really poor and that's all there is in my cupboard. There was a time I was that poor. I think I called her up one night and said, so what can I make with oatmeal, barley, or both? as a laugh.

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Oatmeal has gone up too. I hate shopping.

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Smart and final 59 cents
Stator Bros $1.69


other items up or down, just have to pay attention.

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