lilosophieAugust 31, 2013

Well worth the watering and the waiting - really big tomatoes! Picked the first two about half hour ago, join me in a BLT?

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Oh wow! Those look delicious! Or Caprese sandwiches.... it's been terrible this season- now I have a huge beefsteak ripening. Enjoy!

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Those look good. My tomatoes are a bust this year. Had one big beefsteak tomato before the plant just up and died within 3 days. One of the heirloom ones has three little ones and is wilting, the others are all gone, never made it. Im am not the only one, even the people at the farmers market complain.

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Yum, those are the kind of tomatoes I dream about.
I have one plant this year, a cherry type, and it is not doing al that well, don't like heat wave, won't set tomatoes, don't like cool weather, won't set tomatoes, has some sort of yuk (scientific name) growing on the leaves.
It is time for it to be pulled, not worth the water.
I'll go for the BLT at your house.

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It may be interesting to note that the plants were given to Joann and me, they are heirloom, called "Big Red" and the seeds are saved seeds, original plants were raised in the sixties, so they have over the generations acclimatized to the local micro-climate. I will save seeds when they are done. Never ever before had much luck with big beefsteak tomatoes.

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those are beauties

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