The driveway in July

deanneart(z5Southern NH)July 21, 2006

HI guys, I took a series of photos the last few days of the driveway garden. This first was patched together from five pics to show the overall view of the garden.

Love this patch of Hakone grass this year. It makes such a beautiful frame for the flowers.

A bit longer view

These 'Bergamo' lilies are incredible this year. There are fourteen stems and the largest is six feet tall with fourteen blossoms on it.

The Sedum 'Purple Emperor' is really a beautiful accent in this garden this year.

I love the way the chartreuse centers of these 'Preppy Pink' daylilies pick up the color of the Sambucus.

Again, a bit longer view

A grouping of containers in the driveway next to the border.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Deanne, those are gorgeous! The panoramic view certainly does not look like a combination of pics...excellent job!

Your July season is apparently more like our June. Things get really pitiful here in July, even in a good year.

Only my deck plants continue looking really good.

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Have to de-lurk to say the best photos on the GW are to be found on this forum. Great antidote to the dog days which have set in with a vengeance here. Overheard yesterday, me to eldest: "Isn't summer sordid?" What with the heat, drought, the ants, the spiders casting webs in all availabe air space...and yet in your garden, freshness reigns.

Again, great photos.

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Sigh...I *knew* I wouldn't be disappointed! :-) Deanne...everything is lovely, as it *always* is. I admire how well you maintain your gardens too. Everything always looks so fresh and well cared for, beyond the sheer beauty of it! Your neigbors must just drool as they pass your property on their walks...

I love Hakone grass too and have plans to add it to more places in my garden. Does it tolerate a good amount of sun? I have some in a semi-shady area of my garden, but most of my garden is pretty sunny and not sure if it would do well in those conditions. Those Bergamo lilies sure *are* incredible! Are they fragrant?

I *love* that 'Preppy Pink' daylily! Why can't I ever find true pink daylilies? Everyone I have ends up being some shade of peach.

What is the draper in your urn long shot? You have such a great eye and such vision. I love the way you take the bit of burgundy and carry it through the whole long shot. What's the shorter burgundy plant by the birdbath?

Well, I am always dazzled by your clever color combinations. That echinacea white/gold/purple theme is so crisp and refreshing and I love that last pot driveway combination too. The colors are so perfect together. You can really see the gifted artist/gardener in everything thing you do Deanne.

LOL! You are right Denisez and you are seeing some of the prettiest gardens right here!

Thanks Deanne for the eye candy!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Yay, Deanne! Great pictures as usual. We miss you!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Deanne, fabulous pictures once again. I love the panoramic view. We miss you!


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Wow Deanne, the driveway garden's looking great. I love the long shot that you put together. I have that same variegated sweet potato vine in an urn too, on my front deck. I like that one, though it doesn't seem to grow as large as the other varieties for me. Good news, my fuschias are FINALLY blooming! Yours look wonderful as always! Thanks for the eye candy!


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I thought I posted earlier but I guess I was just 'thinking' and not 'typing'.

Deanne, I love that long shot....just beautiful! Everything looks so lush and healthy. I'd love to have a neighbor with such a beautiful yard and green thumb. :O)

Hope Doug is doing well...

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Your driveway garden is really wonderful!
I agree..........I'd love to have you as my neighbor too!


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Lovely, lovely! I always enjoy seeing your gardens.

Thanks for posting these. They are always inspiring and we need that this time of year.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Wait! I don't remember posting on this thread, but I have two posts above? LOL!

Deanne, I can't believe the first is actually 5 photos. Not only is the garden great but your photo skills are amazing.

Miss you! Were your ears burning all day yesterday, since we were all talking about you (in nice ways) all day?


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Awww thank you everyone! I do appreciate your kindness. IÂm feeling a bit blue at the moment for missing the festivities but I really needed and need to be here right now. So anyway your feedback has cheered me up a lot!

V. you are too funny, three posts? I did think it was you until I looked at the signatures at the bottom of the posts. And, in fact, I was so happy to see you did the tgif post. LOL ~~ If my ears were burning I didnÂt notice for the anxiety attacks I was having sitting in the waiting room for Doug to get out of surgery. It was supposed to only be 45 minutes - after waiting 2 and a half hours or so I was pretty wired. ~~ It put a smile on my face to think you all were thinking of me yesterday. Thanks for sharing that.

