What are you willing to give up or pay for?

west_gardenerAugust 12, 2013

What brought this to mind, was the first Energy Report from our Energy Company. It said we used 4% more energy than similar homes in our area. How could that be? There are only the two of us here in the house. We've installed all kinds of Energy Star devices in our home.
We poured over the charts and graphs they sent us and came to the conclusion that we were below the "similar" homes in most months, except for the months of July, August, September.
Ah, a light bulb moment. It was our use of our air conditioner that brought on the spike. I'm not willing to give up the air conditioner, and I'm willing to pay for the use. It's my choice,

It would be nice if "they" would offer to pay for a new energy star air conditioner, but until then, I've put it in my budget to run the AC at will.

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I'm in total agreement with you; we try to be conservative in our use of almost everything, electricity included, but when it comes to A/C, I'm willing to bite the bullet and pay the bill. It's not as if we set the temp. really low. It's set at 78 degrees for cooling and 68 for heat in cold weather. Our thermometer is automatic, so it cycles itself on and off as necessary.

As I've said before, (sorry to repeat myself!), I'd probably survive without A/C, but I'd sure be cranky!

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We had a power failure yesterday...the temp outside was 97 with a heat index of 105 to 110.

Will I spend money for A/C? What do you think? I sure don't long for the "Good Old Days" before A/C.

I would have a diet of nothing but plain grits before I would give it up!!

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Having slept with my head sticking out the open window of
my bedroom in the summers of my youth, you can only imagine
what Mr. Carrier's invention means to me.

What would I give up? Peaches, wine, CHOCOLATE, the ultimate sacrifice, just to be able to escape the oppressive heat
and humidity here in Georgia in the summer time.

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It seems the A/C wins out. But, give up CHOCOLATE? Oh dear, that's a real challenge. I may turn the thermostat up one degree, raid my penny jar, high tail it down to the chocolate shop, pop a quick one, hurry home and turn down the stat. Sometimes, there are very difficult choices to make.

I forgot to say that dark chocolate is very good for us. That is my story and I'm sticking to it.

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I don't want to give up anything right now. I still can afford
my pond and swimming pool. I would never give up my
A/C. But I do think one day I will have to give up my pond.
I love to listen to it and watch my fish, I have had a pond
for 10 years now.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Oh yeh, I remember summers before A/C. My parents wouldn't allow us to sleep outside, but my attic BR had a dormer opening onto the roof. It was cooler to sleep on the hot black shingles than in my bed. Naturally, I never thought about falling off (and I never did).

I pretty much gave up eating one week to have enough money to pay the higher electric bill in my first apt with A/C. I lived on eggs and rice and wild dandelion greens until the next paycheck. And wild dandy is awfully bitter in August, but I thought it was worth it then, and I still think so.

I have window A/Cs in this house, and only run them while I'm in the room. Nevertheless, last month's elec bill was almost $30 higher than June's bill. Officially, July only had 23 days over 90*, but those other days were all about 89*. I figure that A/C cost less than a dollar a day, and worth every penny.

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Lisa_H OK(7)

We have a program here called "Smart Hours" where they ask people to agree to not use electricity between 2 and 7 (read, a/c, tv, stove, ect) during the week (summer time). They are trying to free up capacity on the grid. It makes the most sense for families where everyone is working. You don't get home until after 5 or so anyway. In exchange, you get a discounted rate for all the other hours and weekends and during the 2-7 period, rates are a LOT higher to discourage you from using it.

I've thought about signing up for it, but haven't done it yet. But it might be worth it so I can keep the house at 68 degrees while I sleep! The house is set at 85 all day and down to 75 when I come home.

I miss my window units when it comes to sleeping. I could run it just in my room, close the door, and it would be so cold in there in the a.m. I could barely get out bed. THAT's how I like to sleep :)

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lisa_h, we have similar program here in CA, but at this time I have decided not to sign up, because when I want my A/C on, I want it now......
We have central air, however, you and other posters here, have given me some ideas about using window units.
We have a big, two story, 5 bedroom house, but DH and I pretty much live downstairs during the day and sleep upstairs in the master. We keep the downstairs cool.
So instead of trying to cool down the whole house I may put in a couple of window units.
I found that there are many kinds of rebates for window units.
Something to think about.

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I "gave up" my swamp-cooler, the most pleasant, efficient way to cool a house in my very dry area and very inexpensive to operate. The unit, on top of the roof, died and rusted out, replacement would have been prohibitive and to service it semi-annually required someone to go on the roof - well I am not the one and I don't want to be responsible to have someone on the roof, if I even could find someone. So I have a window A/C unit, it cools my living-room and the kitchen, set on 80ú. I rarely turn it on before afternoon and once it gets dark, it cools off and I shut it off, open all the windows over night. During July's frequent heat-waves it used $10.00 worth of electricity, so I am happy enough. It's noisier than the old cooler, and that bothers me some, but I can live with it.

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I agree that air conditioning is a must. I set mine on 78 and I am comfortable. I have ceiling fans in every room except dining room ,the fans make a big difference. The weather here in Texas can be brutal in the summer.

Giving up chocolate is hard to do. I do it every year for Lent.

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Way back before I became a woman of "a certain age," I bought a car that didn't have air conditioning. I was young and sturdy and it worked out fine. But then I got older and my internal thermostat went completely nuts.

These days my idea of nirvana is 0% humidity and temperatures that never climb above 70. If a/c is what it takes to achieve that, bring on the BTUs! lol


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gmatx zone 6

"a certain age," ....LOL, Karen! I'm going to have to remember that one next time I start to refer to myself as an older member of the human race. I just love it - thank you!!


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Air in the car is not working, will try to fix switch behind dash later when it is cool enough to go out there. 87 now at 6p down from 9? earlier. Have fans inside.

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You have a double bummer, Don. Hope it cools down soon.
It will be 81 here today, could be some thunder storms, so we have fire warnings. Sigh..............

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Our high was 70 and Atlanta had 67.
We haven't had our typical summer yet.
I haven't even turned on a sprinkler one time.

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I take your 81, West Gardener! I have 102ú and 24% humidity,
turning into jerky! Lots of smoke from the wildfires to the North and there is a Red Flag warning effective until Thursday

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