Gldno1, Haziemoon and Denisez10 thanks for dropping by! Nice to hear from you.

Eileen, as always you are so kind. Believe it or not some neighbors donÂt even look or care but others do. It really is interesting to see peopleÂs reactions. RE the Hakone grass (that variety is ÂAlbo StriataÂ) that garden is pretty much full sun and the grass is thriving there. I donÂt have the Hakonechloa macra ÂAureola in sun so I donÂt know how that variety would do. Sue has a fabulous specimen of that one in her shade area in the front. ~~ That ÂPreppy Pink daylily really is more peach than pink the only truly pink daylily I have is ÂCatherine WoodburyÂ. IÂm going to dig a fan of that for Wendy and I can pull out some for you at the same time. I know youÂd love that variety. ~~ That trailer in the urn is Ipomoea variegata. It isnÂt as vigorous as the other sweet potato vines but it is a wonderful color and matches the Ajuga ÂBurgundy Glow at the foot of the urn. ~~ The burgundy plant next to the birdbath is Sedum ÂPurple EmperorÂ. I almost lost that last year but it has come back wonderfully this summer. You canÂt see it in this shot but I have a ÂMatrona next to the Sambucus and behind the ÂPreppy Pink daylily so the forms of the sedums echo each other and I quite like the effect. The only problem with the ÂMatrona in that border is that it gets ENORMOUS and I do have to support it or it flops.

Eden, I noticed that Ipomoea in one of the photos you posted. I agree that it isnÂt as vigorous but is really is such a great color for a trailer. I donÂt know of anything else quite like it. ~~ How fantastic that your fuchsias are finally blooming. Watch out or you will have as many to winter over as I do! LOL

T, I sure wish you were next door to me too. Then I could ask your DH to help move all these rocks with his heavy equipment! LOL. We could join curvy beds together the way Ruth and Honey do.

OK off to do a terrace garden thread. I figured that playing with my pics was better than feeling sorry for myself because IÂm not there for IU3.

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Deanne, wonderful photos. The panorama is great - I feel like I'm standing in your yard! I love the way the sedum 'Purple Emperor' stands out against the sambucus, then the canna foliage draws your eye to the left. That Hakone grass is so beautiful; it looks like it is dipping its fingers into the birdbath. Absolutely stunning!


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I came back to make a few comments since the last post I was trying to type on VÂs laptop. IÂm not used to a laptop and felt like I didnÂt know how to type. LOL
Sorry you had to go through that nasty surgery wait time. RickÂs last surgery lasted several hours longer than they had predicted. ItÂs unnerving.
TheÂPreppy Pink daylilies are lovely with the sambucus. They also look great with the s. ÂPurple EmperorÂ. I right away noticed the echo of the ipomoea variegata and the ajuga ÂBurgandy Glow I am trying the ÂBurgandy Glow again. The first batch I planted all reverted.
RE: Matrona, I have one in a rich bed that flops and 2 in a leaner bed that donÂt. This year I decided to cut back the one in the rich bed to keep it from flopping.
It is all just so fresh, well kept and well planned. IÂll better people walking by nearly break their necks gawking. Thanks for the tour.


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WOW!!! What a stunning garden!
I expecially love the combination in the 8th picture. Can you tell me please which plants are the blue one on the left, the yellow one and the little daises in the front? Thanks!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Hi Alchemilla, wow you're from Italy? Neat! Thanks for the postive feedback.

That grouping of flowers is (starting at the front, left to right) Nepeta ÂSix Hills GiantÂ, Scabiosa ÂButterfly BlueÂ, Coreopsis ÂMoonbeamÂ, Platycodon mariesii. The three plants in the middle of the photo are Anemone ÂrobustissimaÂ(not blooming yet), Aconitum arendsii (not blooming yet) Echinacea ÂWhite Swan and you can just see a piece of Phlox paniculata ÂDavid on the extreme upper right and the lacy looking plant in the upper center of the photo is Aconitum napellus which I never got to stake this year also not yet blooming.


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Thanks a lot for the complete information. I've added that nice Coreopsis to my wish list, I guess I'm becoming a Coreopsis addict lately.
Yes, I'm a Italian from Italy, a very very very very hot place to live these days (about 40° = 100 F). :-)

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